Friday, November 30, 2018

The "High Five" Slap Heard Around the World

Putin Gives Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman
a "High Five" at the G20 Meeting in Argentina

Lol.  This is why I LOVE geopolitics...such a combination of comedy, tragedy, and Chess moves.  Look at the screen capture in the video above.  Putin and the "officially disgraced" Mohammed bin Salman clutching hands...with Trump in the background looking non-plussed. lololol.

As I reported yesterday, Trump was forced to cancel his meeting with Russia's Putin by his handlers in the Deep State MosCIAd.  The Kremlin's reaction to hearing second hand about the cancellation?  Now Putin will have extra time to meet with other leaders.  Like Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman as shown above, no doubt.

Can you imagine?  Putin meeting with the leader of one of the staunchest Western "allies"? In fact the West does not actually have just has vassals. Saudi Arabia is one of the longest held captive.  As  I have previously opined, SA is planning to escape the clutches of USRAEL via its purchase of the state of the art defensive weaponry, the Russian S-400.

Once Saudi Arabia has the S-400 installed and no longer fears attack or invasion by USrael, it can move to kick all the Western operatives and moles out of the country and stop being a murderous, backward henchman/moneypit for the West.

Yes, the West has once again shot itself in the foot.  Or, as Putin likes to put it...."Not in the foot, exactly, but a bit higher up."

Thursday, November 29, 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Trump Cancels G20 Meeting with Putin

Putting Speaking at Russian Business Forum Yesterday

“The authorities in Kiev are selling anti-Russian sentiment with quite a success today. They have nothing else to do,” Putin said during a business forum in Moscow.

….If they demand babies for breakfast, they would probably be served babies. They’d say: ‘Why not, they are hungry, what is to be done about it?’ This is such a short sighted policy and it cannot have a good outcome. It makes the Ukrainian leadership complacent, gives them no incentive to do normal political work in their country or pursue a normal economic policy."
Well, the other shoe has dropped.  First, last weekend, the Western Deep State "Intelligence Community" set a "No-Win" trap for Russia/Putin by sending the Kiev Junta military boats towards the Russia/Crimea newly built bridge.  This was a concocted ploy to provoke Russia into responding militarily...then they could cry "Foul!"  and all the pathetic Western Leaders like Canada's sock-puppet le Dauphin could parrot the call.

Then, the MosCIAd-run USrael Deep State could order the hog-tied Trump to cancel his meeting with Putin--scheduled to take place at the G20 meeting in Argentina on November 30th, December 1st.

It was always in the cards they would prevent the meeting.  We can yammer all day about why this needed to happen.  But, boiling it all down...the Deep State cannot acknowledge its adversaries.  It cannot indicate that Russian leaders are even worth meeting with.  To acknowledge, respect and negotiate---contravenes the Deep State's cardinal rule which is:  WE ARE ABOVE THE LAW.

Once you agree to talk and need to follow rules of negotiation which are usually governed by laws...laws of basic courtesy, traditional laws, local laws, laws of nature, national laws and international laws.  The Deep State needs to get rid of all of these because it wants/NEEDS war.  War is the breaking of every single restriction on behaviour.  War, and War soon, is absolutely necessary to distract from the coming economic and political collapse of the west.  To get some idea of how crucial it is to create an imminent War/Martial Law atmosphere...consider what Putin said, also at the meeting of yesterday. Putin disclosed that Deep State puppet Poroshenko is so unpopular in Ukraine [Poroshenko is polling at 8%]  that he will not likely even make the "last five" candidates who will compete for the second round vote for Ukraine President next April.

In other words, the Ukrainians are poised to take back their country from the Occupying Western Deep State/NATO. For, as Galloway so eloquently put it in a recent RT analysis:

Another Crimean war looms as NATO provocations enter Russian waters – George Galloway

A dangerous constellation of weak, collapsing Western governments and leaders suddenly find their interests coinciding with the tin-pot tyrant Poroshenko.

After many years observing these international Kabuki Dances I've started to believe that most of the diabolical conniving such as has taken place in the past week, arises out of the UK.  The UK is the Snake's Head.  As Putin has mused on several occasions...the UK elite [who closely resemble those gargoyles on the corners of medieval British buildings]….

Individual Who Ordered Trump to Cancel Meeting

…..have never recovered from their role as World Empire.  They still rule, but now it's done through the proxy US...using American tax dollars to fund their Imperial agenda and Americans as cannon fodder to fight their wars.  Think of it this way....America is the UK illuminati/elite's ISIS.  It does their bidding...and Trump is their bitch.

So, in summary, the Deep State ordered Trump to cancel his meeting with Putin because they're terrified that it might result in Peace...thus depriving them of their supreme right/need to War [with other people fighting it, of course].

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

UPDATED: Paradise - "You call some place paradise, kiss it goodbye" - The Eagles Prophetic Song

UPDATED:  November 28, 2018 - The truth about the "Wild" Fire that murdered the Community of Paradise continues to seep up through the floorboards.  Here is a comment on this post that I found this morning.  I will post it in its entirety.  Also, does anyone know whether the FEMA authorities found all those 700 missing citizens yet????

Anonymous says:  "L.L.O. is either a shill or complicit. NO ONE I KNOW thinks these fires are normal. I have lived in Paradise since 1977! The town is over 150 years old. It has never burned. In the days, weeks ,months before this "fire" we were being sprayed constantly. The skies had a grid pattern that eventually turns to a dull silver-gray blocking the sun. We KNOW WHAT they are spraying and now we know why. The pictures and satellite speak for themselves, this was an attack of the people of Paradise, Concow, Pulga, Butte Creek Canyon and Magalia! GENOCIDE. Ooooh! and just yesterday the U.S Gov announced a$75 MILLION award for the best Smart City Design. We are Farfen-nugened!"

