Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Catastrophic Planetary trends: Humans up, Wildlife down

Yacht "La Sultana" is for sale

'While the Rest of the World Burned,' 

Billionaires Made More Money in 2017 Than

Any Other Year in History

"The past 30 years have seen far greater 
wealth creation than the Gilded Age."

While browsing the Internet this morning, two seemingly unrelated stories caught my attention.  In the first, from alternet.org reported: during the calendar year 2017 the rich on this earth made more money than at any other year in History.

Rhino horn: Alarm as China eases
 25-year ban on rhino and tiger parts

The other story, which IMHO is directly related to the first, is that the numbers of wildlife throughout the world decreased by 60% during the past 40 years.  Please review these two stories and I will have more comments to follow:

WWF report: Mass wildlife loss caused by human consumption

Greencrow says:  Yes these two stories are inextricably linked. As the human footprint on this planet has increased, there is logically less space and resources for other living things.  Everything has suffered on this planet due to humanity's congenital inability to restrain or restrict its greed and its sheer numbers.

My holiday last September in China was a huge wake-up call for me.  The sheer density of humanity in that country is shocking and intensely sobering.  I noticed that there are very few birds in the area around Shanghai, in spite of there being heavily treed urban areas.  When I asked the locals why they seemed surprised, even to be questioned about this anomaly.  Why would we need birds here?  was the look in their eyes.

Why indeed.  This is the question and the same quizzical look most of humanity would give when confronted with the catastrophic loss of wildlife during the past 40 years.  In this category I would also include fish and sea mammals.  In my own neighbourhood, we have a salmon stream nearby.  When I first moved into this area 30 years ago now, the stream would be alive every fall, teaming with salmon, surging towards their final spawning grounds.  After they spawned and died, you could smell their rotting carcasses for kilometers.  In fact, the name of my city, Coquitlam, in First Nations means "place of the rotting fish".  This past week, I went to the bridge overlooking the stream to make my usual fall assessment of the salmon return.  In two days of observation I spotted three fish...two alive and one dead. Catastrophic?  You bet.  I do not want to live on a planet where the streams are empty, the skies are silent and the forests are barren of living things.  Do you???!!!!

Last year I wrote a stunning [even for me] post where I stated that unless there was a complete 10 year worldwide moratorium on all kinds of fishing on this planet...the next generation would witness the wiping out---extinction...of all aquatic life.  Now, instead of retreating from that draconian prediction...I expand it...to all wildlife throughout the world.  There should be a total ban of all kinds of hunting, culling, call it what you will.

Wildlife and wilderness are sacred and should become the new religion that all humanity should venerate.  We do not know how many deer are in the forest. We don't know whether or not that buck we shoot with our high-powered rifle is the only buck left in the region.  Why should we be so stupid...so asinine...to think we're the "stewards" of other life on earth...when we are so goddamned ignorant, so wasteful, so destructive of habitat globally?

Humans do not need to prey on wildlife.  Thousands of years ago we learned and mastered the art of domestication of animals and crops for our own basic needs.  Now, we need to improve that mastery to make it more sustainable and more healthy for our bodies.  Leave the wildlife alone...except to restore the habitat we have demolished in the past 40 years.


Anonymous said...

I just sent this to my father over the weekend
Now I think you need to see
An Indian answers your question
About six minutes of an old school Indian telling what the planet is gonna do???
Is he right?????


greencrow said...

Thanks for the link, anonymous. It reminds me of all the lies about the hollowcost--and all the silence about the historical driving to near extinction...through wars, famine, smallpox...of the indigenous peoples of our own continent.

Penny said...

well second try
WWFF is just another scam globalist/malthusian scam operation
bankers, big oil and eugenics


Royal Dutch Shell, Julian Huxley = Eugenics
Rockefellers and Royal families

Parkland Institute and WWF are connected and look at their research fellows?
banker, economist etc.,

You can find lots out about WWF and non of it redeeming
particularly how it allows big, big corporations to greenwash their money and exploitation

they can no more VALIDLY claim that wildlife has been reduced by whatever percentage their claiming then the carbonazi's can claim carbon (life) is a 'green house" gas
It's all manipulation- all the time



and on and on..

