Saturday, September 1, 2018

UPDATED: Israel has Attacked Damascus Airport - Huge Explosions

Three Explosions at Damascus Airport in Syria

UPDATED:  September 2, 2018  Syria is apparently opting to "eat the insult" regarding the three huge explosions at the Damascus airport/ammunition storage facility.  They are saying officially that it WAS a short circuit.  I can understand why they don't want a huge confrontation with Israel right now...before the re-taking of would play right into the Ziofascist hands.  I guess they're expecting some attempts to pre-empt the inevitable "Landlord kicking out the Squatters" battle.  Additionally, the "short circuit" could have been caused by a drone carrying a "direct energy" weapon, as has been astutely pointed out to me by my blogging colleague, Ed(itor)


LOL.  Al Masdar News is reporting that the three huge explosions at the Damascus Airport were caused by...wait for electrical short circuit at a munitions storage depot.  If you believe that...I have a couple of bridges here in the lower mainland that you can have for a reasonable price.  I don't care WHO says that or how much credibility they have/had.  I will never believe it.

Israel has obviously had enough with this peace's anathema to their goals and aspirations on this planet.  RT is just reporting as "BREAKING NEWS" That Israel has attacked the Damascus Airport and there has been a huge explosion there.  Now it is going to seriously get down to wagging the dog and forcing the vassal US into war with Syria, Iran and Russia.  Enough with the peace crap!

Here was my post as it had been started prior to the latest Breaking News.  The entire last few days have been carefully calibrated to set Russia and its allies on the back foot...what with the assassination of the DPR leader Zakharenchko and now this.  It's going to take a geopolitical genius to avoid a wider war...fortunately for humanity, that's exactly what Vladimir Putin is.

Final Showdown in Syria
Syrian City Idlib - last Stronghold of 
Western proxy terrorists -
is Surrounded by the SSA

Russia says Syrian army has every right to chase militants out of Idlib

We were getting down to the short strokes and the Syrian Army was lined up on the outskirts of Idlib...ready to begin kicking out the squatters.  The UK and Israel had been working, staging another "Chemical Attack of Assad on his own people"(TM).  Then Russia brought all the evidence of this False Flag staging to the UN and told the world.  Now, no can do.  Then the Russians publicized US plans for another terrorist attack on the UNESCO heritage site of Palmyra.  The perps seemed blocked at every turn.  What to do...what to do....

The above US-trained militants are currently operating in Syria...but if successful may some day see them [or similar ilk] in your own community.  These perps have been cornered and are very dangerous.  The way that Russia responds to the Satanists moment-to-moment high pressure threats and attacks will define the future of humanity...stay tuned...and start praying.


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