"The Last Resort" - from the Album "Hotel California"

Blogging colleague Northerntruthseeker linked to a post by alternate blogger John Kaminski today that reminded me of something that occurred to me when I was following the recent California "wild" fires that destroyed several communities, including the ironically named "Paradise", California.  

Paradise, California - after the 2018 "Wild" Fire

I remembered that the Eagles had written a song years ago about Paradise.  Today I looked it up and have linked the video above and the lyrics below:  Please watch, listen and read, particularly Kaminski's excellent "naming" of the issue and the perpetrators of the California man-made catastrophe.   I will have further comments to follow:

"The Last Resort" - written by Don Henley and Glen Frey

She came from Providence, the one in Rhode Island
Where the old world shadows hang heavy in the air
She packed her hopes and dreams like a refugee,
Just as her father came across the sea

She heard about a place people were smilin',
They spoke about the red man's way, how they loved the land
And they came from everywhere to the Great Divide
Seeking a place to stand or a place to hide

Down in the crowded bars out for a good time,
Can't wait to tell you all what it's like up there
And they called it paradise, I don't know why
Somebody laid the mountains low while the town got high

Then the chilly winds blew down across the desert,
Through the canyons of the coast to the Malibu
Where the pretty people play hungry for power
To light their neon way and give them things to do

Some rich man came and raped the land, nobody caught 'em,
Put up a bunch of ugly boxes and, Jesus, people bought 'em
And they called it paradise, the place to be,
They watched the hazy sun sinking in the sea

You can leave it all behind and sail to Lahaina
Just like the missionaries did so many years ago
They even brought a neon sign 'Jesus is Coming',
Brought the white man's burden down, brought the white man's reign

Who will provide the grand design, what is yours and what is mine?
'Cause there is no more new frontier, we have got to make it here
We satisfy our endless needs and justify our bloody deeds

In the name of destiny and in the name of God

And you can see them there on Sunday morning
Stand up and sing about what it's like up there
They called it paradise, I don't know why
You call some place paradise, kiss it goodbye.
********************** Greencrow says:  Perhaps the choice of the small community of Paradise was deliberate...the perps often brag about their deeds by leaving obvious clues in plain sight.  Or, perhaps it was random.  Or, more likely, it was because the town of Paradise was on the route that some high speed bullet train was planned to traverse...and rather than pay top dollar for the land through the normal course of expropriation...they decided to destroy the community and let the Insurance Companies pick up the cost of relocation...while they get the land for pennies on the dollar.

It doesn't matter how far down you dip your brain into the sewer or into psychopathic hell in order to try and figure out their agenda and motives.  You can never sink low enough.  They are always 100 basement level floors below you.  What the United States needs now is one decent human courageous whistleblower to come forward and name some order to save the nation from the sure destruction they have community and one heinous greedy, parasitical deed at a time.

Monday, November 26, 2018

CawRANT Events #72

CawRANT Events #72

Good morning everybody.  It's a very dark and rainy day on the West Coast.  In fact, there's a rain warning posted.  So a good "inside" day and an excellent day to do blogging and carving.  I haven't done a "CawRANT Events" for some weeks now.  I've always had a problem with setting strict rules for myself...such as "I MUST do a CawRANT Events post Every Second Monday.  That kind of rule is just a temptation to break it.  My life motto has always been: "Everything in moderation...even moderation."  But every once in a while I feel like doing a freewheeling kind of post where I blog like a hummingbird, flitting from flower (issue) to flower...not necessarily having to support every single thing I say with at least one link.  That obsession is a hold over from my social worker days...where everything I put into a report had to be supported by at least one example.

Last week I did a couple of posts about the forest fire crisis they had down in California recently.  Complete devastation to at least one town [Paradise] and the last I heard 700 people were still missing.  I don't go on the M$M newsites very often but when I have I've not seen any resolution to the missing fire victims.  Does anyone know whether they were all located?  I guess that's "old newz" now...the mainstream media has gone on to the next concocted terror event.

My position on the California fires was that they were man made...or man-exacerbated.  Why?  Just from how the Mainstream Media handled the story, mainly.  They handled it like it was one of their regular terror false flags....all hoopla and then nothing. Some people doubt that the perps have the scientific ability to set fires remotely and then have them carried by directed winds into certain areas.  Hello?  Of course they do.  Didn't we all read about HAARP and Directed Energy?  It's a fact!  My position has always been that if the perps have such weaponry they WILL use it...they have absolutely no conscience to prevent them from perpetrating such evil.  The main "tell" on the recent California fires was the lack of warning that the people had to vacate the threatened communities.  Victim witnesses reported that in previous years they had days warning.  This time they had maybe an hour or two.  And, has anyone ever gone to those amateur meteorological sites where the guy in his mother's basement is following strange cloud formations being pushed all around the atmosphere?  Hey, once I even reported on this blog that some guy found a "square" cloud.  Meteorologists in Australia and other countries [Iran] have been complaining for years that their drought is man-made.  Whatever.

My knowing that man has the ability to manipulate the weather and to seed clouds with all sorts of chemicals has made me an outsider in all the controversy about "climate control" and "global warming" and "carbon tax".  Without the government/military laying all the cards on the table about how they manipulate the weather...humanity cannot have a reasonable, logical discussion about climate.  It is just impossible.  And those who debate on one side or the other without mentioning the obvious manipulation and weaponization of the weather that is blatantly going on...are just whistling Dixie!

Oh, and still on the topic of the California fires, here's another clue.  Some pundit in the mainstream media is opining that "We should start treating floods and fires like migration crises".  My point exactly!  I have always maintained that environmental catastrophes like fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and drought...can just as easily be manmade social engines to force migration for economic and political/military purposes.  Enough said!

