Friday, August 24, 2018

"Five Eyes" Leadership is Becoming Star Crossed

Trying to sort out the Leadership Crises
in three of the Five Eyes Vassal States
(Canada, Australia and New Zealand)
is making Observers Cross-Eyed

It's a very interesting coinkydynk that there are leadership Crises going on in three of the Western "Five Eyes" Vassal States--Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  First, as I reported on in my previous post, there is the shocking defection of MP Maxime Bernier from the Conservative Party of Canada.  He's gone off to start his own party---within a year of a coming federal Election.

Then we have the sudden resignation of the Prime Minister of Australia, who was replaced by another member of his caucus.  Here is that story according to the "Mother of all Lying Media" the BBC:

Here's what's going on in Australia according to the BBC

And finally, and most contentious of all...we have the expense account scandal going on in one of the federal parties in New reported by fellow blogger Robin Westenra in his blog "Seemoreocks"

Political crisis on both sides of the Tasman 

I find it strangely entertaining that all three vassal states would be going through the leadership wash, rinse and spin dry cycle at the very same time.  It's like the perps want to get all this petty and annoying "leadership thingy" out of the way before the next big international crisis. aka war.  According to the reports, all the leaders in power were suffering from poor polls.  While these poor poll numbers are officially blamed in the M$M all sorts of factors...the true reasons for the disgust by the most likely anathema to the ongoing vassalage to international, globalist perps.  So the strategy in all three vassal states is just to "change shirts".  Put on a fresh shirt [new leader] and get on with it.  But all the musical chairs is making for a very cross--and cross-eyed electorate.


Northerntruthseeker said...

I am presently at work, and will look at your link concerning the Pedophilia ring when I get the chance...

I have been busy these last few days, Crow, with the renovations in my house and have had little time for blogging... I just posted up an article at NTS to alert everyone of my status... It has been so painfully slow and a LOT of hard work, especially with the cutting of drywall and hammering in paneling.... But the results so far are fabulous and even my better half is happy.....

And again, I do wonder if all of this upheaval in our political systems in our supposed "free" nations is part of the Jew plan and as laid out in their Protocols where they want to keep the Goyim in disarray.....

greencrow said...


I agree with you that it is NOT a coincidence that there's this amount of leadership disarray in the puppet parties in the Five Eyes vassal states. They're getting their deck chairs arranged on the SS Titanic before it goes into battle.

Penny said...

I can totally see Trudeau taking advantage of an early election opportunity while shoving gun control and altering criminal code legislation at the same time!

A virtual bonanza for the virtue signalling dolt.

Additionally that shipment of guns is supposed to be in Ukraine this fall- who better to lead Canada, oops I mean shepherd Canada- then Turdeau and Chrystia 'ms humanitarian' Freeland as Canadian guns kill Ukrainians and Russians in a war escalation?

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Did you see the link I posted earlier for NTS?

Here it is:

What wicked thing this way cometh?