Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Fahrenheit 451 - The Internet Version

Fahrenheit 451 The Internet Version

UPDATED:  Paul Craig Roberts has done a couple of posts on the most recent crack down on Internet Truthers.  He says here that two more likely reasons for the crack down on Alex Jones are that 1)  Jones is more popular than CNN and the other presstitute media; and 2) that Alex Jones is a long time conduit between Trump and his constituency....the M$M being uniformly, relentlessly and rabidly anti-Trump.

When SciFi author Ray Bradbury wrote his dystopian novel "Fahrenheit 451" about a future where all the books were burned [451 degrees Fahrenheit is the heat at which paper burns] .  I'll bet he never dreamed of a day when what he wrote about would come to pass...except that there would be no fire.  Just a click of a mouse would extinguish all the truth in the world on the Internet--where truth lives now that all the hard copied books are published by the Deep State-Controlled Publishing Companies.

A few days ago, one of the earliest Internet Purveyors of Truth, Alex Jones, was effectively cut off from the Internet.  All his websites were blocked by the consortium of Google, Apple, Twitter, etc., etc., etc.  Frankly, sometimes Alex could be annoying.  Shouting like a buffoon and making all "conspiracy theorists" [like little moi] look like frenetic fringies.  But the fact of the matter is that I cut my truther teeth on Alex Jones.  He paved the way for many of the rest of us.  Never let it be forgotten that the very day of 9/11...it was none other than Alex Jones who said it was an "Inside Job"...THE VERY DAY!

So when they came for Alex...we all knew that inevitably they were going to start coming for the rest of us.  Sure enough...this morning my blogging colleague Northern Truthseeker was shut down.  He sent me a comment to that effect which is published at the bottom of my previous post.  Mike Adams  posted a video last night that goes into detail about what is going on regarding the censorship.  Mike has also been recently censored.  The thing to note about NTS is that he does not make stuff up.  Everything NTS says is attributable to other sources.  He provides Internet links for everything.  So the censors are going to have to shut down the sites where NTS got his info as well.  Let's see if they do that.

I'm not surprised that this activity [censorship] is going on in the dog daze of summer when they think that everyone is out in nature away from their devices.  That's not the way it works anymore, folks.  People bring their devices with them when they go on vacay.  We do this precisely for the reason that they try and pull these stunts every year at this time.

I'm thinking that this is just a distraction from the "arrests" and other activity going on regarding pedophilia in the upper echelons.  I don't follow that issue that closely but from what I've discerned...some very high elites have been and/or are going to be indicted and arrested. No doubt some very powerful people are sh!tting bricks as this moment. So, this illegal Internet/censorship/crack down [which Mike Adams has called "racketeering"] serves not only as a distraction but it clears the deck of some of the more outspoken/popular purveyors of truth.

The Priest Savonarola tried to burn the books [bonfire of the vanities] in the main square of Renaisannce Florence, Italy.  Now, I'm trying to remember what happened to Savonarola. Lemmeeesee….okay now I remember, he himself was burned at the stake in the very square where he had earlier burned the books.

NTS is holding out hope that his Internet "books" [aka his blog] won't be permanently burned by the new Savonarolas...and I'm holding out hope as well.  Stay tuned, more to come in this developing news story.


Northerntruthseeker said...

FYI.... If my blog at "Blogger" is permanently banned... I have a back up plan..

I will have to put www.northerntruthseekersblog.wordpress.com into effect... It does not operate like Blogger does, but it is the best that I can do for the near future..

I am worried of course of the status of the 4500 articles that were written over the last 10 years... It will be sad to see that archive destroyed...

Anonymous said...

Here is what happened to a YouTuber who accurately forecasts earthquakes. He is watched the world over and has called out the USGS for rigging numbers. He explains why they cut him loose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3L4QPBwZGJI

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a back up plan GC