Saturday, September 1, 2018

NAFTA Stalemate: The King of @$$holia steps in it...again

Trump Name Removed from Toronto Bldg
photo courtesy of RT

My post of yesterday about the US/Canada NAFTA stalemate kind of died on the vine due to the Breaking News story about the terrorist assassination of Alexandr Zakharchenko in Donetsk.  More about that in due course…..but first I want to return to the subject of the Kabuki Dance known as the NAFTA negotiations.

US President Trump can't approach any single issue without offending someone.  His favourite game is the childish "odd man out" game....where he buddies up with one party and pointedly disses the other party, we've all experienced in the schoolyard at some point in our lives.  Yesterday one of his "bon mots" was leaked by "Bloomberg".  He told some of the M$M "journalists" [aka CIA assets] who visited him in the "Oval Office" that he was just playing Canada.  He said he had no intention of bargaining in good faith and was just going to string us along...until we knuckled under and signed a deal that eviscerated our economy and was politically fatal to the politicians the sole benefit of the already collapsing American economy.  Even without Trump's trademark "cheezy" insults, Canadians already knew that the negotiations were going sideways.  The US had already reached agreement with Mexico.  Canada was the "odd man out".  It's definitely not rocket science.

The mystery of the entire charade is why the US and Canada were even negotiating NAFTA with Mexico.  Didn't Mexico just have an election?  Didn't a new president just get elected?  [Manuel Obrador] Wasn't he going to be taking office in a few months?  Why not wait until the leader with the actual democratic mandate was able to sit at the table?  Isn't that how democracy works?  Apparently not.

Instead, both Canada and the US tried to push the NAFTA negotiations forward in a rush to "beat the clock".  For some reason they don't trust the newly elected president Manuel Obrador to "give them what they want".  Now, don't ever expect to read about this "elephant in the living room" [negotiating with an outgoing/defeated Mexican leader who has no democratic mandate] in the mainstream media.  That is why I usually put the word "journalist" in quotes when referring to these operatives.

The other question is:  "Why is "Dairy" the major sticking point between Canada and the US?  Why is the US so determined to wipe out Canadian Dairy Farmers, by flooding our miniscule market with their dairy products?  Canadian dairy farmers simply could not survive under such conditions. Dairy farmers in Canada are historically vociferous in their own defense and, should they be subjected to a fatal blow from the Canadian government, would retaliate with an equally fatal blow to the administration responsible.  And I've asked this question before but nobody seems to have the answer, in spite of reams of ram being written on the negotiations in the M$M. Will the US be swamping Canada with their dairy that is laced with hormones?  This would be contrary to Canadian standards.  Nobody wants to clarify this matter.  Call it the "baby elephant" in the living room.

As I concluded in my previous post.  My humble opinion is that Justin and Co should "quit while they're ahead".  Just postpone the NAFTA negotiations until Mexican President Manuel Obrador has taken they should have done in the first place.  And Trump should just forget about swamping Canada with American dairy.  We'd rather die.

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