Friday, August 31, 2018

UPDATED: NAFTA goes down to US-imposed "wire" Canada not yet lying down, rolling over and putting four paws in the air...Whaaaaaa?

UPDATED:  Trump quoted as saying "[the US's] position is going to be so insulting that they're [Canada] not going to be able to make a deal".  So far from near to the United States of America [old Canadian saying].

Trump and Trudeau

U.S. says Canada has made no concessions on dairy access issue as NAFTA deadline lingers

I just want to jump in here midst all the media frenzy and hysteria.  What's the worse that can happen if Canada and the US don't reach a deal re NAFTA?  Canada can go its own way and sell to a broader trade base and make better deals, more friends and more allies all over the world.  Perhaps we'll recover just a bit of the respect we've lost through unmitigated vassalage/toadying over the past 30 or more years.

The big sticking point at the last moment is dairy.  Forgive me, I just don't understand.  Canada has rules and regulations prohibiting hormones in dairy and the US doesn't.  Does Canada need to change its banning of noxious substances so we can have our market flooded with harmful and substandard products?  Well....I guesssssss sooooooooo! According to Trump anyway.

But the incessant drum beat Canada is supposed to be marching to keeps beating away.  Here is the latest on the negotiations from the BBC:

"Talks between the US and Canada about amending the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) are heading into their final day with no deal in sight.

US President Donald Trump set a Friday deadline for Canada to sign a new agreement with the US and Mexico. He has threatened to leave Canada on the sidelines since announcing a breakthrough with Mexico on Monday.However, he and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have both said they are hopeful a deal is close.
Clock is ticking for Canada in US trade negotiations

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer is holding talks in Washington with Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland aimed at reaching a new deal.

Following four separate meetings on Thursday, which continued late into the night, Ms Freeland told reporters that a deal could not be reached, adding that talks would resume on Friday."

After yesterday's fiasco over the Trans mountain pipeline Appeal Court Decision--sending the Federal government back to the environmental approval drawing board--on the very same day that the "Trans Mountain Shareholders" voted to approve the multi-billion dollar deal to Canada...Trudeau can't be any further down the swirly than he already is...or can he?

Finally, I can't imagine any more chilling subliminal message to Canada than the one that Trump delivered to the WTO yesterday...threatening to pull out of the WTO unless it "shapes up".  The reason?  The WTO regards the US's sanctions on Russia to be the same as Russia's sanctions on the US.  According to Trump...there's no correlation.  Dontchaknow that the US is ALLOWED to sanction Russia...or whatever state it wants to...BUT, any other state is FORBIDDEN to sanction the US?  That's simply the way things are when you're a unipolar Empire.

With that kind of can ANY deal be made and maintained?  Quit while you're ahead, Justin!

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