Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Time for another Lunar Hoax - The Graphics will be Bigger and Better this flubs/outtakes...promise!

US to Establish "Permanent Presence"
on the Moon - Mike Pense

Is Hollywood up for the challenge of more extra-orbital space travel?  Last time, back in 1969, Stanley Kubrick did a bang-up job.  Is there another Graphics genius waiting in the wings?  Are the majority of people [sheeple] just as stupid as they were back in 1969---SURE THEY ARE!!!!

But, first, you'd better lock down the Internet.  Can't have those pesky "truthers" asking annoying, inconvenient questions about Van Allen Belt radiation, rocket power and amount of fuel needed, lack of gravity on the mooooooooooooooooon, no stars in the lunar sky....inadequate space suits, photographic/lighting issues, etc., etc., etc.,

Do You Still Believe We Went to the Moon
Video asks some very "Painful" questions

My blogging colleague Ed(itor) has sent me some wonderful links included in this post. Please dip into this treasure chest of truth and I will have more comments to follow:

Ed(itor)s links

The Two Most Hilarious Things
NASA Has Ever Said

Folks, one way of telling whether your friends and relations are sheeple [dumb@$$s] or to ask them whether they still believe "Man Went To the Moon".  This is now the litmus test for developmental delay/disability.

Sadly, according to the statistics on the numbers of humans who still believe the greatest hoax of the 20th century [and perhaps of all time]--a MAJORITY of Western humanity are stupid beyond repair.  Which does not bode well for the future of the human race but certainly goes a long way in explaining why we're on the precipice of planetary extermination.

As you see from the last video above...NASA has already covered its ass regarding the Apollo's had one of its NASA astronauts ADMIT that the "technology to go to the moon" has been "irretrievably lost" and it's a "very painful process" to recover it.

So the dufus's who still believe the official story are not even aware that NASA has ALREADY admitted that going to the moon is not technically feasible.

And here's the killer...according to the first link...the US governments wants billions MORE of taxpayer's money to perpetrate yet another space hoax on humanity.  Guess the need for a distraction must be urgent...wonder what assassinations, wars, and financial fraud they have up their sleeves...that they need to get everybody looking away...and up into the sky/at their talmudvisions again.


wiggins said...

Dave McGowan's Moon Doggie did it for me....not forgetting Kubrick got his special NASA camera

to film Barry Lyndon as a favour returned.....

greencrow said...

Hi wiggins:

Dave McGowan, along with Bill Cooper, Christopher Bollyn, Gary Webb and a few others are the real American heros of the 20th century...not the cowardly liars/charlatans...Neil Armstrong and the other fake "astronauts".

Anonymous said...

This post needs more links!

"... There is so much criminal liability involved nobody can have an honest conversation...."
Catherine Austin Fitts

"... It is dangerous to remain here...."

Greg Bacon said...

Dave McGowan, along with Bill Cooper, Christopher Bollyn, Gary Webb>=

McGowan, dead from a rare form of pancreatic cancer that killed him in less than seven months. No family history of that kind of cancer.

Cooper, murdered in a shoot-out with the Feds, who said they wee trying to arrest him.

Gary Webb, who exposed the CIA bringing in Cocaine into the USA, dead from a suicide, shooting himself TWICE in the head.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Thanks for the comments and links. Unfortunately, I find them both distractions from Lunar Hoax. It is interesting that right after I published this post, Mike Rivero of WHATREALLYHAPPENED posted yet another link supportive for the overall Space Program hoax that's been going on for almost 50 years. Mike is a gatekeeper for this hoax and, the longer he maintains that status, the more overall credibility he will sacrifice.

It's a mystery to me and others how he can ignore [never even mention] the blaring evidence say, about the erasure of all the telemetric tapes by NASA. This alone shows that he's complicit in the fraud and hoax.

greencrow said...

Hi Greg:

And Christopher Bollyn, beaten up badly [broken bones] by paid thugs in his own front yard in front of his wife and children. Then arrested on concocted charges and put through a Kangaroo Court trial. Now living overseas for his and his family's protection.

Northerntruthseeker said...

You knew that I had to put in my two cents worth here, considering the fact that I have known that mankind never went to the moon from way back in my University days in Physics circa 1979...

I will be doing a show very soon with Charles Giuliani to cover the newest research that I have on this very subject... And I will probably be doing a few more articles on this hoax at my blog soon as well...

Keep up the good work, and trust me for the deeper down the rabbit hole you go on this subject the more you discover how the entire US Government and their criminal organizations are rotten to the core...

Northerntruthseeker said...

Michael Rivero was an employee of NASA for years and is still trying periodically to get some extra work with them...Therefore I doubt if that SOB will ever tell the truth that NASA is and has always been full of shit..

greencrow said...


I look forward to reading your posts. Hopefully, we'll break through the "truth barrier" on this one soon...after so many posts on both our blogs. It would be disgusting to have to spend trillions MORE of Americans' hard earned tax dollars on Hollywood sound stage "space exploration".

greencrow said...

Eventually, Rivero will have to choose between gatekeeping for NASA or his WHATREALLYHAPPENED blog.