Monday, August 6, 2018

Sailing SitRep 2018 - The Angel of Chemainus

Angel of Chemainus

Hi Everybody:

Just a short SitRep from the SS Limerence.  We're moored in the small, coastal town of Chemainus on the East coast of Vancouver Island.  It's been hotter than hades for the last two days.  This morning there was smoke in the air due to forest fires but a breeze has mostly cleared the air quality.

The above cloud formation appeared in the sky yesterday as we were pulling into Chemainus.  It is geographically over the military base at Comox, BC where US and Canadian military jets fly out of.  I'm thinking that some pilot was having fun with chemtrails at taxpayer's expense.  Here's a closer view:

When I saw it, I thought about Northerntruthseeker and our recent debate about the "Anthropogenic Global Warming" [AGW] versus Deep State weather manipulation.  I say they're both weaponization of the climate.  Global warming symptoms can be caused by weather manipulation.   I say further that if we know that the Deep State/MIC is manipulating the weather then we cannot have a rational discussion about Global Warming...whether it is real...whether anything can be done about it.  I say that until humanity puts all the climate cards on the table...we will never be able to "tax carbon use" or any other stupid solution they come up with.  Humanity needs to say to the PTB.  "Shut the fuck up about AGW until you tell us what you're doing making all those weird clouds in the sky every single day."

One more issue that I want to comment on is the latest controversy between Canada and Saudi Arabia, of all countries.  Canada has done some recent "virtue signalling" about some activists that are imprisoned in Saudi Arabia.  So, the Punch and Judy show continues.  "Punch" being le dauphin PM Justin Trudeau and "Judy" being Soros sock puppet Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland.  It is to laugh...Punch and Judy socking it to Saudi Arabia about "human rights" when meanwhile two Canadians are being imprisoned and put through a Kangaroo Court Show Trial in Germany over the Hollowco$t.  The Canadian government doesn't do squat about Canadians Monika Schaefer and her brother Alfred Schaefer..

Also, when are the two vulnerable patsy duffus's, John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, who were freed by the judge back in 2016 on trumped up [by the RCMP and CSIS at a cost of millions of taxpayer hard earned tax dollars] charges of terrorism here in BC going to find out the results of the Federal appeal of their acquittal?  Justice Delayed is Justice Denied...or so an old legal maxim goes.

Suffice it to say, Punch and Judy should confine their show to Canada and Canadians.  Saudi Arabia is a reprehensible country in terms of human rights...but Canada is not in a position to throw the first stone.

That's it for this SitRep.  Over and out...


Anonymous said...

You say
. I'm thinking that some pilot was having fun with chemtrails at taxpayer's expense. Here's a closer view
I say
Just like I said
The only psychotic people on the planet are men in uniform
They are the only ones who act out

Northerntruthseeker said...

Well... The criminals behind "Google" did it again... I have had my blog removed at least for the time being for "violation of policies"... Most probably for my last post for simply asking what Lasha Darkmoon says about questioning the "holocaust"....

I will let you know if and when it is restored... Maybe you could let readers know that I am a target of the Jewish elite now and will probably have my material removed permanently..

greencrow said...


Look at my post re the Assassination attempt on Maduro. There's a couple of comments about your blog's take down. I am going to do a post shortly to let our readers know. I also put a comment on Penny's blog.

As they say..."The Web's Not The Same Without You". Hope you get re-connected soon. After all, you don't make stuff up. Everything you post is linked to pre published material that is presumably still out there on the Internet. The US Constitution protects freedom of speech. Let's see if that principle prevails in the face of this latest barrage of attacks.