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Saudi Arabia is boycotting purchasing Canadian Wheat...even though it OWNS Canada's Wheat Board...say Whaaaaa?!

Canadian Wheat Board - What Happens to That
...Now that Canada has "Unfriended" SA?

Gather around kiddies and I'll tell you a story.  It's kind of a tragedy with an element of horror. Long ago, when the greencrow was very young and very green....Canada owned Canada.  I know, I know, it's hard to believe these days but yes, Canadians used to own agencies like, well, like the Canadian Wheat Board.  We used to sell our wheat...which is the largest commodity we have...all over the world.  Hey, we sometimes even GAVE our wheat nations that had suffered some catastrophes like drought or famine.  It was one of the reasons why most of the other nations respected and even liked Canada.

But those days are long gone.  You see, a very bad man called Stephen Harper became Prime Minister a decade or more ago and he had some very bad friends who lived in other countries.  Harper sold off Canadian Institutions for pennies on the dollar and the Canadian Wheat Board was one of them.  Now Canadians don't even own the Board that manages the largest commodity resource that Canada produces.  Can you imagine that!?

Most Canadians, I wager, don't even know that the Canadian Wheat Board was sold out from under us.  We were probably busy and mesmerized by all the media distractions set up so that the PTB can pull these stunts on a regular basis...until Canada has nothing left and no sovereignty to speak of.

But, folks, it gets even worse.  Do you know WHO Harper sold a controlling interest in the Canadian Wheat Board to?  Take a guess.  I will give you a big clue.  What country is Canada having a big fight with recently?  What country has put sanctions on Canada and is pulling its assets out of Canada at the moment?  Yes, you guessed it.  Saudi Arabia!

Incredible to believe, but Saudi Arabia, our sworn enemy [du jour], now owns 51% of the Canadian Wheat Board.  And worse even than that...the agreement that sold the Canadian Wheat Board to SA stipulated that SA could buy up the remaining shares for cash from the Wheat Farmer's Union Members.

What a SWEET deal!

Who negotiated such a sweet deal--for Saudi Arabia?  Well, someone nicknamed "The Ritz Cracker"  here's a photo of him back in the heyday when he was Harper's Minister of Agriculture.  Below the photo is the laudatory description from the Agricultural Union's induction of Gerry into its "Hall of Fame".

"The Ritzcracker" Sold Canada Down the River

"From his rural Saskatchewan roots, the Honourable Gerry Ritz served as federal agriculture minister during a period when Canada’s agri-food sector became recognized as an economic powerhouse. During his 20-year political career as Member of Parliament for Battlefords-Lloydminster, Ritz served as Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food from 2007–2015 and put Canadian agriculture on the world map. He expanded market access for the industry, forged valuable international trading deals, provided market freedom post-Canadian Wheat Board, pushed for innovation through Growing Forward, and limited the damage from challenges including BSE and Country of Origin Labelling. Gerry Ritz lives in St. Walburg, SK and was nominated by the Alberta Wheat Commission, Alberta Barley Commission and Canadian Cattlemen's Association."


"The Ritzcracker was quite a negotiator"

Here is a different view of Gerry harvested from the comments forum of the Union website

From July 18, 2018 forum comments

samhill Jul 14, 2018 | 15:09 Article in Mb Cooperator re CWB sale and up to $21,7xx to each farmer.

But seems to be no completion/finalization?

grassfarmer Jul 14, 2018 | 16:22 2

Originally Posted by samhill

Article in Mb Cooperator re CWB sale and up to $21,7xx to each farmer.

But seems to be no completion/finalization?Yeah, they are tracking down the farmers that supported the CWB, those that wanted it destroyed won't get a cheque.

farmaholic Jul 14, 2018 | 16:34 3 .....fake news.

Re: G3 Farmer's Equity allocations

It will be interesting to see how the $5/tonne patronage equity will be handled once the Companie's mandated total allocation allotment has been reached. No one knows if the $5 will be $2.50 or $10.00 once a true value is assigned....right now all they are is "units". "SWP/Viterra" revisited?

Apparently not all "units" have yet been allocated.

We don't have a G3 on our doorstep so haven't done much business with them. Anyone who deals with them regularly know what's happening with the "equity/units"...from the "statements" I receive...not much...yet.

Last edited by farmaholic; Jul 14, 2018 at 16:36.

mustardman Jul 14, 2018 | 16:53 4 Sale of CWB ?? You mean give away . Government told the Saudis if they promised to build some infrastructure in the future ,they could have CWB and all assets!!

Kind of like going to buy a house and the owner says "you can have it for Free, as long as you promise to build a deck !

The ritzcracker was quite a negotiater

Rareearth Jul 14, 2018 | 17:49 5 More or less $500 year.


Oliver88 Jul 14, 2018 | 18:21 6

Originally Posted by farmaholic

.....fake news.

