Monday, August 13, 2018

Now that we know what we know....were the Romanovs, JFK, RFK, MLK [etc] all assassinated by the same entity?

Gregory Rasputin - 
Advisor to the Romanov Family

Ron Unz, a Jew, who is the blogmaster of The Unz Report, has been disclosing one shocking Deep State Secret after another.  First he reprinted Michael Collins Piper's seminal solving of the JFK assassination enigma "Final Judgment"--that the Jews/Mossad/CIA perpetrated the murder of a sitting president because JFK was thwarting Israel's plan to become a nuclear power.

Then Unz published material connecting the Jews, during their Bolshevik manifestation in Russia, to the murder of the Tsar, Nicholas II and his family. I'm wondering, were they also behind the infamous murder of Rasputin, the advisor to the Tsar and his family?  Lemmee see...the plotter of the murder of Rasputin was a Russian Aristocrat, Felix Yusupov.  Following the murder of Nicholas 11 and the Russian Revolution, Yusupov escaped to France, after absconding some Russian crown jewels--and some Rembrandt paintings--which he then sold to a Jewish man, Joseph E. Widener, in order for Yusupov to set up a household in Paris and maintain a lavish lifestyle. Unz's revelations are making me revisit just about every event in modern history and examine them in a whole new light.

Now, according to what I recently read in Paul Craig Roberts, Unz's is connecting the Jews...wait for the Nazis in the events leading up to WWII!  This is mind blowing to say the least.  From what Ron Unz has been telling us, and backing up with copious and meticulous research/sources, it would appear that the Jews were behind each and every major nefarious, treasonous, murderous act of the past century or more.  With Jews like Unz, why do the Zionists need go after "anti-semites" anyway?

Now, considering what is going on in the Middle East, for the past 50+ years regarding the oppression of the indigenous Palestinians...and particularly the use of proxies to destroy "seven nations in five years" as US General Wesley Clark once said...not to mention the commonly held view in the alternative media that the Israeli Mossad was behind the 9/11 atrocity [thanks to the research of Christopher Bollyn], it's difficult to imagine a more evil entity than the entity being slowly and systematically revealed to us by Ron Unz, who cannot be accused of anti-Semitism because he is a Jew.

Ron Unz at his 2016 Senate Hearing

Now, I'm wondering at this point why the Deep State controllers of the Internet, including Google, facebook, YouTube Apple, Twitter, etc., etc., went after Alex Jones.  Why didn't they go after Ron Unz?  My theory is that they would love to go after Ron Unz. They probably have every intention of going after Ron Unz. But to do it at this point would be to give even more of an audience, and readership, to Ron and his website.  That is not the way they operate...they always look for a back door, or an under handed opportunity when taking out an enemy.  Their modus operendi is not to even acknowledge the existence of their most effective enemies.  So Ron Unz is delivering mortal blow after mortal blow and they say nothing.  Alex Jones makes some comments about transgenders, muslims and other minorities and he's shut down for "hate speech".

IMO, Ron is the one they would really like to shut down, not the toady Alex Jones...the king of the patented "limited hangout".  No, actually it's Seymour Hersch who's the King of the Limited Hangout...Alex is just a princeling.  IMO, Alex Jones is being shut down as a stalking horse.  They have and will shut down a few more alternative websites so, when they finally and inevitably get around to Ron will hardly be noticed.

In the meantime, I advise readers to visit Ron Unz's website and soak up all the truthiness before it gets taken down.  These are the missing puzzle pieces we've all been looking for.


Greg Bacon said...

Thank you for having the balls to address the REAL problem and not always writing about the symptoms of a certain disease.

So many bloggers--some very talented--leap-frog from one story to the next, doing a good job of bitching about some Deep State horror, but never pulling back the curtain to see who's behind all this savage madness.

Considering all the millions of readers AJ picked up, it makes one wonder if it wasn't a joint effort to keep the sheeple peacefully chewing their cud while listening to AJ rant and rave.

Penny said...


willy loman has been taken down
he made a Youtube video covering the take down


Anonymous said...

Fellowship of the Minds appears to have gone!

greencrow said...

Hi Greg:

Ron Unz has the balls you referred to in your comment, not me...I'm just suggesting readers visit his Web Site before his collection of valuable connected dots is taken down. But thanks.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Thanks for the heads up on Willy Loman. I'll keep an eye out to see if he's reinstated. IMO it's all a distraction and pathetic power play.

greencrow said...

Hi Anne:

Yes, upon checking, Wordpress has removed "Fellowship of the Minds". I guess that puts the kibosh on NTS going over to Wordpress as a "Plan B" should the perps remove his Blogger blog again. : (