Tuesday, October 23, 2018

UPDATED: Khashoggi #2: How many Patsies does it Take to Fill a History Book?

UPDATED:  October 24, 2018 Covert Geopolitics has a report today which basically supports everything I've been saying about the Khashoggi Frenzy.  That it is a False Flag effort to punish/prevent Saudi Arabia from developing close ties with Russia, particularly purchasing the Russian S-400 Anti Missile System.  Scott Creighton contributed to the writing of the report.  Scott, Penny for your thoughts and Greencrow and perhaps one or two others are the only bloggers thus far who've cottoned on to what I call the Qui Bono? rationale for the political attack on Saudi Arabia--at this time [after ignoring blatant human rights abuses for decades].  The Covert Geopolitics article also confirms Khashoggi's deep gonnections with the MosCIAd.

Erdogan Speaking about the Khashoggi Murder

Oh! the Delicious Irony of it all.  Using Erdogan as the conduit of the failed [so far] Ziofascist project to "Erdoganize" the leader of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed bin Salman.  Complicated?  You bet.  So was the assassination of JFK, so was the perpetration of the 9/11 atrocity.  Both those crimes were fraught with errors. But in the end, both were spectacularly successful in achieving their goals...and in furthering the Ziofascist global AGENDA.

The Khashoggi Frenzy is just another in the long line of Khazarian plots.  Friends, it's why Hollywood, or as my blogging colleague Northerntruthseeker calls it--"Jewlywood" has no good movies anymore.  All the great script writers are writing scenarios for False Flags, game changing assassinations and casus belli for wars.

In the case at hand, we have the leader of Turkey supposedly giving the "naked truth" about the murder, on Turkish soil, of the patsy being used by the MosCIAd to take out Prince Salman of Saudi Arabia.  Salman or "MBS" as the M$M likes to call him, has made the fatal [in the literal sense] mistake of going over to the Russians [see the excellent summation posted by Penny on her blog "Penny for your thoughts" HERE]...he has ordered an S-400 anti-ballistic missile package from Putin.  Now the S-400 ABM comes with some perks on the side.  One of those perks is that Putin will take him [MBS] aside and share with him some intelligence about what the West is getting up to vis-a-vis Saudi Arabia.  In particular, Putin told MBS that the planned Wall Street Stock Market IOP ARAMCO was nothing more or less than a total looting of the SA nation...wealth, sovereignty, etc.  Canadians and other VASSAL nations know all about how this works, because it happened to Canada many years ago.  Think of a juicy, plump chicken being deboned by an expert chef...then the flaccid carcass is stuffed, roasted, toasted to perfection...then downed with gusto by a round table of ziofascist carnivores.

But I digress.  Erdogan, himself, was up for assassination and removal by the "usual suspects" just a year or more ago.  So he should know what we're talking about here.  At the 11th hour, Erdogan was saved by the Rooskies.  Now Erdogan knows what side his bread is buttered on [hopefully].  So there he is in the video above...delivering a clear warning to Prince Salman in a secret code that only the non-brain dead/non sheeple [such as little moi] can comprehend:  Please read what Stephen Lendman says this morning and I will have further comments to follow:

Lendman quotes Erdogan in his speech before the Turkish government assembly:


“....There are…questions in every mind. Why did those 15 people gather in Istanbul on the day they committed the crime and…according to instructions given to them by whom? We need to know.” 

“Leaving some intelligence and security forces holding the bag will not satisfy either us or the international community.”

Greencrow says:  Now, breaking the code, read again the questions that Erdogan asks:  "By Whom?" and "Leaving some intelligence and security forces..."  These are the questions...and if you apply the Qui Bono? rule of geopolitical analysis, you'll get the answer:  Answer:  The very same force that wants to loot Saudi Arabia and cancel the deal with Russia for the sovereignty-saving military hardware. We all know that Saudi Arabia is rife with Israeli/Mossad Moles.  These rats have invaded every strata of SA government, including/particularly the Intelligence and Security Services.

Having the recently-rescued Erdogan deliver the coded message/question is just the icing on the cake.  I'm sure Putin is having a quiet chuckle.  Salman and the other nationalists in Saudi Arabia now know what is at stake here...either SA keeps Salman, cancels the ARAMCO stock swindle...and maintains the S-400 deal with Russia...or Salman dies/is removed--and Saudi Arabia is looted like a deboned chicken. Keep in mind that Erdogan is also purchasing the S-400 from Russia.

The proof, as always, is provided by reading the Main$tream Media in the reverse, i.e., what they're NOT saying.  All the talking heads, presstitutes and covert CIA agents [as the Patsy Khashoggi, ironically, also was] are in a 24/7 frenzy...going over all the minute details of the violent torture, death and dismemberment of the patsy...meanwhile...and this is the proof...NEVER ONCE MENTIONING THE S-400 DEAL WITH RUSSIA OR, THE DELAYED/CANCELLED STOCK SWINDLE.


Anonymous said...

You said

Hollywood people are writing false flags

I say
Did you see the movie
Wag the dog?????
Here is a scene from it

wallflower said...

Dear Greencrow,
It's been a long time commenting. My mother's passing has caused much catching up mixed with raw grief. Your acute insights are always very informative and welcomed by me. Thank you and NTS and PFYT...as this American sorely depends on her northern brothers and sisters to get the SLUTHER of the matters at large put into perspective. Common sense is core and truth is always foundation. Thank you GC, and I hope all will be well in the end. Lies will fall by the wayside and truth even in its torment and tyranny will finally stand...corruption will fade away into infinate darkness. God Bless all...wallflower

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Thanks for the "Wag the Dog" link. Yes, I saw that movie years ago and it did reflect the truth about the "planning" behind most Western geopolitical events. It was like Hollywood was laughing up its sleeve at how easy it was to con the public and how they could even make a movie exposing it and still carry on with the same behaviour.

greencrow said...

Hi wallflower:

I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your mother. My mother passed away in 2004 and I still miss her and think about her every day. My grief has motivated me to make each moment with my own children count and it has given me a lot empathy for those who have lost close ones...so it has some positivity.

Canadians call foul on what's going on in the US and elsewhere...but we're always aware that what we say about elsewhere also applies to Canada. As I've said many times in this blog...the real heroes are not those who armchair quarterback safely from the sidelines...but those Americans who are in the midst of the corruption [ground zero] and still speak out.

Anonymous said...

Sooooo basically
The news does not cover the real newz crimes that go on
That is run by zion
Movies who are run by zion confess there crimes and tell of all there dirty deeds but no one dwells on those facts,cuz the movies are just entertainment and story telling not to be taken seriously,only for story telling and unless they say based on fact
The only ones believing it are people like you folks
That is genious
The question of the day is
How do you fight that move????
What is your counter strategy????
Aside from your blogging
I say it is genious

Penny said...

Hey GC

the Khashoggi episode has been quite an interesting display of what I always call perception management.

I see the author of the covert geopolitics thanks Scott- Which is good, because it's clear a lot of that article is Scott's info.

Do you wonder why it is so few have caught onto the qui bono rationale to all this?
Cripes Moon of Alabama called specifically for MBS to be overthrown..
How well does that fit into the agenda being pushed?

And the focus on the gore factor- the bleeds, leads factor- to make people feel helpless- intentional distraction IMO

Wallflower: Sorry for your loss.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Yes very few have caught on. Even Paul Craig Roberts, usually so astute, has fallen for the "official story" of MBS being the "triumph of evil".


I guess I have to write ANOTHER update on this False Flag. It is such a distraction from the Israeli relentless attack on Palestinians...which is yet another Qui Bono for the perps.