Thursday, November 15, 2018

Birds - The Most Intelligent Species on the Planet...what if we were more like them?

Bird Migration on Merchant Ships

The above video is a work of beauty.  The music and the subject matter combine to create art.  The video depicts the resilience and genius of birds...who use merchant ships as "resting stops" along their long migration routes across the oceans of the world.  The link to this video was brought to my attention this morning by my blogging colleague Ed(itor).  Seeing the migratory birds [and their avian raptor predators] flying the oceans and perching on the merchant ships made me think about my most recent wood carving, a piece that is not yet finished.  Here is a video of "Little Green Faerie" that I took this morning:

Little Green Faerie - (unfinished)

So, readers, the above video is proof positive that I've not been just sitting around watching Talmudvision and eating bon bons when not posting recently.  This little faerie has taken close to 50 hours so far, and it is only about 3/4 finished.  It's carved from basswood and stands 13 inches high from base to wing tip.  He's sitting on a toadstool and admiring a crystal that he's just found. He still needs to be sanded and stained.  But sometimes, as I've discovered ruefully in my carving career...this stage...the raw stage prior to sanding and sometimes the peak in the artistic value of the work.  I will be inserting tiny glass beads into his downcast eyes and attaching the crystal permanently to his cupped hands.  He'll be stained a very light green with reddish hair.  The toadstool and base will be stained variations of light oak. Like the birds in the video...the little green faerie is just temporarily resting on the toadstool from his endless flights across the universe.

I put the two videos together because I believe that man was shorted at the evolutionary banquet.  We should have been given strong wings like this imaginary little faerie.  Now think for a moment how that would have changed the course of history.


Anonymous said...

Ed (itor) says: Years ago when I drove to Kissimmee, Florida in a 24-hour stretch, I pulled off Interstate 95 at the Quantico exit and parked at the 7-11 off of Fuller Road in Triangle for a 15-minute nap. Then, after a trip to the bathroom and picking up a fresh cup of coffee, I flew on down through the Carolinas. But raptors are predatory and descended from dinosaurs, aren't they?

greencrow said...

Birds as a species are "smarter" than humans because, unlike us, they live in harmony with their environment...never kill for the fun of it...and are not congenital liars who thrive on deception.

When you were "off of Fuller Road in Triangle"...did you sit on a mushroom? ;)

Anonymous said...

Tal como receber patrimônio com milhas aéreas.

greencrow said...

Portuguese translate to English:

"...Like receiving equity in airline miles."


Penny said...

Hey GC:

Enjoyed that video- to me I see a demonstration of man and bird cooperation.

It's good.

Monarchs also hitch rides on boats as the make their way across the Great lakes to Mexico

One afternoon hubby and I were at the beach- Lake Erie and there were dozens of Monarchs on the shoreline.. they were heading south.

It made for a pretty and fluttery visual.

Anonymous said...

Ed(ito)r says:

I don't fly, havent in years, and don't believe that the sins of the collective can be brought onto the head of a single individual. I don't write the laws and rules about eco-anything, don't support anything or anyone who is destructive of anything, and haven't enrichened myself by playing games in the marketplace, stealing from others, or fraud. Nor do I sit on toadstools or mushrooms or self-identify with anything or as anyone except what and who I am. I can't fly with my arms, can barely walk with my legs, but my eyes, ears and brain still function. My grandfather made bullets by the billions, and another relative is responsible for rapacious foresting in the Northwest, but I never supported either of them and never benefitted from their activities in any way .The whole world is a mess; I try to do the best in my little corner, but am continuously thwarted or more likely my own ineptitude.

Reading between the lines said...

Thanks for sharing the merchant ship with the hitch hickers .Great video.
I love the creation you have carved of the Little Green Faerie .You have much talent for sure.When I was a child I used to carve also ,growing up on the farm .I should have kept it up .
Thanks again.

greencrow said...


You never "quit" carving, you just set it aside for a few decades : ). I belong to a carving class composed of seniors in retirement. We all did something else for almost our entire lives before taking up our chisels, knives and Dremel [Dremels are a wonderful invention that can work magic on a piece of wood]. Working with a natural element, wood, is therapeutic and inspirational. Carving, symbiotically, provides emotional and intellectual space to think about blogging.