Spooks killing Spooks...with other spooks filming it

Another topic I have been posting about recently is the Khashoggi psyop.  This seems to have died down in the media now that the Sheeple have been successfully implanted with the notion that Mohamed bin Salman is a "bad hombre" who needs to go. [aka regime change].  Penny of Pennyforyourthoughts has posted an excellent update on the latest theory by former spook/now geopolitical blogger Sibel Edmonds.  Sibel has done a lot of footwork over the past two months and has come up with the same theory that I devised in the first week.  The entire Khashoggi caper was a psyops created by the MosCIAd to force Saudi leader Mohammed bin Salman from his position.  Sibel thinks it was a combined effort by the MosCIAd and MI6.

Here are a couple of my comments on Penny's site:
  1. Hi Penny:

    Excellent take. Poor Sibel...having to do all that work and all those tweets...when I arrived at exactly the same conclusion just by paying attention to the rising of small hairs on the back of my neck...which I did when the story of this "assassination" took place!
  2. lol without all the hoopla I determined [and posted several times] that Khashoggi was a MosCIAd patsy and that the entire event was a psyops to vilify Turkey and Saudi-Arabia...with a view to SA regime change. Why?

    Because both Turkey and SA are purchasing the Russian state of the art S-400 anti-missile system. Now why doesn't Sibel figure out the reason for the regime change psyops like I did????

and here is my favourite comment by Anonymous...that precisely sums up the psyop:
"The kaSHOWggi must go on -- and on and on and on.

A spook said some things about the spook whose murder by spooks was recorded by spooks. Other spooks said that the recording by the spooks of the spook being murdered by spooks, was true...well-groomed spooks in the spookish MSM reported all this stuff by spooks about things done to a spook by spooks and recorded by spooks.

Lol. The whole episode should be dismissed out of hand. I wonder if it is an intra-spook joke."

Greencrow says: And as a final comment on this topic, I will posit why nothing has happened to Mohammed bin Salman, in spite of the False Flag assassination of Khashoggi. The reason this false flag has been stillborn is due to the internal civil war within the Western intelligence agencies. There are forces within the agencies who do not want the forces who want MBS out to be successful. It's a "control issue" and it's complicated.

UrkoNAZI's on the move

Yesterday, Sunday, which is a really good day to start a False Flag Provocation because the Sheeple can tune into it from time to time between football quarters...The Urkonazis sent some of their boats sailing towards that enormously long newly built bridge the Russians built to connect the Russian mainland across the Kerch Strait to Crimea. The Urkonazis have been threatening to blow up this bridge since before it was even built. So it is absolutely natural and essential that Russia prevent boats [possibly containing explosives] from approaching the span. Here is a summation on the crisis by The Saker. Please read the following snippet and I will have more comments to follow:

"....It is obvious that the Nazi regime in Kiev is in a tailspin and that short of some dramatic action Poroshenko is a goner. Most of the gang around him won’t fare much better, especially not if Timoshenko ever gets the presidency (which might happen if the Empire decides to ditch Poroshenko). For them the options are either to leave the Ukraine or face some serious jail time (sort of the same situation as Saakashvili had to face).

We are entering a very dangerous time period, one in which a totally corrupt Nazi regime will fight with every trick imaginable to save itself. Whether this will result in a major war against Novorussia or Russia is impossible to predict, but we have to recognize that this is a distinct possibility."

Greencrow says: The Saker says that a possible motivation for the timing of this long awaited False Flag is the upcoming meeting between Putin and Trump at the G20 meeting slated for the end of November. Saker feels that they [the perps that run the Urkonazis from the West] want to prevent this latest effort at high level détente by the leaders.

My comment is just to again register my absolute despair and disgust at the populations of the West...who are absolute numb sheeple on the issue of the NATO/Ukraine provocation of Russia. Every single idiot I have spoken with about this issue has been totally brainwashed into believing that "Russia attacked Ukraine and stole Crimea". It is really depressing, folks. There is not two brain cells to rub together amongst a hundred thousand of them. So I am warning my Novorossiyan and Russian readers that they cannot count on the West to avoid war over this. Never has the Orwellian presstitute media done a more complete job of lying and slander as it has over the Putin/Russia/Ukraine issue.

Canadian NewZ - Take the money and run

Turning to Canadian newz for a moment. Also yesterday, the sheeple were amaZed to learn that one of the biggest employers in Canada, General Motors, would close its Oshawa branch next year and throw about 3,000 car manufacturing plant workers out of work.

Here is a snippet from the CBC and I will have more comments to follow:

"...GM confirmed Monday it would close its Oshawa plant in 2019, throwing about 3,000 unionized people out of work.
The plant makes the Chevrolet Impala, a once-popular vehicle that has seen its sales crater in recent years as consumer tastes shifted away from small and midsize sedans toward bigger vehicles like pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles.
Premier Ford said it seems GM cannot be convinced at this point to save the plant. He said Ottawa should concentrate on extending Employment Insurance (EI) supports to laid-off workers and commit to funding new training to deploy affected workers elsewhere. Bains said "all options are on the table" for GM employees.
Trudeau said he spoke the CEO of GM, Mary Barra, to express his "deep disappointment" with the closure. Trudeau has met with Barra a number of times since assuming office. She is a board member on the Canada-United States Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders, a council co-developed by Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump."


Greencrow concludes:  What the CBC report didn't say was that GM had been given a Shi!load of Taxpayer funds just a short while ago to prevent it from closing until 2020...AFTER next Year's federal election, dontchaknow. So now le Dauphin is pooing his pants worrying about possible electoral fall out from the closure. And Opposition Leader Andrew [can't go to Russia] Scheer is licking his lips at a possible uptick in the public opinion polls where he had been cratered for months. Andrew's not doing as bad as the NDP turban, however, who's only at 15% in the polls. The NDP will likely be wiped out in the coming Fall 2019 election...proving that Canada perhaps might just not be ready for a Turbaned Prime Minister. Come to think of it, neither is Pakistan or [the Prime Minister of] India.

Well, folks, that's about it for this CawRANT Events. I will leave you with a video update on my latest wood carving..."little green faerie"...still many hours from completion.