I give credence to nothing from them at all.

sorry GC :(

Anonymous said...

What difference does "wanting" to live on this planet make, if the streams are "empty" and the skies and forests devoid of life? When the wildlife is gone, so to will be humans. We won't get to choose.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

I was not thinking of the World Wildlife Fund when I wrote the post. Did the statistic of "60% of reduction in wildlife during the past 40 years" come from them? I was not aware. I was going by my own observations during the past 40 years. I would agree that the Corporations would use anything to exploit/cover up the damage they've been doing to the planet. But that does not take away from the fact that human populations have exploded on this planet during the past 40 years...as has our ability to deplete resources, poison the oceans, destroy habitat...and hunt wildlife populations to death.

greencrow said...

Hi anonymous:

Yes, when the wildlife goes we will follow closely behind. It reminds me of the example used by Vancouver based biologist David Suzuki used in his TV series "The Nature of Things" years ago. He studied the tiny fruit fly closely. He would set up tiny colonies of fruit flies in bottles and then watch their population gradually explode and use up the resources in the bottle. Eventually, all the air and resources would be used up and all the hundreds of thousands of fruit flies would die at once...the bottle would go black with their dead bodies. Suzuki would tell his TV audience that that was the future of humanity...unless we turned this Titanic planet around.

Penny said...

GC: the 60 percent reduction is WWF's statistic and it cannot be substantiated.

Same for the claim human population has exploded on the planet?
since we can't know what the population has been these many, many, many, many years

I don't disagree that we've used and or abused earth's resources, but, so has every other living thing on this planet- that's the way of this planet.
That is every other living thing included. Humans are in fact unremarkable for resource use- many will claim otherwise- and they are politically motivated claims-

everything eats/consumes something else on this planet.
even my, and your, beloved birds do that.
I know because I've seen hawks and vultures fight to consume cats they've killed
I've seen hawks shred other birds to bits, brutally.
I've watched as coyotes stalk deer
They don't hunt with any morality- they kill and eat- Period.

Beavers have destroyed hundreds of trees along my local waterway- taking with them the homes of birds and squirrels
It is what they do.

When we have overburdened this planet- our time will be done
And WWF isn't going to tell us this. they are pushing another agenda entirely.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Since I started sailing the waters of the Pacific North West over 40 years ago now, there has been a catastrophic reduction of marine life of all kinds. We used to sail to and anchor in bays that were lined with tranquil, solemn forests, and that were full of oysters and salmon. Now there are NO such bays left within sailing distance. The ones we used to go to are built up like suburbs, there is NO marine life whatsoever with the possible exception of a few jelly fish.

Now, the salmon stream in my own neighbourhood is empty of fish during spawning season. What am I to conclude? There has been huge real estate development throughout the lower mainland and coastal areas. The evidentiary value of anecdotal observation has been downgraded in our society...and that's for a reason. We are not supposed to connect the dots between what we're doing and what we're seeing.

If it keeps up the way its going...and I'm talking world wide...there will be NO wild fishery in another generation or so.

Anonymous said...

I think this tune sums it up
Mercy Mercy me
Marvin Gaye
Every time I hear the lyrics about the overpopulation and what you gonna do
I always say to myself
War,man made disease,walking zombies
Walking zombies is a new one with the opiod crisis
My main ones were war and health issues caused by devious people
Here is the tune
Video is not him singing but one filled with stuff I think you would like
His live stuff is a little freaky
I have many thoughts on that but


Also around here in the states
Wildlife seems to be plentyfull
There are bears coming around here which never really happened in the past
Great deer population
Plenty of Turkeys
I gobble when I see a heard of them
Some packs just stare
Other gobble back
Love that
In harmony
It is funny and fun
I thought Canada had great lakes and many fish???
I was watchin this fishin show with Babe Winklesomething???
From Canada
I saw them catch huge pike and I thought he spoke positive about the plentyness of fish????
I know a lot of trees lokk diseased with growth on them and weak branches
Every storm with strong winds exposes that issue
More to say
Watch the video
Love the tune
Love to sing along