Friday, October 5, 2018

Ambulance Chasing Politics

Trudeau Accuses Opposition of
"Ambulance Chasing Politics" during
debate over transfer of child murderer

Someone must have advised le Dauphin to use the "buzzword" expression "ambulance chasing politicians" during Parliamentary Question period the other day.  I don't think it would have occurred to him otherwise.  It sounds very Sorosian….very "identity" politics.  What colour should Ambulance Chasers wear?  Should they wear Orange?  No.  That colour has been taken by the people who want to set up an identity for residential school apologizers.  Pink is gone, purple is gone. Better hurry, pretty soon all the colours will be gone.

Funny, but looking back over the past three years of Trudeau's primeministership, there has been no greater ambulance chasing politician than he.  Remember the guy who was released from prison in Asia and came back to Canada with his wife and children?  Trudeau invited him into his office.  Then we found out the guy was a wife abuser who was subsequently arrested.  Then there was the occasion when a little girl complained about her hajib being torn off on the way to school.  Trudeau castigated the youthful offender...until we found out that the little girl had made up the story entirely.

How many ancient ambulances has Trudeau chased down the roads of Canadian way of his serial public apologies on behalf of all Canadians?  Japanese during WWII, East Indians, First Nations.  There's hardly a cause that he hasn't jumped on the ambulance-chasing bandwagon about.  In fact, if you were to search the words "ambulance-chasing politician" on Google, I bet Trudeau's face would come up.

Here is the opinion piece written by Canadian pundit Rex Murphy that got me started on this tack.  I did see the above newzclip of Trudeau on the CBC--and thought his comments were in very poor taste, particularly considering that the murdered child's father was in the gallery at the time.

I have always been of the opinion that prison sentences should be followed to the letter...not only as a deterrent to the criminal...but to the public at large.  Additionally, there is a factor in the sentencing related to the healing of the families of the victim.  In this case, the sending of the murderer to a "Healing Lodge" runs counter to the healing of the family of the murdered little girl. Trudeau says that the opposition should leave the matter of changing the sentence to the "justice system".  Well, IMO, the "justice system" [or, more likely, Correction Services Canada] should have left the matter in the hands of the sentencing judge and not altered the sentence.  The fact that it WAS altered was correctly brought before the appropriate body, Parliament.  Trudeau's such a flea-brained goof he doesn't see his own circular logic!

In any case, politically speaking, the ambulance-chasing episode is yet another nail in the electoral coffin of le Dauphin.

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