Little Green Faerie #2

One thing about the "little Green Faerie"...sadly, he's a lot smarter than most of my fellow Canucks! [blogging colleagues excepted! : ).  Until my next CawRANT Events, bye for now.

Friday, November 23, 2018

VAXXED! Scientist jailed after discovering deadly viruses are delivered through vaccines

The Only "Flu Shot" You Should Ever Take

Greencrow has been anti-vaccination for many years now.  I haven't subjected my body to a so-called "flu-shot" for over ten years.  Before that, believe it or not, I subjected myself to a yearly fall "seasonal flu" shot.  It was explained to me that because I worked in a field [social worker] where I was exposed to a lot of people that I was at "high risk" of coming down with the flu.

Funny, I began to notice that in spite of getting vaccinated, I did come down with the flu anyway.  Sometimes, right after the shot.  So after a few years I decided to "skip" the shot...even though health nurses showed up at our place of employment and delivered the shots "free" in the boardroom.  Many of my fellow workers also avoided the shot.

When big pharma started pushing vaccinations for "herpes-related genital cancer" on young pubescent girls, I was appalled.  I started to mutter out loud that "something evil this way comes" [or words to that effect].  I remember the high school where one of my "kids in care" was attending had her vaccinated without my permission.  Strictly speaking, I was supposed to sign a permission slip for field trips, and medical procedures.  Not this time.  They gave the 15-year-old girl Gardasil without letting me know.  I found out later at a parent/teacher meeting.  When I asked why I had not been told, the teacher informed me that the girl could make up her own mind. If readers look up concerns about Gardasil on the Internet...they will discover that it is rife with side effects and unknown risks.

The vicious assault on humanity and other mammals via mandatory/routine chemical injection has been growing and spreading ever since the "polio" mass vaccination of the 1950's and even before then.  Vaccinations proved successful at the turn of the 18th century in the fight against small pox.  This success was then morphed into a "one size fits all" pharmaceutical financial bonanza.  Researchers were hired by large pharmaceutical companies to find applications of vaccination to all sorts of diseases...and even to invent/spread deadly diseases in order to justify vaccinations [AIDS].  The willingness of humanity to proffer their arms/buttocks' for injections was exploited--to insert all sorts of noxious substances into these "human guinea pigs".  For further information on this please read "Dr. Mary's Monkey" if you can get hold of a copy.  As you will see in the report posted by on the Internet yesterday, those who will tell the truth about the dangers of vaccinations have been eliminated by way of a concerted "search and destroy" effort by what has become known as "Big Pharma".

Please read the following snippet from the article about the persecution and destruction of the molecular biologist Dr. Judy A. Mikovits when she tried to defend her research into the transmission, via vaccines, of deadly "retroviruses"...filtered through the brains of mice...into humans, and I will have final thoughts in comments to follow:

"Molecular biologist Dr. Judy A. Mikovits was thrown in prison after discovering evidence that deadly retroviruses are transmitted through vaccines given to humans. 

In a disturbing true story first published by Natural News, Dr. Mikovits found evidence "that deadly retroviruses have been transmitted to 25 million Americans through vaccines."

Dr. Mikovits worked with human retroviruses and focused on immunotherapy research and HIV. In 2009, she was doing research on neurological diseases, including autism, when she discovered many of her study subjects were suffering from serious medical issues. These issues included cancer, motor-neuron disorders and chronic fatigue Syndrome (CFS). 


She believed a virus may have been responsible for these symptoms, and through her research, she isolated the viruses that turned out to come from mice.

"It looked like a virus, it smelled like a virus, a retrovirus, because those are the types of viruses that disrupt the immune system. And several other investigators back in the 90s had actually isolated retroviruses from these people but the government called them 'contaminants,' that they weren't real and that they didn't have anything to do with the disease. Well, we isolated a new family of viruses that were called xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus. So these viruses were murine leukemia viruses, mouse viruses. 
So spin forward two years, our paper published in one of the best scientific journals in the world in Science, October 8th, 2009. Usually that makes one's career, in my case it ended my life as a scientist as I knew it."


So in 2011, another AIDS researcher in a journal called Frontiers in Microbiology wrote a paper that really cost me a lot; I didn't know that he was going to write this paper, but it basically said the most likely way that these murine leukemia virus-related viruses, these types of viruses, entered humans, was through vaccines.

"So when did we start vaccines? 1953, 1934, right in the 30s with the polio, and what we were doing to attenuate, to make the virus less pathogenic, less toxic, is we were passing them through mouse brains, so we were passing them through the brains of mice, and every scientist who works with these viruses, and worked at the National Cancer Institute recognized the possibility that if you put human tissue and mouse tissue together the possibility is that you're going to pick up a virus that is silent, in the mouse, that is it doesn't hurt the mouse, but it kills the human, or causes serious disease in the human. 

I was fired, jailed, without cause, without hearing, without any civil rights at all, just drug out of my house in shackles one day, on November 18th, 2011, I refused to denounce the data, I refused to say it was a mistake, we have the data, I showed the data, I showed all of the data, and I just refused, they basically said tell everybody you made it all up, and you can go home. And if you don't, we'll destroy you. And they did." 

Comment: That we live in an age where simply making the 'wrong' scientific discoveries can have you ending up in a jail cell should be a big wake up call to anyone living in the dream that there is anything resembling freedom in our daily lives. Mikovits' story should be spread far and wide, and the Big Pharma gestapo should be held accountable. 

More on the important work of Dr. Judy Mikovits:
Retroviral Plague: An interview with molecular biologist Judy Mikovits
Is a lethal mouse virus contaminating the US blood supply?
Virus Is Found in Many With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Greencrow says:  Everybody's talking about the new movie that was recently released about the life of 80's Rock Legend Freddy Mercury.