Re: G3 Farmer's Equity allocations

It will be interesting to see how the $5/tonne patronage equity will be handled once the Companie's mandated total allocation allotment has been reached. No one knows if the $5 will be $2.50 or $10.00 once a true value is assigned....right now all they are is "units". "SWP/Viterra" revisited?

Apparently not all "units" have yet been allocated.

We don't have a G3 on our doorstep so haven't done much business with them. Anyone who deals with them regularly know what's happening with the "equity/units"...from the "statements" I receive...not much...yet.If you phone the G3 office in Calgary they will inform you that your equity can be cashed in but you must be 75 years old or older.

farmaholic Jul 14, 2018 | 18:26 7 O88....some days I feel like I'm 75 years old but I'm no where close yet.

Stoopid equity programs....who needs it at 75 after inflation eroded its value."


Greencrow says: Fast forward to August, 2018 and Canadians, particularly Canadian Wheat Farmers, are getting very worried about Saudi Arabia's controlling interest in the Canadian Wheat Board. After all, couldn't SA just up and SELL the interests to another "nation"? Now, lemmeeseeeeeee….just WHO are the bestest friends of SA? the little borderless entity, for one. Here is a recent article that reports the Canadian Farmers are suggesting/recommending that Canada buy back the CWB. No kidding!!!! Please read and I will have final thoughts to follow:


August 23, 2018 3:34 pm

Updated: August 24, 2018 8:43 am

"Union calls on Trudeau government to buy back Canadian Wheat Board from Saudi interests

Editor’s Note: (August 24, 2018) This story was updated to clarify the influence that Saudi interests have in the Canadian Wheat Board.

A union representing port and transportation workers in Churchill, Man. is calling on the Canadian government to buy back its majority interest in the Canadian Wheat Board, which was sold to G3 Global Grain Group – a partnership between Bunge Canada and a Saudi investment company – in 2015.

The Union of Canadian Transportation Employees said in a press release Thursday that the Saudi government’s decision to stop buying Canadian grain proves that it can’t be trusted to uphold the interests of Canadian farmers. Saudi Arabia’s state wheat-buying agency said Aug. 7 that it would no longer buy Canadian wheat and barley amid an escalating diplomatic spat between the two countries.

READ MORE: ‘Business as usual’ says Saudi-backed Canadian Wheat Board owners

“Their actions to stop buying Canadian wheat and barley should be the final nail in the coffin,” said UCTE national president Dave Clark.

Established in 1935, the Canadian Wheat Board was sold by the previous Conservative government to Global Grain Group (G3), a joint venture of the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Co. and American grain company Bunge, in 2015.

G3 purchased 50.1 per cent of the board for $250 million, and renamed it to G3 Canada Ltd. The government said the remaining 49.9 per cent was to be kept in trust for grain farmers, although G3 has the option to buy back the units from farmers at market value in 2022. 

The Conservative government at the time said the sale would help modernize Canada’s grain sector to stimulate investment and create jobs.

WATCH: John Baird attacks Trudeau government during interview on Saudi TV

But the union says the Harper government erred in selling the Canadian Wheat Board to the firm.

The union says it plans to write to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “to ask for his immediate action to protect Canadian producers by restoring the Canadian Wheat Board to Canadian farmers.”

READ MORE: How Saudi Arabia selling Canadian assets could affect our economy

For its part, the Saudi government hasn’t said whether it plans to sell its stake in G3.

Analysts said the Middle East had been importing less wheat from Canada and the United States in recent years due to higher shipping costs, while China has become a bigger barley buyer.

“There will be plenty of opportunities for Canada to sell barley and wheat elsewhere,” said Chuck Penner, analyst with LeftField Commodity Research, based in Winnipeg.

WATCH: Saudi TV falsely accuses Canada of ‘freedom of opinion’ arrests

According to Statistics Canada, the Canadian government’s statistics agency, total Canadian wheat sales to Saudi Arabia excluding durum were 66,000 tonnes in 2017 and 68,250 tonnes in 2016. Canadian barley sales totaled 132,000 tonnes in 2017.

But given tightening global EALITgrain supplies due to weather problems in Russia, Europe and Australia, Canada might have been poised to win more Saudi barley business.

“This year could have been a year where we could have seen some (Canadian) barley trade there in October-November,” said Jerry Klassen, manager at trading house GAP SA Grains and Products in Winnipeg.

— With files from Reuters and the Canadian Press."


Greencrow concludes:  So, folks, that's the sad story of how Canada was snookered out of one of its most precious possessions...control of its largest commodity--wheat. The problem is that these people are so evil, so relentless, so devious....that it's impossible for Canadians to keep track of all the nefarious stuff they're up to 24/7. Who knows who got the bribes and kickbacks from the sale of the CWB.

Who knows if Saudi Arabia will even agree to sell the CWB back to Canada...why doesn't it just GIVE the Board to its bestest buddy, Israel? Oh yes, and another part of the CWB was sold to the US...the "Democracy" to the south that we're also tangled up with in an unfriendly NAFTA negotiation.

