Sunday, September 30, 2018

Canada Accused of being Involved in Assassination of Alexsandr Zakharchenko...and we still think we deserve that UNSC seat.

Assassinated Former Head of Donetsk
Aleksandr Zakharchenko with national flag

It never ceases to amaze and disgust me how low Canada has sunk since the "heydays" of the late '50's and '60's when Canada was respected by most of the world as a rational and neutral "honest broker" on the international stage.

Now, we are the most craven of the myopic and cataract-ridden "Five Eyes".  Our foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, is a neo-Nazi sympathizer who has totally compromised Canada's past good name by meddling in Ukraine.  According to official pronouncements, never mind alternative news sources, Canada has "agents" stationed there, helping out our puppetmaster, the Ziofascist CIA.  Little wonder, then, that a senior French intelligence expert in international assassinations and security to prevent same, has named Canada as one of the felons in the Zakharchenko murder last month that took place at a restaurant in the heart of Donetsk.

Here is Captain Paul Barril's testimony in an interview that has appeared in several publications but was drawn to my attention by Paul Craig Roberts.  Please read the following and I will have more comments to follow:

"Earlier this year, noted French counter-terrorism and personal security expert Captain Paul Barril was invited to visit the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). The intention of the planned visit was to consult with the DPR’s Prime-Minister, Alexander Zakharchenko, on issues of protection and personal security. However, before the two men could meet, Mr Zakharchenko was assassinated with a bomb in the Separ cafe in Donetsk.

In this interview Capt. Barril makes some shocking revelations about his murder (translated from the French):

INTERVIEWER: Many thanks, Captain Barril for this opportunity. Could you first tell us a few words about your important public service for the French Republic? You were one of the co-founders of GIGN (the elite counter-terrorism unit of the French National Gendarmerie)?

CAPTAIN BARRIL: Yes indeed, way back in the past, at the very beginning of it’s activity in the 1980s.
INT: You also worked for some French Presidents?
CB: Yes, I worked for President Giscard d’Estaing and President Mitterrand.
INT: This September you were going to meet Alexander Zakharchenko, the leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic, to share certain information with his protection service. Do you know (or have any idea) who killed him?!
CB: I know who killed Alexander Zakharchenko in Donetsk. This was done by the 3rd Special Operations Regiment of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine. Training was provided by US instructors at the Khmelnitsky Training Centre, one of their bases in Ukraine.
It is important to understand the context. Donbass is a very sensitive zone, where NATO in engaged in a proxy war against Russia. Ukraine serves as a NATO stooge, but Donetsk is on Russia’s side. The Head of the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) Alexander Zakharchenko was pro-Moscow and Putin’s close supporter. You need to know that since 2014 various western intelligence services have been operating in Donbass. In April 2014 the CIA chief John Brennan came to Kiev using a fictitious name to give instructions (for Euromaidan). And now they have CIA instructors over there, Canadians too. They undertake specific action to crush the Donetsk Republic.
INT: Thus, you claim, Canadians, Americans and British are connected with the Ukrainian secret services – with the SBU & Ukraine’s Military Intelligence?
CB: All forces that oppose Russia are now present in Ukraine. Actually, by committing the murder of the Donetsk leader they struck a painful blow to Russia, albeit not directly.
INT: How did they commit this murder?
CB: The murder was undertaken in the “Separ” cafe which is in a very well protected zone in the centre of Donetsk. They hid a tiny smart bomb above the entrance in the lobby, undetected by sniffer dogs. When the leader walked in, the bomb was activated from a long distance and exploded. The blast killed Alexander Zakharchenko and his bodyguard, critically injured a lady and left his deputy, Alexander Tashkent (who was a second target), badly burnt and shell-shocked.
INT: British and Americans, as a rule, use bombs to remove “objectionable” people?
CB: In recent history, during the war in Chechnya US instructors trained terrorists to mount explosives in lamp-post bases. They used the power supply network as an electro-detonator. When the Russian Army and tanks entered the road, the terrorists pushed the button. The explosions would strike Russian equipment and personnel within the radius of a few meters. That caught the Russians off-guard, because those hidden bombs are just not in Russia’s military “DNA”. But they are very much so in America’s.
The CIA and Green Berets have the world’s most advanced booby traps, and the one in the “Separ” restaurant is a “signature” British or American job.
Even Gaddafi’s explosives’ specialists were trained and armed by former CIA operatives. They helped them to disguise booby traps as lamps, alarm clocks, vases, radios and even ashtrays. So, those who installed the bomb in Donetsk were US-trained, these smart bombs are their signature.
Americans and Brits favour bombs when they want to kill somebody. Obviously, in this case, they also used a local mole who helped the group which actually set the booby trap. So, while France is working within the Normandy Four contact group trying to bring about an end to the civil war in Ukraine, the Anglo-American Deep State foments a new war there.
INT: Can you provide more details? Did you get this intel from your sources at DGSE (the French external intelligence agency)?
CB: Details are secret, I have said all that I can. But I am still going to Donetsk, where I’ll meet the new Head of the Republic, Mr. Denis Pushilin. We will share all information with Denis Pushilin.
INT: Thank you very much for inviting us, Captain Barril.


Greencrow says:
Any entity that supports surreptitious meddling in other nations' sovereign affairs, particularly and especially when that nation [Ukraine] is suffering through a civil war, is unfit to hold any international position. When that entity thinks it's okay to assassinate a legitimate leader who is so popular with the people that s/he cannot be removed by democratic processes, it reveals itself as a cowardly, criminal murderer, obstructer of justice and heinous enemy of democracy.

It would appear that Canada is unfortunately included in the above category of entities. One disagreement that I have with Captain Barril's assessment. He says that "those who installed the bomb in Donetsk were US-trained, these smart bombs are their signature". I would disagree on this relatively small point. "Smart bombs" done in this cowardly, deceptive fashion are the long time signature of USrael, not the US [as we used to know and love it].

In any case, it's a small point in this atrocity.  Suffice it to say that Canada should NOT be given a temporary seat on the UNSC.  I absolutely dread what will happen if Canada is given this power to further its anti-democratic international agenda.

Moment captured on CCTV when
foreign-assisted anti-peace/democracy killers
assassinated Zakharchenko, who was
also the father of four young boys.


Anonymous said...

I know this is off topic but
You say you do not watch television
I found the Ethel documentary on cable
You liked it
Well this ran on cable last night about North Korea with a british host
Maybe you knew this by being in China??
They are already building up the infrastructure for the unity with the South
They show it
The Trumtoid will take credit
I think it runs deeper than the Trumtoid
Anyway or anywhooo
I found it interesting
And if you did not know this
Maybe you will also
In the news today
The Trumpster just signed a trade deal with Canada and Mexico
Gee what happened to Tariff and build that wall???
The picture on the news have them posing and smiling??
Go figure
Anyway or anywhoo
Here is the episode from last night
About forty five minutes long

I have more comments

greencrow said...

Hi anonymous:

I'll have a look at the link. Regarding the unity of North and South Korea. IMO, it is a done north and south and totally excluding the US. The US is desperate to make itself relevant. All North and South want is for the US to get its legions of soldiers OUT. They don't want to be another JAPAN with permanent occupation forces there as they have also been in South Korea. This part of the globe has a great future with binding infrastructure, i.e., pipelines and bullet trains. They don't need the US albatross around their necks any longer!