Freddy Mercury

Not many people are aware that Freddy was one of millions of people murdered by the Pharmaceutical Industry in the 80's and 90' way of the spread of the AIDS virus.  AIDS was/is a man made disease...concocted in a lab by combining the DNA of at least two different species...monkey, cow, lab rat...whatever.  AIDS was then spread to humanity by mass vaccinations that took place in Africa.  The people vaccinated came down with AIDS years later and spread it throughout the planet by the sharing of contaminated bodily fluids...sperm and blood.

Poor Freddy believed his "private life" as a homosexual caused his fatal disease.  I doubt whether he ever knew that he was murdered by "Big Pharma".  Now, whenever I see him in music videos or listen to his music on the radio, I think about all the people who died as a result of the genocidal vaccination programs run [and still being run] by Big Pharma.

They finally put a lid on the spread of "coming out with a cure".  But they kept the cause a big secret...just as they prevented Dr Judy Mikovits from spreading her discoveries about the dangers in vaccination retro-virus "contaminants".

All this evil is possible because the true "brains" behind the genocidal tendencies in Big Pharma are anonymous.  Remember what I said in my previous post about the ability of the "Deep State" to hide behind the cover of anonymity in order to harm humanity by way of anonymous "sperm donors" and anonymous "drone killers"? Well, the same modus operandi applies with the vaccination scam.  The real mass murderers of Freddy Mercury and the millions of others who died in the AIDS/vaccination atrocity are still alive and still operating anonymously, creating even worse and more diabolical substances to inject into humanity.  Their main goal is to have all humanity injected with RFID we can be tracked like the sheep/cattle we are.

That is why Big Pharma has worked so tirelessly to make vaccinations "routine" and delivered as early in life as possible.  All the side effects--like life destroying autism and gawd knows what other vaccine-delivered diseases--mean absolutely nothing to them.

Now they've got it so that if parents object to their newborns receiving adult-sized doses [one size fits all] of vaccinations...they are considered "bad parents".  And if parents don't want their young children given vaccinations...just to enter the education system...they are considered a "danger to society".

These vaccinations (like Gardasil) might lie dormant in the host's body for decades...and then pop up in the form of "anonymous"/spontaneous conditions like sterility or chronic ailments like "chronic fatigue syndrome".  Who knows...perhaps Parkinsons, ALS, MS and other diseases are vaccination-related.  You certainly won't be hearing about it from "Big Pharma" if they are.

Finally, thanks to the courage of such anti-vaxxers as Robert F. Kennedy Jr [who I believe was motivated by having one of his children/relative's child come down with autism] and the above researcher, Dr. Judy, those of us with the gift of critical thinking have become wise to the Big Pharma caper/scam/mass casualty crime.  We need to quietly and not so quietly continue to speak and to inform the public about the dangers of vaccination.  Here is an example of one such courageous and outspoken woman.  I will leave you to watch the video below, which I came across thanks to my blogging colleague, Northerntruthseeker...who regularly posts about the dangers of vaccination.

Retired Hospital Worker speaks Truth to Power
re the Dangers of "Flu Shots"

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Connecting the Dots of Psychopathy - Donors and Drones

Brave New World
Artwork used in my previous post on the
topic of Human Reproduction

Today is the 55th anniversary of the MosCIAd assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963.  It's a time for reflection on what that event meant to the course of modern history.  With the advantage of a very long 20/20 hindsight I can posit that some of the most important ramifications of the JFK Assassination were:

1.  Israel got the nuclear bomb and began it's non-stop Yinon Project of destroying the Middle East;

2.  No more independent-minded Presidents were ever allowed to be elected in the United States...all the subsequent presidents have been anonymously controlled by one or the other faction of that two-handed bird, the Deep USrael state.

3.  Those humans capable of critical thinking...which, as we have discovered is roughly only about 33% of the human population...embarked on a never-ending quest for truth.  This quest set them aside and estranged from the rest of the population [sheeple].  This division has grown and widened over the decades the woken minority observes a never ending series of high crimes, mass murders and misdemeanors being perpetrated by the same cabal [or inheritors] of the perpetrators of the Kennedy assassination;

4.  The perps were forced into major "distraction" efforts in order to keep the sheeple from somehow waking up and seeing that they were occupied, owned and nothing more than powerless cannon fodder.  Some of these distractions were hoaxes like the "Apollo Lunar Hoax", the Sexual Revolution of the '60's, and all the LGTB identity politics that has been shoved down our throats since.

Like a tree infected with a fungal rot, most of humanity has now been exposed to/infected with psychopathy, a form of mental decay that leaves the species terminally weakened and open to all forms of invasion of alien parasites.

The Crow flies high...and this morning, on browsing through the M$M newz, I have read two reports which, seemingly unrelated, actually show how debased and psychopathic humanity has rotted, tinder dry and ready for incineration are the Sheeple.  Here are those two reports:

Donors and Drones
....Anonymous giving and taking of human life

From the CBC:

The CBC is reporting that there is going to be a conference here in Canada to more clearly define government laws and policies surrounding the "sperm donor/egg donor program.  Those who are pro surrogacy and donor-artificial insemination are lobbying for looser laws and for donors to be paid and under contract so that, for instance, once they commit to donating sperm or an egg...they can't "back out" without a heavy financial cost.

But, as my mother used to say..."there's a fly in the ointment".  The fly comes in the form of a few objecting voices in this debate...none other than the children conceived by way of donor sperm/eggs.  These children have now become adults and...whaaaaaaa???!!  They actually oppose the practise of conceiving humans by way of anonymous sperm and/or eggs....thus condemning the offspring to a life of searching for their true identity...and humiliation with the knowledge that their parents did not regard them as even humans...but just another "commodity".  The children often complain that as adults they become troubled by the lack of information about their medical/biological heritage.  What diseases are they susceptible to?  Is knowing who they really are not a human right?

