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Fall False Flag Alert! Big Surprises Planned by Perps for September, October

New False Flag Being Set Up in Syria by White Helmets

Intelligence officials in Syria and in Washington are simultaneously warning humanity that plans have been already set in motion for some destabilizing and/or terrorist events for the coming weeks and months.  My blogging colleague Ed(itor) sent me a link from The Millennium Report which discussed the coming events in general terms and said that one of the purposes of the coming false flags was to coalesce the US MidTerm Votes in November around the Democratic Party [and away from the Republican Party] so that there would be enough votes to impeach Trump.  Folks, in case you've forgotten, this kind of act is criminal treason and should be investigated before it happens.

Here is a short sampling from the Millennium Report article:

Deep State Planning False Flags Attacks to Shock the American People into Submission

“Not only will there be an overwhelming October Surprise
in 2018, it will be set up by a September Shock and Awe.”

—Intelligence Analyst & Former Military Officer

Everyone needs to understand what’s at stake with the midterm elections.  The election outcomes will determine whether there’s an impeachment, a coup d’état or a civil war.
The nation has never been in such a precarious place.  And, the unfolding Purple Revolution stands as an undeniable testament to this grim reality.
Make no mistake about it; the barbarians are inside the gate and they are very close to tearing down the castle.
Clandestine operations launched by the U.S. Intelligence Community in tandem with the Mainstream Media Magnates and Sultans of Silicon Valley are now taking place 24/7 across America.
The many unparalleled and shocking events we see on the surface are just a tip of the iceberg.   Were the U.S. citizenry to be privy to the ever-intensifying and seditious revolution going on in the background, many would have become expatriates when they were able to.
Deep State has done an extraordinary job of providing the incessant and captivating “bread and circuses”.  This was their only way to forever distract the body politic from the slow-motion destruction of our constitutional republic.  So many people (especially liberals) have been dumbed down beyond help; they are the real irredeemables.

Internet Lockdown

What’s clear is that The Powers That Be will no longer tolerate a populace that takes advantage of it liberties.  Therefore, the First Amendment (right to free speech) and the Second Amendment (right to bear arms) are both being threatened like never before.  However, it’s free speech in particular that is under withering assault during this momentous campaign season.
The Internet has clearly proven to be a weapon in the hands of the common man in a way that TPTB never anticipated.  Because “the pen is mightier than the sword”, any blogger or YouTuber, Tweeter or Facebooker can now send flaming arrows in to the enemy camp.  Just one push of the keyboard can release myriad flaming arrows against a chosen Deep State target.
The globalist’s New World Order agenda itself has been completely laid bare for everyone to see in 2018.  Even though we do not yet know all the gory details of their black ops, the Deep State underbelly that’s now visible is very ugly and quite galvanizing for patriots.  The Illuminati either miscalculated the introduction of the Internet…or their cost benefit analysis indicated an eventual total takeover of the net once a critical mass of the digitally connected was reached.  We are at that very point today.
Because of the fast evolving state of IT affairs in 2018, it’s now evident that the status quo is no longer acceptable to TPTB.  After all, we all now know who they are, where they live, what they did and are still doing.  The following video says it all in regard to their primary control mechanism of the various power centers of the Anglo-American Axis.[1]….
It’s of paramount importance to understand that the worldwide digital community is currently witnessing a global Internet lockdown.  Because of videos like the preceding one, the VIP perps can longer stand for their crimes being exposed in such graphic detail.  Especially when VIPs are being named every day will those guilty not be able to endure their outing. See: Washington Pundit Published List of Names Connected with Pedogate
The bottom line with regard to the rapidly evolving Internet lockdown is that the Mainstream Media is being set up as the unchallenged gatekeeper.  President Trump is totally correct when he says: THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!  Now it’s crucial for the American people to respond appropriately and expeditiously to this stark reality.  If the Mockingbird Media can take down a sitting POTUS in broad daylight, it ought to be easy to understand what the C.I.A. is doing behind the scenes against the body politic....."
Greencrow Says: I strongly suggest my Canadian readers click on the link above to the list of names connected with Pedogate.  You will be VERY surprised at who's on it.

Back to the topic of the coming "September/October Surprises".  PressTV has a report this morning that goes into detail about the threatened "Chemical Attack" being set up by the White Helmets in Syria.  The problem for the perps is that they and their minion proxies are so hated by the Syrian population that they cannot go anywhere without it being reported to those in a position to assist the Syrians in ousting the terrorists.  Some patriotic Syrians are following the White Helmets around and reporting their every move to Assad's forces.  This time, the Syrian intelligence is reporting that the White Helmets are assisting the thug mass murdering, heart eating terrorists to lug big cannisters of Chlorine around the Syrian countryside and set up False Flags near civilians in Syrian cities still under occupation.  The mass murderers are hoping that once the False Flag occurs and innocent men, women and children's bodies are shown on the complicit M$M, then the US, the UK and France, etc. will "have" to invade Syria and perform the "regime change" they've been blood-lusting after for a decade now.

And just in case any of my readers are unsure of who I'm referring to when I say "the perps" please watch the video below...where one of the most courageous and patriotic Americans in history explains who was responsible for the first in this series of False Flags--the 9/11 atrocity. 

Real Investigative Journalist/Blogger
and American Hero Christopher Bollyn

The Perps responsible for 9/11 and their sayanim are still around today, still desperately trying to cover up the truth about the mass murder...and still ploting their never-ending wars, including their biggest Wet Dream of All--Nuclear WWIII between the US/NATO and Russia/China.

This is a fast moving newz story so stay tuned for more developments.

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