Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Truth About Khashoggi - Nutbar SA Prince offs two-faced Wapo [CIA] asset.

Analysis:  Khashoggi picked the wrong prince
MBS: "Look in my eyes...Anybody can see
I'm a reasonable man."

Nutbar SA Prince offs two-faced Wapo [CIA] asset.

I received an interesting item from pro-Russian news analyst Michael Averko today.  Please view the above video wherein a professor in SA studies from California gives background on the "journalist", Khashoggi who's bloody assassination in the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Ankara, Turkey is the subject of a 24/7 M$M newzfrenzy.  Please read the attached comments to the video by Averko, and I will have final comments to follow;

Received from Michael Averko

A politically left of center Arab describes Jamal Khashoggi as a two faced charlatan, whose views in Arabic differed sharply from what he wrote in The WaPo. From a conservative Western slant, Mark Steyn commented similarly on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show.

Khashoggi's WaPo persona is indicative of a US mass media propaganda tactic. Utilize foreign nationals (including Russians) who say things which conform to neolib to necon leaning views.

At a recent NYC event, the Nikki Haleyesque Kori Schacke, piously highlighted Russia's bombing of hospitals in Syria - in a classic example of using human rights as a propaganda tool. Schacke didn't highlight the atrocities from the anti-Syrian government side and the matter of extensive collateral damage (civilian deaths), resulting from US military actions in Iraq and Syria.

Khashoggi's apparent death has received considerably more attention than the bloody Saudi war effort in Yemen, which has involved some US support for that Saudi effort."

So it appears what we have here is a young and very hot-headed Prince [Salman]who has somehow managed to wrest all SA power away from the traditional SA "consensus" aristocracy of old--to himself.  Last week, giddy with power...Salman sat solitary on his throne and wondered how he could express his might.

"I know." he said to himself [the only person he talks with these days] "I'll send an assassination squad to the SA embassy in Turkey and off that two-faced little twat Khashoggi, who says one thing in Arabic [pro Palestinian/Muslim Brotherhood 'radicalism"] and another thing in English to the Wapo audience of USrael braindead sheeple.  It will be a cautionary tale to anyone who dares "defect" to the West...and embarrass SA...and basically anyone who's thinking about crossing Me, Salman the omnipotent!"

Can we all say "loose cannon"?  That is what this new ruler in Saudi Arabia obviously is.  Why he wants the S-400 is clearer now.  This is another way of showing how powerful he is...he orders the latest weaponry on the planet in contravention of a century of alliances.  Of course, SA making a deal with Russia over the S-400 is so unthinkable that it is literally unmentionable--in the Western press, that is.  With all the ink and ram that is being spilled in the M$M over this latest international assassination kerfuffle, you will not read one solitary word about SA ordering the S-400 from Russia.

And as I said in a recent response to a reader's comment...you need to figure out what is NOT being said in the M$M, to know what's really going on in the world these dayz.


Steve said...

Khasoggi has more baggage than Heathrow at Christmas.Why was Khasoggi killed? The motive is perhaps the most perplexing part of this mystery. Now that it has happened it seems the chequebook is open. Already a $100 million for refugee freedom fighters in Syria. Erdogan must not have gotten what he wants because the leaks keep dripping. Has anyone else noticed he has a name out of Lord of the Rings, and is a character out of Game of Thrones.

greencrow said...

Note to Readers:

I wrote this post PRIO to learning more about the case and revising my assessment to what I now believe:

Khashoggi was just another patsy in a Western-CIA perpetrated False Flag. The goal of this false flag was to blame Khashoggi's death on Saudi leader Mohammed bin Salmon as prelude to removing him in a regime change operation that would see a new SA leader installed who would cancel the SA plan to purchase S-400 anti missile systems from Russia and who would allow the Stock market swindle IOP that was designed to loot SA and destroy [what is left of] its sovereignty.

So, readers, please jump ahead a few posts and you will see my latest posts on this issue which more correctly reflect reality.