Friday, August 17, 2018

Slow News Day: Grieving Widow Calls Trudeau a "Piece of Sh!t" During Condolence Call

Shooter's Window in Fredricton
New Brunswick, Canada

It's the Dog Daze of Summer.  We've returned from our annual sailing trip and are settling back into our regular routine.  There's still a haze of wood smoke in the skies above Vancouver, hiding the mountains from the thousands of tourists who come from all over the world to see them.

In reviewing the headlines this morning I can see that there's not much going on.  Just this Omarosa thingy in Washington.  This former Trump assistant is trading personal insults over Twitter with The Donald, who has called her a "low life" and "a dog" so far.  So much for what passes for newz in the U-naked States of Amerika.

Up here in Canada the main story is the epidemic of wild fires that have plagued British Columbia so far this summer.  Over 600 in BC alone at last count.  But the PNE [Pacific National Exhibition] is set to start this weekend and that usually brings the rains with it...according to cynical British Columbians.

I've been keeping up with the news story about the shooting in Fredricton, New Brunswick last week. A 48 year old man, one Matthew Vincent Raymond, finally kicked out of his mama's basement where he'd been playing violent video games for decades (she sold the house), was holed up in a third floor apartment.  Mama had probably been paying his rent and expenses for a few months "till he got a job and got settled".  Well, Matty got himself a "long gun" instead--as the media is calling it--or a rifle as it was commonly been referred to until the anti-gun lobby took over the phraseology on these stories.

Early in the morning one day last week Matty'd had enough of his newfound, imposed independence and adulthood.  He opened one of the small windows lining the bottom of the large picture window in the living room of his apartment, pointed his rifle out of it and began shooting randomly at civilians in the street below.  He killed two immediately, a man and a woman.  Then he killed the two police officers who were the first responders to the scene.

Matty's now in hospital, recovering from a bullet wound to the stomach, resulting from a fire fight with other police officers.  The slain police officers were honoured with a provincial public tribute attended by Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.  A few days later, Trudeau called the widow of one of the victims [even though the couple had been separated since last year] to offer his condolences to her two teenaged sons.  The "widow", Melissa Robichaud, took the rare opportunity of having a personal call from the Prime Minister to let him know her long-held opinion of him.  She called him a "piece of sh!t".  Later she told the media that she'd called him that to his face "and would again, if she'd met him in person" because:  a) she wasn't a supporter of Trudeau, and b) he didn't contact her when he was in town earlier to honour the police.

No word from the PM's office as to what le Dauphin thought of the phone call.  No doubt the widow's opinion of Trudeau is of no surprise to Ottawa--as it's also reflected in the public opinion polls Trudeau's reviewed month after month. Trudeau is toast.  The really sad part of it is that there's NOBODY ELSE TO VOTE FOR!  The Conservative Party is led by Andrew Scheer who's banned from going to Russia...a fact which very few Canadians know at the moment...but which will explode in his face as soon as the next election begins, and he has to expose himself [no pun intended] to the unfiltered questions from the public and the rigours of debate.

I can just imagine the first "Leaders Debate" and the subject of Foreign Relations comes up.  Somebody asks the question:  "Andrew, why ARE you banned from travelling to Russia anyway?"  Andrew mutters something about the "Magnitsky Act" which Canada has also passed...and which is based on the lies, corruption and serial international fraud of one psychopath, Bill Browder.

Then we have the pathetic situation regarding the New Democratic Party and their still unelected leader Jagmeet Singh.  Rumour has it that Jagmeet is going to run in a Burnaby, BC by-election this fall, to finally win a seat in the House of Commons prior to the election proper.  Burnaby is just over the mountain from where we live.  I can tell you that the chances of Jagmeet winning a seat in that riding are slim and none.  If he really wants to show his electability, he should run in the Sikh/East Indian stronghold of Surrey.  The fact that he's NOT running in Surrey tells you everything you need to know about Jagmeet.

So, folks, to sum up the Canadian political scene during these dog daze of summer, 2018--in the eloquent words of the widow's all "a piece of sh!t!" But at least little Matty has solved his "failure to launch" lifestyle and financial dilemma.  I understand that prisoners are allowed access to computers and video games now.

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Penny said...

I read this news GC
Can't say that I blame the woman, plus, giving her credit for being so astute..
I think she hit the nail right on the head!
Piece of shit, it is.

It appears the conservative are in self melt down mode- what a boon for the Trudeau tyranny