Some might ask...wouldn't that concern be paramount in the minds of the mothers [and in fewer cases, fathers] that so yearn for a baby to love [and fulfill their biological drives] that they are willing to spend all that money, time/energy to bring a child into the world?  Wouldn't they WANT their children to feel happy, secure and mentally strong?  Not so.  As I found out during my social work career....most of the single mothers who get artificially inseminated are mentally fragile themselves.  They are generally narcissistic and the idea that the child they conceive might want more connection with BOTH his or her parents...doesn't cross their mind.  They really BELIEVE that the child will be content simply "knowing that mommy loves them". And here is another astounding fact.  The clinics that provide the insemination service sometimes have financial incentives available for certain ethnic groups.  There are "charitable organizations" willing to pay portions of the insemination fees.  Can you believe it???!!!  Just go on the Clinic websites and you will see for yourself. No wonder the children of these parents [like the young man in the CBC story] are so often bewildered, depressed and angry.

So that is the first story illustrating the psychopathy of our sheeple society.  The second is even more self-evident.  But as you read about it...keep in mind what is connecting the two dots. The element that is connecting the two dots is anonymity.

From RT:

Here is a story about the drone program in the US military.  This program involves young men and women [probably conceived by artificial anonymous donors--sarc] who sit behind computer screens in the United States and for substantial wages--manipulate drones in the Middle East and all over the world.  On military command they murder innocent citizens in far off "collateral damage"...while ostensibly tracking and murdering so-called "terrorists".  These "terrorists" are defined as such by the Ziofascist globalist warmongering Military Industrial Complex.  So, whether they are in fact "terrorists" or simply patriotic citizens, doesn't really matter to the commanders or their drone operators--who are only focused on "number of kills" and "blowing things up".

Muse Video about the Drone Program

According to the RT article...engaging in such psychopathy leaves the drone operators mentally ill, addicted to mind-numbing substances and angry.  Ironically, behaviour much like the children borne out of the anonymous sperm/egg donor program.

As observed earlier, both the egg/sperm anonymous donor program and the drone program depend on anonymity to function.  You can't get humans to donate dozens of eggs and quantities of sperm if they know that some day all those kids will come knocking at their door.  And you can't get people to sit behind computers blowing up homes and killing entire families if they think that some day the relatives of those victims will come knocking at their door.  Both programs need anonymity to functionAnonymity is the false "courage" that cowards need to perform inhumane acts. When you think of it...ALL crime and psychopathic behaviour only flourishes in an anonymous environment.  As they say in open court lets in the "sunlight" of knowledge which is the greatest disinfectant.  That is precisely why jurisprudence has evolved the open court system of justice.

And that, readers, is why the Deep State depends on anonymity and that's why most sheeple still don't know that the MosCIAd was behind the murder of JFK, the mass murder atrocity of 9/11 and all the "mass casualty events/False Flags" and bloody wars that have been perpetrated on humanity ever since.  Anonymity is anathema to human well-being, whether in procreation or in societal interaction at large.

Leonard Cohen Singing "The Future"

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Most Duped Nation on Earth UPDATE - Chaos still surrounds Fire Emergency Response

UpdatedHere is a link with many photos of anomalies about the California so-called "Wild" fires.
these photos support what I've been saying for two posts now...Directed Energy caused these fires.

In this Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018 photo, Charlie Miles peers up at state forestry officers and state parks rangers after being arrested for trying to go home on a desolate stretch of Skyway Road between Paradise and a Chico church he was sleeping at in Paradise, Calif. (Renee C. Byer/The Scaramento Bee via AP)

Have you ever heard of such a thing before in your life?  A fire victim is arrested, handcuffed and seated on the fire-scarred ground, surrounded by "officials".  I think the above photo should get a Pulitzer Prize for news photography...because it perfectly encapsulates the "Emergency Response" of the government officials to this probable man-made terror event catastrophe.

Here is the entire report as published in the local news  Please read it with a view to seeing how the great, vaunted, taxpayer-funded FEMA agency is MIA... and local response groups are left to make a haphazard effort to list names of victims/survivors...which generally manages to keep the tension/terror high in the area after the disaster.  I will have more thoughts to follow:


CHICO, Calif. — It’s been 12 days since Christina Taft started the frantic search for her mother Victoria, who refused to evacuate their Paradise home as flames neared, and six days since she gave authorities a cheek swab to identify remains that are likely her mother’s. She still hasn’t received confirmation that her mother is dead, and says she’s been frustrated by what she feels is a lack of communication from Butte County officials.

“They said they found remains, they didn’t say her remains. They won’t confirm it to me the whole time,” Taft said Monday.

With 79 people killed in the nation’s deadliest wildfire in at least a century, there are still nearly 700 names on the list of those unaccounted for. While it’s down from nearly 1,000 the day before, it is inexact, progress has been slow, and the many days of uncertainty are adding to the stress. More than a dozen people are marked as “unknowns,” without first or last names. In some cases, names are listed twice or more times under different spellings. Others are confirmed dead, and their names simply haven’t been taken off yet.

Survivors and relatives of those caught in the fire in Northern California are using social media to get the word out: In some cases, to post that their loved ones were safe; in others, to plead for help.

“Aunt Dorothy is still missing. There has been confusion going on at the Sheriffs office regarding her whereabouts because she was taken off the list,” a man wrote on Facebook on Monday.

“I have an uncle and two cousins that I have not been able to make contact with,” one woman wrote on Facebook, with their names. “Any info would be appreciated.”

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea has said he released the rough and incomplete list in hopes that people would contact authorities to say they are OK. He has called it “raw data” compiled from phone calls, emails and other reports. “We put the list out. It will fluctuate. It will go up. It will go down because this is in a state of flux,” Honea said Monday. “My view on this has been that I would prefer to get the information out and start working to find who is unaccounted for and who is not. I would put progress over perfection.” 
RELATED: Structure losses in Southern California fire rise to 1,500

Officials have also culled reports from the earliest hours of the disaster, when fire knocked out mobile phone communications and thousands fled, some to safe shelter that was hundreds of miles away. Honea said his office was working with the Red Cross to account for people entering and leaving shelters. Evacuees are also helping authorities narrow the list, sometimes by chance.

