Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Mysterious Information Gaps and Anomalies - the-strange-case-of-the-shape-shifting-limousine

Limo #1

Why would the M$M need to lie about a car crash? Particularly a horrific car crash that reportedly killed 20 young people?  On a sunny Saturday afternoon, October 6, 2018 in New York State a customized limo carrying 18 people to a birthday party lost control, drove through a stop sign, across a highway, slammed into an unoccupied, parked SUV and killed two pedestrians who were behind the SUV.

It seemed like an open and shut case, albeit a very tragic one with horrific loss of life.  That's what kept me reading the story over the next several days...trying to make sense of such a senseless event.  The first anomaly was the lack of numbers making up the 20 victims of the accident.  So far I have only been able to account for 16 people in the limo, coupled with the two pedestrians, that makes 18 dead...not 20.

Victims in Limo:
Four sisters            4
three husbands       3
Husbands' brother  1
P. Cushing and A. Hulse  2
McGowan Couple  2
Amanda, Rachel and Matthew 3
Limo driver            1
= 16 victims in Limo

Eighteen people is still a huge loss for the area.  If someone has come across an article that sorts out the exact identities and total number of the individuals killed,  I would appreciate seeing a link in the comments. Here is the latest on the crash from the BBC.  Note that there is no photo of the limo and no list of the victims:

"Schoharie limo crash: Operator charged with homicide

From the BBC

The operator of a limousine company involved in a deadly crash in upstate New York on Saturday has been arrested on a charge of negligent homicide.

They say the driver did not have a proper licence and the vehicle should not have not been on the road. Nauman Hussain, operator of Prestige Limousine, denies the charges.

All 18 people in the limousine and two pedestrians died when the driver lost control in the town of Schoharie, west of the state capital Albany. The company's lawyer, Lee Kindlon said Mr Hussain's girlfriend and brother had been brought to a police station for "initial questioning." This was America's deadliest transport accident since 2009. Those killed included four sisters and two pairs of newlyweds.

The car had been taking the group to a birthday party and failed to stop at an intersection in Schoharie, police said. Eyewitnesses said the SUV-style limousine had shot across the junction and hit another car before ploughing into people in a shop car park.The passengers would not have been required to wear seatbelts, police said.

They added that the vehicle had failed inspections last month. Mr Hussain's lawyer denies this."


Greencrow says:  So we have a huge anomaly with the numbers killed in the crash.  The next anomaly has to do with the Limo itself.  Several truthseekers note that there have been very few photos of the wrecked limo and the SUV.  Normally there would be photos published all over the M$M...showing the wreck that accounted for such loss of life.  The few photos that have been published show a vehicle which has surprisingly little damage, considering.   Here is another view of it:

Limo #2

You'll note that this photo has the limo with four side windows while the photo above only shows three.  But wait...the next photo is even more shape-shifting. 

But before we continue with the shape-shifting limo....first let's look at the third anomaly...the name of the owner of the Limo company.  He flies under at least three names, Nauman Hussain according to the above BBC report and, according to the following report: Shahed Hussain also known as Malik.  But I guess aliases are SOP from someone who was paid to go "undercover" by the FBI.  [all the following links supplied by my blogging colleague, Ed(itor):

"...Owner of limousine company involved in horror crash is a former FBI informant who was paid $96,000 to go undercover to 'expose terror plots' after fleeing to the US from Pakistan where he'd been accused of murder --Shahed Hussain is the owner of Prestige Limousines, also known as Hasy Limos --Hussain, who also goes by 'Malik', worked as an informant for the FBI after being caught running a DMV scam | 08 Oct 2018 | The owner of the limousine company behind Saturday's horror crash which killed 20 people is a former FBI informant [and Grade 'A' sociopath] who went undercover to record alleged terrorists in mosques after fleeing to the US from Pakistan in the 1990s where he'd been accused of murder, can reveal. Shahed Hussain, 62, is named as the owner of Prestige Limousines, aka Hasy Limos and Saratoga Luxury Limousine, in Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration documents...2010 court documents from the terrorism trials of four men who plotted to blow up the synagogues in the Bronx and shoot down planes coming out of Newburgh airbase reveal Hussain's past ties to the FBI. In 2002, he convinced the bureau to take him on after being caught running a dangerous DMV scan which helped prospective drivers cheat on their tests.

