Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Coming War with China - Must See documentary by John Pilger

John Pilger's Excellent Anti-War Documentary
"The Coming War With China"

I took some time this past weekend and this morning to view this 2015 documentary by one of the last real journalists in the world, John Pilger.  This video recently appeared on thetruthseeker.co.uk.

In his hour+ video, Pilger reviews past history--the destruction of the Bikini Atoll by nuclear blasts post WWII, the destruction of the populations of The Marshall Islands by using the indigenous inhabitants as radiation guinnea pigs, the setting up of military missile bases on Okinawa, Japan, Jeju Island, South Korea and so-called "lilly pad" military bases in the Philippines (and all over the world, actually).  All weaponry directed at China in an Imperialist effort to encircle, intimidate and isolate the growing economic giant--China.  China's effort to counter this circling with bases by setting up it's own base on The Spratly Islands has been met by US denunciations, and with armadas of US naval destroyers.

Having just returned from a 17 day journey beginning in Shanghai, cruising down the Yangtze and travelling by bus and plane up towards and ending in Beijing, I can say that this documentary resonated with me.  The truths that Pilger reveals through interviewing the citizens of China, I found to resonate with my own brief experience.

I'm still recovering from my emotionally exhausting trip to China and fighting "writer's bloc" in completing my promised Recap and compilation of my 100's of photos and many videos.  One of the reasons for the writer's bloc is that it's too close to the bone, it's too personal. I like writing about geopolitical events based on the writings and observations of others.  It's a whole different ball game when trying to analyse my own experiences and observations. In fact, it's turned into a real struggle.

If I'm able to complete a recap, it will be more like an update to what John Pilger has already discovered while making the excellent analysis of China--its efforts to evolve and emerge, notwithstanding the threats and pressures placed on it by the US military/industrial complex.  These bellicose threats, including nuclear war, are being made not only to China...but by extrapolation...to the entire Pacific region and to the world at large.


Anonymous said...

You say
It's a whole different ball game when trying to analyse my own experiences and observations. In fact, it's turned into a real struggle.

I say
Could it be that you are confused on real truth???
You blog about other peoples perspective and not your own??

Or maybe you do not have a reality for the moment???
Who knows

I would love to know
Did you actually interview them or just speak to them??

I would love to hear your perspective on what you heard and know as reality
I sent you a video of a program on cable on North Korea but you never posted or made a comment
If you did catch it I would love an opinion.
Me,i always ask all the different people on what they think of Amerika
I have spoken to Muslims that I thought was gonna go jihad on me

I have questioned Asians and blacks and all the folks
But I for one would love to hear your real opinion and how it came

Like as interview or just being engaging in an open dialogue????
That is it for now

greencrow said...

"...Could it be that you are confused on real truth???"

Pilate asked Jesus that most important of all questions on earth..."What is truth?" But then he did not wait for Jesus' reply...and humanity has been suffering ever since.

Like blogger Paul Craig Roberts mused the other day, "Everything is a hoax." I believe that more than 90% of what we read in the M$M is lies and/or hoaxes.

While I did not interview any Chinese while in China, some Chinese were introduced to our group and spoke to us about their country. We had local Chinese guides in every city. They told us about their economy, culture and society. Much of what they said supported what John Pilger discovered while making his documentary.

I did not view the link you sent me because I have so many things to do of my own that I'm not getting around to...nevermind goals set by others for me. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Guides are just like puppets or soldiers
They read a script and they 2 do not know truth
They only know what they are supposed to pass on
The link was a cable program with a british personality in North Korea
When they were sitting having a picnic,reminded me of a bonding moment in a movie when the moment is now
And in that moment when he wanted straight talk from that guide
She was still on guard
I have similar story with local Chinese
Made me think harder about the word truth
Like maybe all cultures use it???
I have not watched your docu on this post
I made up my own long ago
I dreamed up long ago about a war
You look up all the places that got decimated except Amerika
I said gee
Amerika would never get decimated unless Germany Russia China Japan Korea France and etc decided to have target practice here
It is just another day
My interviews are straight to the soul
I go straight for heart to heart dialogue
I spoke to an Iraqi
Very interesting what he said about Saddam
In the news they say we saved them from Saddam

This guy contradicted that narrative and called him a nice guy
He said a few other things also
Time to scoot
Things to do
Offline until later
Go ahead post some videos
I would love to see China by you
I do not travel
I travel through TV
So you want to be my guide???

HPrice said...

Mwahh haa haa haaa. John Pilger. Oh boy. I used to think I could out-Pilger John Pilger. But that was 25 years ago. Pilger is another gatekeeper. He never says anything truly against the status quo, and have you noticed he has never said anything truly informative about 9/11?? Must be a good guy then.

Pilger ... more like ... Bilger ... amirite???? :D

ps again, I'll say it again. Get your nose out of RT. It's a propaganda station. It is owned by the Russian government. Why don't you not get that this is a bad thing???

greencrow said...

I know that RT is owned by the Russian Government. I'm just grateful that they've evolved enough since WWII to realize it's important to get their POV out to the gatekeepered West!