Monday, September 24, 2018

Geoengineering Clouds and Suspicious Tornadoes. Canada being "Punished" for NAFTA stand?

Ottawa Gatineau Tornado Aftermath

Yes, I am sick of it.  Sick and disgusted.  We read all the time about how man has gained domination over the weather.  It's a fait accompli.  Read, for example, the article I found prior to my holidays about geoengineered clouds...that drop enormous amounts of water in "Flash Floods".  If this is the case--that the weather can be engineered--why is nobody asking the obvious question why Ottawa, of all places on the planet, was subjected to TWO [correction, THREE] devastating tornadoes last week?  First, please read the article about the geoengineered clouds and their capabilities.  Of course, no names are named...the perps behind weather control enjoy supreme anonymity of a kind not even afforded to the infamous IDF.  I will have more comments to follow:

"What are mammatus clouds? Inverted convection! Sign of geophysical warfare!

...Mammati are artificially triggered aerosol clouds.

While natural clouds strive upward according to thermal lift and are flattened at the bottom of the colder air layer, these clouds strive downwards from a flat aerosol layer. In thermal terms, this means that the aerosol layer is heated, while the air layer below it is much cooler, so there is thermal downforce !

This fact alone should be a source of suspicion.

After the fine particulate matter for aerosol formation is discharged reticulate, it is trimmed with high-frequency radio and hyper sound waves and uniformly distributed, that the Sun is hidden behind burka. The marionettes of weather news are grinning into the camera and call them “veil clouds“, which doesn’t sound dangerous, but poisonous burqa clouds would be more accurate.

As a result, the dust accumulates more moisture, dries its environment, and enhances diffusion from below so that this aerosol layer becomes ever thicker.

This shields the lower air layer from the sun so that it cools while the top of the aerosol cover heats up more in the sun.

The aerosol blanket expands downwards and when the heating reaches the lowest aerosol layer, this results in a thermal downforce into the direction of the cooled air layer under the aerosol blanket. The visible result are these weird, baggy clouds which are named “mamatus“.

We can also call it “testicular clouds” to satisfy the feminists, because they are more like sacks.  However, they often have a nice smooth shape, so that “mamatus ” or “bosom cloud” is suitable. You can also call them the “bosoms of horror“, “poison bags” or “pestle bumps in the sky“.

Some still have a stretched character, from their origin as chemtrails . This basic structure is often also recognizable on the saturated aerosol clouds, because these are produced by the deliberately dispersed fine dust along the flight paths.

The term chemtrails (chemical aerosol trails) is appropriate because they have to be clearly distinguished from pure contrails (condensation trails).

3. Water for Fracking and Farming

All these clouds serve the collection, control and shifting of vast amounts of water into areas where they are discharged as flash rain, super hail and snow, causing flash floods , stored in the ground and transported to the target areas via water pipelines and used for industrial agriculture and fracking of petrol and natural gas...."


Greencrow Says:  Now read the details about the Ottawa Tornadoes as published by The Ottawa Citizen.  Tornadoes are virtually unheard of in Ontario.  Yet, these tornadoes came out of nowhere and were directed at the power grid infrastructure...leaving thousands without power. Hundreds of homes were damaged or destroyed.

Nobody queries whether the tornados were geoengineered.  Well, I'm going to query it.  I'm sick and tired of the silence on this issue.  We're not supposed to be intelligent enough to connect the dots between Canada not kowtowing to USrael in terms of NAFTA---and a bizarre, previously unheard of weather event--which had the effect of terrorizing the population.  

My position is and has been the same for many years now.  If the PTB have the power to do something, whether it be a false flag or a geoengineered weather terror event, then they WILL do it.  And if they WILL do it...then this is likely a case of them doing it.  So long as nobody speaks up and asks the difficult questions then they will Continue To Do It. And they will get more and more brazen and punitive. By not questioning it for fear of ridicule...we are de facto giving them permission to terrorize us by manipulating the weather for political reasons and for their satanic agenda.


tsisageya said...