Robert James Miles, who lost his Paradise trailer in the blaze, was staying at a shelter in Chico where people posted names of those they hadn’t heard from. Miles said he alerted a Red Cross worker Saturday that he recognized eight names on the board as friends he knew were OK.

“Two of them were in the shelter,” he said with a chuckle.

Owen and Phyllis Suihkonen understand the chaos. Their family is scattered after they lost their home to the wildfire, as did their two adult children. Phyllis Suihkonen, 69, says she spotted the names of two friends on the list of unaccounted people, and doesn’t know if they are safe. But her daughter has seen names of friends who are OK and called sheriff’s officials to let them know.

“I’m concerned,” Phyllis said. “But like I said, there’s been other friends’ names on the list that have been accounted for and taken off.”

Meanwhile, those searching for bodies were in a race against the weather, as rain was forecast for Wednesday. The precipitation could help knock out the flames, but it could also hinder the search by washing away fragmentary remains and turning ash into a thick paste. The fire, which burned at least 236 square miles (611 square kilometers) and destroyed nearly 12,000 homes, was 70 percent contained on Monday..."


Greencrow says:  Bring on the Weather.  After an unusually long period of drought..."suddenly" rain is NOW in the forecast. That "washing away fragmentary remains [AKA evidence] and "turning ash into a thick paste" must work for somebody...


"...Alcatraz Island, San Francisco’s cable cars, the Oakland Zoo and other San Francisco Bay Area area attractions were closed Monday because of smoke from the blaze some 140 miles (225 kilometers) away. Several San Francisco museums over the weekend offered free admission to give people something to do indoors.

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said it is “way too early” to estimate the damage done by the wildfire. But for perspective, he said the Northern California fires that gutted 6,800 homes last year resulted in $12.6 billion in insured losses.

“It’s going to be a long and painful process,” he said.

Har reported from San Francisco. Associated Press journalists Kathleen Ronayne in Sacramento, California, and Paul Elias and Jocelyn Gecker in San Francisco also contributed to this report.

Greencrow says:  The California "Wild" fires of 2018 are just another one of the non-stop and endless series of catastrophes that has hit the United States since 9/11. Mass shootings, hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires. Like "Job" of biblical just doesn't seem to let up for a moment in America, ever since the USraeli occupation that began on September 11, 2001. There's a pattern that has long formed surrounding these mass casualty events.  They're all poorly managed/responded to by the authorities.  This, in spite of the fact that the US has one of the largest, most powerful taxpayer-funded emergency response systems on the planet.  Remember how "FEMA" responded to the hurricane that destroyed New Orleans a few years ago?  It actually exacerbated the made things worse. Then there were those marauding uniformed "law enforcement officers" who were spotted shooting victims trying to evacuate over the bridges, that kind of thing.

Why are those "law enforcement officers" standing over the handcuffed victim on the ground in the photo above?  They should be handcuffed and HE should be standing over a result of the poor official response to this latest tragedy.

The government non-response and ineptitude, even in the tallying of the numbers of victims, can only be rationalized if this was a planned event, if the response was actually calculated in causing the most damage/casualties/social upheaval possible's the the victims just enough insurance money [there is ALWAYS AN INSURANCE ANGLE IN THESE CATASTROPHES...STARTING WITH 9/11] to vacate the land and go live somewhere else...leaving the land cleared and vacant...for the occupying perps.

Monday, November 19, 2018

The most Duped Nation on Earth? California "Wild" Fires and "Attacking Caravan" From Mexico - Both Faked/Manmade?

Were the Massive California Forest Fires
Caused by Directed Energy?

If it were any other country on the face of the earth, it would be looked at as if it were under siege.  Nonstop traumas...mass shootings, devastating forest fires, attacking caravans of "refugees" threatening social and financial instability to the nation.  Reminds me of a saying of an old social worker buddy of mine "Trauma Leads To Drama".  What he was referring to is the way many of our parents behaved...unable to live a quiet life of successfully parenting...seemingly destined to live a life on the edge, risk-taking, poor relationships, impoverished...lurching from one crisis to the other.

Psychologists have long drawn a line, connecting the dots between a traumatic childhood and later non-functional, crisis-ridden adulthood.  "Trauma Leads to Drama" seems to be the motto of the United States of America, or, as I like to call the nation to the south ever since it was occupied by the Ziofascist Deep State that took power during the 9/11 atrocity...."USrael".

The latest in a series of non-stop catastrophes since 9/11 are the following.  First, the devastating and deadly fires of the past few weeks in California.  While the occupied, paid, presstitute Main$tream media either ignores causation when it comes to these fast burning, wind-whipped firestorms, the alternate media has done some very good work in compiling evidence that points disturbingly towards "directed energy" as the "manmade" cause.  Therearenosunglasses has posted a very good report which I have sourced below.  Please review the link above and the photos below and I will have more comments to follow:

Directed Energy Causing Forest Fires?

Greencrow says: The latest news is that the confirmed death toll to date is 76 with more than 1,200 missing.   How could so many people be missing in a populated area like that?  It's not like it is the wilderness of the Canadian far north...where every couple of years one or two people goes missing for a few days, until the intrepid northern bush pilots locate them in most cases.  This is an area of highways and strip malls and suburbs.  It's not like the people went wandering off into the bush.  They were either in their homes or they were on the highways, trying to escape.  It's just disgraceful that the "missing" list is so high...actually it's unbelievable.   Publishing escalating tallies of dead is just yet another form of psychological terror...Trauma leads to Drama.

