Saturday, September 22, 2018


Chinese Flag - Large Star Represents
Communist Party, smaller starts represent the classes
of people including Labour and Culture

Hello, everybody! greencrow is back from 2 1/2 week vacation in China and raring to blog.  But first I have to unpack and pick up my three dogs from the kennel.  The Trip went very well and I have beaucoup de photos and short videos.  Hopefully I can do some editing and get them up on the blog soon.  

I was unable to follow geopolitical events very well while in China as there is massive censoring of the Internet...including Google is unavailable in China.  Yahoo and Bing are the only search engines and they're totally useless except for gossip and Hollywood crap.  Interestingly, I could access PressTV [Iran's National TV broadcaster] very well and got most of my news from there.  RT could be accessed intermittently.  I could not access my own blog because it is a Google affiliate..."Blogger".  I did hear the news about the Israelis "by deception" shooting down the Russian military plane.  They will keep up their provocations until they have what they want...WORLD WAR. But they have likely not factored in the enormous power of China as I discovered during my trip.

Suffice it to say there is a LOT of propaganda being fed to the people in China.  BUT who can blame the government--when the people are so powerful in terms of their sheer numbers.  The government feels forced to keep a lid on the the people being fed up with JUST ONE POLITICAL PARTY.   Imagine going on a trip for 50 kilometers….and seeing NOTHING but ROWS AND ROWS of concrete buildings, ten deep and only about 15 meters apart, of 40-story Highrises on either side of the highway.  This is what we saw on a routine basis near the cities and even far out into the countryside.  The sheer numbers of huge high rise apartment buildings are astounding.  But the streets are clean and there are NO homeless!

We visited one city, as an example, Chongqing, that I had never even heard of before.  This city has a population of 34 1/2 million people, larger than the population of all of Canada.  All the buildings [except for preserved historic sites] are less than 20 years old!!!  It is a very interesting city, built on hills on the banks of the Yangtze with mountains in the near distance.  It looks like Vancouver on steroids!

So, that is just a taste of the information I have brought back from China.  I missed blogging but did keep a journal for most of the trip...until the last few days when it got scary busy.

Now I'm going to pick up my doggies and continue to unpack.  See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home, 'Crow. Take a deep breath; rest; spend time decompressing with your partner and dogs. Send me an e-mail if you want old news notes. Be specific. I've already send you pretty much all of the reasonable info on the Syria shoot-down.


greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

Thanks for your e-mail with links to the shoot down. I'm so exhausted with jet lag. It may take several days to get up to speed. I had an accident in Shanghai. Tripped and fell down hard on the uneven pavement. Gash to my left eye brow and swollen left hand. Now it looks much better [the Chinese were calling me the "one eyed panda" before] but the effects still linger. The trip was grueling....up at 7 a.m. and on the road till 9 p.m. every night. I had to keep up with the others. Pressure was on to not let the "team" down. We saw lot. I would call it a "life changing" experience...but time will tell.


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