Well, if YOU'RE angry, then so am I. In fact, I was angry before You were.

Anonymous said...

No, the Ottawa Tornados is not the newest NHL franchise.

“… By not questioning it for fear of ridicule...we are de facto giving them permission to terrorize us by manipulating the weather for political reasons and for their satanic agenda.”

Welcome back, 'crow.

greencrow said...

Hi tsisageya

You're angry.

I'm angry.

Two little Canadian tornados of anger...swirling around. Are we alone?

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous.

Due to their pervasive and relentless evil, they're forcing us to question everything...even the formerly politically neutral forces of nature.

Anonymous said...

There is no neutrality anymore. You are either with them or against them. They mean to win. But they don't stand a chance if we decide they will not. (Ed(itor))

Penny said...

Hey GC
glad your back!
It just wasn't the same without ya :)
the last couple of weeks have been crazeee..

Anonymous said...

When I saw this scene in a movie
I always ponder this scene after an event that you speak of
If it is man made
It sickens me
The Carolina's just got clocked with insane amount of water and the worst was after the hurricane.
Is it our own government or weather warfare??

Russia was doing joint exercises with China while the hurricane made landfall
No more invasion
Just a exercise of make believe while the real thing does its job
They had cause for that hit

But please watch this movie scene and see if it is a possible reality

Northerntruthseeker said...

I find the idea of this tornado in Ottawa/Gatineau being "artificial" intriguing.... You are correct in that it was indeed very anomalous....

But, I want to correct you on one aspect.. Tornadoes are NOT uncommon in Ontario, but can and have been happening frequently further south from Ottawa between Toronto west all the way to the Michigan border and south to Lake Erie.... BUT, for one to happen this far north into Ottawa area especially at this time of year is very very unusual and should have people going.. Hmmmmmm.....

Glad to see you back from China... Did you bring me anything???? LOL LOL.....

Northerntruthseeker said...

And... do not get me started about tornadoes.. We up here in central Canada had the most powerful Canadian twister hit at a small town west of here named Elie about 6 years ago, and that one was a powerful F5.... And we had another hit on the west side of Lake Manitoba near the town of Alonsa just over a month and a half ago that was a powerful F4 as well....

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Thanks. It's good to be back. Still settling in and recovering from jet lag.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Thanks for the link. The worst thing about weather manipulation is that we're NOT supposed to speak about it. It is the new forbidden topic. If we mention it as a possible causative factor, we're derided as batshit crazy. Yet, from time to time they come right out and admit that they can do it and even brag about it.

greencrow said...


Yes, we occasionally do have tornadoes in Canada...more now than when I was young. But these tornadoes came out of nowhere...and directly hit the electrical grid. Something about the geopolitical timing made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Like, I was kind of expecting something like this to happen. If this NAFTA thing carries on...Canadians should prepare to feel like Job of the Bible...who suffered a series of disastrous misfortunes:

greencrow said...

Oh and NTS...I did bring you back something from China. Some great photos of panda bears munching on bamboo shoots...if I can ever get them loaded onto the blog ; )

Anonymous said...

You said
time to time they come right out and admit that they can do it and even brag about it.
Well right after I sent you the link
I turn on the tv
This commercial promoting weather kaos
A little cartoon figure starting hurricane or flooding
Then at the end I think it was a mass gov commercial
I never seen it before
I thought the shadow person was having fun with me
I will try and see if I can find it online or even if it runs again on local tv
I think it was for insurance protection
Then the bells and whistles started making sense
Here comes mister kaos
Now you can do something about it
I would say that was bragging
My shadow was having fun by running that after I sent you that
It is what it is
Climate change
Did you eat dog while in China??
I have a story I acted out at the Chinese joint about dog
Funny story
Makes you wonder more about the word truth
Maybe some day I will type it