Here is the latest report from last night's RT

California wildfires: 1,276 people now listed as missing as death toll climbs to 76

California Fire: Number of Missing Soars Past 1,000 as Death Toll Hits 71

Greencrow:  Here is a report of a few days ago from

In this report from robinwestenra,  the evacuees were told to vacate the emergency camp ground by 1 p.m. last Sunday...with no firm plan of where they should go.  Again...what "emergency support agency" [FEEMA] would do such a thing? In my opinion, FEEMA, since its creation around the time of 9/11 is nothing more than a facilitator for mass casualty False Flag terror events. Trauma leads to drama.

More information from earlier BBC report:

California wildfires: Number of missing leaps to 631

The number of people missing in northern California's devastating wildfire has leapt to more than 600, and seven more bodies have been found, according to local authorities.

The missing persons' list has doubled since earlier on Thursday.

The Camp Fire, the state's deadliest and most destructive blaze, has killed at least 63 people. Nearly 12,000 buildings have been destroyed.

Three more people have also died in the Woolsey Fire, further south.

President Donald Trump will travel to California on Saturday to survey the damage and meet those affected.

About 9,400 firefighters are currently battling wildfires across the state.

The Camp Fire - which broke out eight days ago - swept through a swathe of the north at high speed, fanned by the wind, leaving residents little time to escape.

Why such a big jump in the missing?

The official list more than doubled from 300 to 631 on Thursday.

At a news briefing, Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said this was because investigators had thoroughly cross-checked their information, including emergency calls made since the Camp Fire started on 8 November.

"I want you to understand that the chaos we were dealing with was extraordinary," Mr Honea said.

He stressed that the number of the missing would most likely fluctuate.

"If you look at that list and see your name, or the name of a friend or loved one, please call to let us know," Mr Honea appealed to the public.

Why are the fires burning?

Officials have not yet confirmed what started any of the blazes, as investigations are continuing.

Several people have already filed a lawsuit against a local power company, alleging that Camp Fire started when a high-voltage transmission line failed.

Historically, California's "wildfire season" started in summer and ran into early autumn - but experts have warned that the risk is now year-round.

Low humidity, warm Santa Ana winds, and dry ground after a rain-free month have produced a prime fire-spreading environment."


Greencrow says...the Santa Ana winds have been around since time immemorial.  They've never before caused this unique kind of chaos.  What else is happening here?  Again, RT reported some "harrowing videos" of the fire-devastated town of "Paradise".

The entire "retirement" town of "Paradise" was reduced to ashes.  Many of the victims were elderly with poor mobility and inability to drive themselves out of the conflagration.  It is likely this group that makes up much of the death toll.

And, to add to the terror...the fire destroyed land which was being used to store nuclear toxic waste...thus disbursing the radioactivity into the atmosphere.

The Millennium has a very interesting special "report on the manmade firestorms"

As always, an alternative view must include the question that IS NEVER ASkED BY THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA ANYMORE.  That question is "Qui Bono?" (who benefits).  In the case of the California wildfires, here are some suspects:

California Land Grab?

A land grab?  Makes sense to me.  The Ziofascist perps who killed 3,000 innocents in the twin towers that were slated for demolition because they were asbestos-filled "white elephants"...would certainly not demur from killing 1,200 mostly old people in a land grab.  Of course the MIC warmongers would love to test out their "directed-energy weaponry" on live humans...just like the Nuclear "scientists" tested their nuclear bombs back during the last difference there.

And, while people were being traumatized by the suspicious fires, there was yet another traumatic event emerging to the south...coming up slowly...[building tension] from south of the Mexican/US border.  Here is a recent report from The Daily Beast:

Mexicans Storm Migrant Shelter in Tijuana, Shouting for ‘Pigs’ to Leave

Shouting Trump’s slurs, a hundred demonstrators clashed with riot police, telling the newcomers they aren’t welcome here.
TIJUANA, Mexico—A crowd of demonstrators clashed with anti-riot police near an emergency shelter where thousands of migrants from Central America have taken refuge in recent days.

Waving Mexican flags and singing Mexico's national anthem, a bristling crowd of a hundred or more descended on a municipal sports complex the city government has converted to a shelter to accommodate the surge of migrants who arrived here as part of the famous caravan from the south. Their ultimate destination is the United States where many plan to apply for asylum.

Greencrow concludes:  Nothing like being burned out of your homes and being invaded by foreigners from the south at the same time...Trauma really does lead to drama.  But some are saying that, like the firestorms, the Caravan is also "manmade".

Here is a report from Paul Craig Roberts who says:

"If This Report Is Correct, The Caravan Is Another Presstitute Lie. Americans are so gullible that they are pathetic." 

According to that report...the "Caravan" is nothing more than yet another paid professional activist/crisis actor group "rent a crowd" that's being financed every step of the way up to the American border.  Probably paid for and organized by the most evil person in the world..."colour revolution" George Soros.  Unlike the main$tream media reports--that the "refugees" from Central and South America are poor women and children--the eye witness in Roberts' report says they're all fit and able young men...just itching for a fight [aka demonstration], no less.  My personal theory is that they are some of those trained drug dealers that the perps keep infiltrating from Mexico, Central and South America into the Northern Hemisphere.  These drug dealers are trained to corrupt society with their drugs and crimes. Regardless, the so-called refugees/migrants are nothing more than tools in the ongoing project of causing Trauma that will certainly lead to more destabilizing drama in the besieged, beleaguered and terrorized nation of America.

Here is the latest report from The Daily Beast, which says that the Mexicans that the "refugees" come into contact with on stops along the way to the US border aren't in the least fooled as to their authenticity and motivation.  In one instance, Mexicans stormed the shelter the US-bound migrants were holed up in, "shouting for the pigs to leave"Why is no other country on earth subjected to this kind of systematic and escalating terror?

Americans should reflect on this question.  It seems obvious to me that Americans are being terrorized into keeping them silent, quivering, malleable cannon their country and its riches/potential can be looted by the parasites who are feasting on the weakened nation...then, when it is beyond hope of repair, they will toss it aside, or, more likely, into the conflagration of a WWIII where it will be the battle ground...before moving on to another host.