Thursday, September 27, 2018

Corruption: CSIS Spying on Pipeline Protesters - Feds Try to Pull Cloak of Secrecy Over Court Case

Anti-Pipeline Demonstration Sign

While the Mainstream Media is obsessed with the Travesty of Justice going on in our neighbour to the south, USrael, over the Senate Confirmation hearings to approve Trump's nomination, Brett Kavanaugh for the USSC, I have been pondering the general malaise in the justice systems throughout the West.  In the Kavanaugh controversy, we have the tattered, shopworn Hollywood/TV Soap Opera script hauled out of the newz cycle attic to play again.  The first time I watched this boring re-run was during the Clarence Thomas hearings several decades ago.  It's exactly the same storyline....distract the public from the real issues at stake, i.e., the political/legal philosophy of the candidate, the candidate's past record of legal decisions and the approach that the candidate will take to protect the Constitution of the United States.  These are the forbidden topics.

Instead, appeal to the lowest and most prurient interests of the public...interests which have absolutely nothing to do with how the candidate will perform his or her duties if confirmed.  Bring up a high school party, dating back almost 40 years [if it happened at all] and obsess about a couple of teenagers doing what most of us did back when WE were teenagers...experiment with alcohol and sex.  Turn it into a "morality play" and rummage through dusty high school yearbooks for "evidence".  Yes, it is a disgrace...but the real disgraceful aspect is that the farce is re-enacted over and over a cover up for the corruption of the entire legal/justice system in the West, from the supreme court down to the cop on the beat...and all the security agencies as well.

It got me thinking that it's no better up here in Canada.  Granted, the perps have not completely figured out how to corrupt Canadian judges...given that Canadian judges are appointed, not elected.  But they're working very hard at it.  However, Canadian security agencies, like CSIS which is the Canadian equivalent to the US CIA, is up and running and performing like clockwork.  Witness this article from today's Vancouver Sun--about how CSIS is treating environmentalists as security risks and hob nobbing with big energy corporations regarding how to deny basic constitutional rights to those who would speak up against the endless procession of destructive mega projects which do not take into consideration environmental destruction.  Please read the following short article and I will have final thoughts and comments to follow:

OTTAWA — Federal lawyers want closed-door hearings in a high-profile B.C. court case about allegations that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service spied on anti-pipeline activists.

The civil liberties group that filed the complaints against CSIS opposes the federal secrecy request, saying it blatantly violates the principle that justice must be seen to be done.

The matter was argued Thursday in an open session of the Federal Court of Canada.

The judge’s decision, expected in about month, will determine how much the public gets to see and hear when the court considers whether Canada’s spy agency overstepped the law in monitoring environmental activists.

The decision could also set a precedent that dictates whether future court challenges of CSIS activities are held openly or in secret.

The case began our years ago when the B.C. Civil Liberties Association complained to the CSIS watchdog after media reports suggested the spy service and other government agencies considered opposition to the petroleum industry as a threat to national security.

The association’s complaint to the Security Intelligence Review Committee also cited reports that CSIS provided information to the National Energy Board about so-called “radicalized environmentalist” groups seeking to participate in the board’s hearings on Enbridge’s now-defunct Northern Gateway pipeline project.

In addition, the association alleged CSIS passed information to oil companies and held secret conferences with these petroleum industry players at its headquarters.

The complaint cited records, released through the Access to Information Act, that suggested certain organizations were viewed as potential security risks simply because they pushed for environmental protections."


Greencrow says: Folks, this is what the farcical, garbage-ridden charade re the Kavanaugh Hearing is all about.  It is about covering up the sort of endemic justice/security agency corruption described above.  The real question about Kavanaugh is, will HE be one of the "Feds" who will allow "closed door" hearings in cases involving constitutional rights and civil liberties like the one above?  Questions like THAT will NEVER be allowed to be asked or probed by the Senators.  Instead, they get to ask if Kavanaugh "Likes Beer" and if so, how much does he "Like Beer".

Will Kavanaugh allow the relevant security agency [the CIA/FBI] to "pass information to corporations...and hold secret conferences with these "industry players" at its agency headquarters?  What does he think about such legal corruption?  Folks, we'll never know.  

BTW, the above newspaper article about CSIS makes me wonder, yet again, when Canadians will find out the result of the federal appeal that took place two years ago the "Vancouver Patsies" corruption of justice case.  Where, in a paramount example of "justice delayed, justice denied", the BC Judge threw out the guilty verdicts against two vulnerable citizens who were set up and manipulated by CSIS and the RCMP into planning a "bombing" of the BC Provincial Legislature in 2013.  The "Feds" then appealed the Judges' decision and then.....a great cone of silence fell over the entire legal proceeding and we haven't heard Word One about it since.

Of course, the Mainstream Media presstitutes never ask about it either.  What would Kavanaugh do in such a situation?  How would he rule?  In favour of the vulnerable citizens?  Or, in favour of the corrupt security agencies--that squandered millions and millions of taxpayer dollars in a relentless effort to establish precedents in law that are a fundamental corruption of the judicial system?

Questions like those contained in the previous paragraph are the ones the "Feds" are terrified will be asked of would-be justices.  That is why the elected officials, judiciary and the mind-controlled sheeple are regularly dragged down, via the M$M, into the fetid Deep State swamp of distractions. But....

HERE is an alternative view from a Blogger that I very much respect, Stephen Lendman, who believes that Ford and her version of events is worthy of an ABA investigation.  Worth Considering.

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