So, we have the Limousine owner being a former asset of the FBI. This is a salient point because....the FBI is the most notorious obstructer of justice and perpetrator of criminal cover-ups in the history of the world. Witness the cover up of the 9/11 atrocity as just one example. But back to the shape-shifting limousine. goes into detail regarding this anomaly at the link below:

Here is the last of the three photos of the limousine:

Limo #3

Note that this view has a cab visible, plus four windows.  Why should it be such a mystery what the limo looked like?  And why were the windows all intact after such a horrific crash? I was in an accident once that totaled the vehicle but I walked away without a scratch.  All the windows were blown out on impact.

Here is another very strange explanation/theory from "What Does It Mean".

There are certainly enough anomalies in this newzstory to keep the M$M busy for several newzcycles.  But wait.  It has virtually disappeared from the front pages.  It would appear that the PTB want this story...along with all its mysterious gaps and disappear. 

NOTE:  October 11, 2018:   Here is an updated report from Yahoo dated yesterday.  It says that Nauman is the son of Shahed, who is in Pakistan.  That clears up the ownership of the Limo company, somewhat.  The report says the names of all the victims are listed in the arrest warrant/charge of homicide against the Limo owner[s]...but it still does not produce the list.


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Ahhh yes gc.

as soon as I saw the reps a few days ago I thought "...that that is what happens when you shoot down an ilyushin".

Now paying attention to your further detailing the numbers chime, 20 18, and one asks "did a stretch full of corpses get crashed?".

the whole report, true or not, seems like signalling.

greencrow said...

Hi INCOMING!!!!!!!

I'm leaning towards the "chlorine gas" explosion on the limo scenario. It would be interesting to learn what all these young people did for a living. It reminds me of that plane that took off from NYC a day or so after 9/11 and ditched into the coastal waters moments later. They blamed it on wind shear. I always wanted to know whether the passengers had anything to do with low level planning of the 9/11 atrocity....and had to be gotten rid of.

Also, it's ridiculous that all the newspaper reports depend on "Facebook" for information about the victims. "Facebook" being a creation and tool of the very intelligence agencies that are likely involved in these cover-ups.

Canadian Wildflower said...

Strangely enough, the photo of Limo #1 is not a limo at all, but a crew cab pickup truck with a windowed canopy on the box.

I also tend to lean towards the chlorine bomb explanation, strange as it may seem, simply because the damage on the vehicle that resembles a limo #3, is not at all consistent with a crash that could kill all 20 (16, 18?) passengers. And the limo supposedly hit an SUV at the end of its course, but where is that vehicle??

This seems very like a false flag of some sort.

greencrow said...

Hi Canadian Wildflower:

Yes, the anomalies abound on this one. I'm now wondering about the "store"/vegetable stand where the vehicles collided. This business stayed open even after the horrific loss of life that took place on their property. They said it was because they wanted to "comfort" those affected by the accident. Who owns this business? Has it ever participated in a "mass casualty drill?"

We've become so jaundiced and cynical as a result of all these False Flags...we ask questions that those of previous generations would never think to ask...but we do because we've been lied to over and over.

My main source of skepticism over this event lies in the reaction of the M$ quick to "tie up all the loose ends" in a neat "official" story--then quickly move the story to the back determined to appeal to emotion rather than reliant on garbage sources [i.e. "facebook"] for details that should be produced by the police.

Penny said...

GC: can you leave the links at my place to your work on magnitsky
thanks in advance- this just keeps coming up again and again

Anonymous said...

Then, believe it was last Friday,( 2018/12/10/ )The Province reported that on Denman St. an SUV owner ( Indian or Muslim name) had his vehicle impounded by the "Proceeds of Crime" gangsters.
Their claim is that the owner had held a woman against her will and raped her.
But the Vancouver Police Dept., has not laid any charges.
How does rape equate with drug dealing or whatever to produce 'proceeds of crime'?
Something really fishy about that story.