No wonder Maxime Bernier called the Conservatives irredeemably corrupt the other day when he quit abruptly....and announced he wants to start his own party. He said he wants to tackle the issue of "supply management". It's all starting to make sense to me now. How about YOU?


Reading between the lines said...

Supply management is the best way ,in my opinion , to handle the agricultural industry such dairy and poultry .The hog industry would do well to establish a similar mechanism in production , in order to level / equalize the ups and downs of this industry and provide protection against bankruptcy for many.
Harper was / is a snake I will never forgive for what he did to the grain farming industry of Canada.

greencrow said...


Were you aware of this nefarious deal at the time it happened? What do you think should happen now. Should we (or even, can we) buy back the CWB?

What is the general opinion of this deal in Central Canada where you hail from.

Frankly, I was totally unaware of the sale of the CWB prior to now. I didn't even know or think such a thing could be stunned me.


Reading between the lines said...

Hi greencrow.Yes I was aware of what was happening at the time.Harper had been gunning for the CWB for quite some time mostly because of his conservative / alliance Alberta supporters ,who I would say , are Americans in disguise for the most part.
The CWB was a form of supply management as wheat farmers would get partly paid a certain amount for the grain they harvested .The CWB would sell their grain ,the best quality in the world and sought after world wide , at the best price that could be negotiated with the prospective buyers and then pay the farmers the remainder of what they were owed .It was a fair marketing system without the direct involvement of the Cargills and the big players who wanted a bigger piece of the pie.
Now that the CWB has been dissolved ,I personally can't see any way of putting it back together .A new referendum would have to be initiated .Harper claims that he did do the referendum ,but he is such a snake in cooking the results that he got his way about it.I don't think that the liberals and the conservatives will want to go there as the whole episode has left a bad taste in many people's mouths .It is and was made to be very political. I am interested in politics but not party politics and as you know ,many are party animals and will vote for their party regardless whether the policies are good or not .I call that zombie politics.
I come from a farming background and still work in the so I kept a close watch on the dismantling of the CWB with angst and a feeling of doom for the Canadian farmers . Anything is possible when you get snakes running the system.Not impressed with Trudeau . He does not have the wisdom and/or intellect and backbone to lead our country . Cheers !

greencrow said...


Thanks for your comment which means a lot to me and I'm sure other readers who do not have the POV of the Agricultural regions of Canada.

Now that the worst has happened...the CWB has fallen into the hands of a nation(s) who is/are at political loggerheads with Canada--SA/USA, SOMETHING has to be done about the situation. Whether or not it leaves a bad taste in the mouths of the libs/tories doesn't matter when you have an owner of the CWB THAT IS CURRENTLY BOYCOTTING CANADIAN WHEAT!

And I'd like to know if Canadian Wheat Farmers ever received the bonuses and perks they were promised. It looks to me like the BRICS scam that went down in BC during the 70's. A provincially owned resource management company BRICS was sold off and every adult British Columbian was given 6 shares that we were told were worth about 6$ at the time but would certainly grow in value and "we'd all be rich". Well, what actually happened is that the elite businessmen of the province sold their shares immediately and received the $6.00 or whatever. The rest of us hung on to ours and guess what they're worth, nada, not worth the price of the share certificate paper they're written on.

That caper taught many British Columbians a big and expensive lesson. But I guess there's suckers born every minute...and the Wheat Farmers are just some of them.

Reading between the lines said...

The biggest problem ,in my view ,regarding the farming sector in Western Canada is that they were never organized .Sure there was an org.called the Farmer's Union but all the farmers live far apart and getting together is not that simple ,no internet in those days.Snail mail is so slow etc.
I remember talking about this with my father many years ago ,why can't they get together and work as a group but alas ,I have now figured out the almost impossibility of it back then.
The farmer is almost never in control of his business for the most part .At the mercy of the weather,the banker and the grain elevator ,now days ,for his revenues, at the pricing of the day.Always too poor to keep the grain in the bin until prices go up because he has huge bills to pay.Only the son of a big farmer ,who inherits it ,will manage to make a good living and profit from his labors , if he is a good manager.They did not need snakes like Harper to make their lives more miserable.
Personally ,I never would have made it as a farmer .I would have died of the stress and ulcers.LOL.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

H/T 2U

Penny said...

Hey Crow:

wanted to add.. wondering if you noticed Saudi Arabia has given an extension to those medical students that are here in Canada- seems they don't have to leave "immediately"

three week extension

Wanna bet there will be another extension and another until whatever this show is about loses steam???

So the Saudi's own the wheat board?????
Didn't know that, thanks for making me aware of that information

To Reading Between the Lines..
thanks for the insights on those dirty dealings..

greencrow said...

Penny says:

"...So the Saudi's own the wheat board?????"

Gawd knows what else Harper sold off [aka gave away] to who knows who.

Anonymous said...

The Saudi's probably realised they were buying poisoned food. Canada and USA produce the most heavily contaminated food on the planet: