Thursday, October 25, 2018

Palestinian Protester with Flag and Sling Shot photo goes viral...but will NEVER win a PulitiZer or any other award from the West

Palestinian Protester with Flag and Sling Shot

Beauty [and art] is in the eye of the beholder. Please read the RT report which tells the story behind the above iconic photo and I will have more comments to follow:


"A striking image of a shirtless Palestinian protester has gone viral, drawing comparisons with the iconic French Revolution Painting ‘Liberty Leading the People’ and being described as a “David fighting Goliath” moment.
The photograph, which was captured in northern Gaza on October 22 by Mustafa Hassouna who works for the Turkish Anadolu Agency, shows a 20-year-old A'ed Abu Amro with a Palestinian flag in one hand and a slingshot in the other as smoke from burning tires billows behind him. Contacted by Al Jazeera, Amro said he protests with friends every Monday and Friday and that he was “surprised” that the image went viral and that he didn’t notice any photographer near him. Friends spotted the image making the rounds online and shared it with him.
Amro told Al Jazeera that while the purpose of his protests was not to have his picture taken, the viral moment has encouraged him to continue demonstrating, adding that the flag he is carrying in the now-viral image is the same one he brings to every protest.
"If I get killed, I want to be wrapped in the same flag. We are demanding our right of return, and protesting for our dignity and the dignity of our future generation."
Palestinians have been protesting along the fence with Israel for months, demanding the right to return to the land they see as rightfully theirs and demanding an end to Israel’s blockade of Gaza. More than 200 Palestinians have been killed during protests since March, with thousands more injured.
On Twitter, many reacted to the photo with amazement, with some even suggesting the photographer deserves a Pulitzer prize and others saying it is so remarkable it looks “like art”."


Greencrow says:  To me and many others in the alternate media the above photo by photographer Mustafa Hassouna represents high art and deserves a Pulitzer priZe for news photography.

But it will never get one...just like Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin will never get the Nobel "Peace" priZe.  Even though Putin has pulled the world back from the brink of nuclear annihilation on at least three occasions...the perps who own the Nobel priZe will never let him have it.  They'd rather give it year after year to some non-entity...who enjoyed what Andy Warhol called "fifteen minutes of fame" instead.  They'd rather turn these prizes and awards into entities of shame and fraud rather than give them to someone who deserves them.

So, readers, enjoy [and share] the above photo, which reflects the indominatable spirit of the Palestinians...who are the personification of the maxim: "When you've got nothing, you've got nothing to lose."  And enjoy the endangered news source that brought it to our attention, RT.  Both entities [the Palestinians and RT] are under relentless siege.


tsisageya said...

A photo goes viral. Do you believe everything you see on a screen? Just curious.

greencrow said...

Hi tsisageya:

What do you think of the photo?

Anonymous said...

The photo looks like the photo of three soldiers planting the flag on a hill
Just something for the soldiers to give them hope for there cause
I think there is a word for it??