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CawRANT Events #69

CawRANT Events #69

Good afternoon, everyone.  I'm a bit late getting down to blogging today.  Still settling back in after our annual two week summer sailing trip.  Additionally, someone gave me 10 lbs of blueberries.  If I'm going to make jam out of the blueberries, I need to move quickly while they're still good.  Where do you find "pectin" these days?  My preserving days ended years ago when my kids [finally] moved out.  Now, I have to learn the technique all over again.  I suppose as a hint, my younger son gave me a complete set of preserving equipment two years ago for Christmas. It's sat in my pantry for all this time.  Now I retrieve it and it has everything, large pot, jars, lifters, everything--except pectin.  So after I'm finished this post, off to the grocery store I go to get the necessary sugar, lemon and pectin,  The blueberries will be safely sealed in small jars by this evening.  I plan on eventually making special Christmas labels for them on the computer and putting ribbon on them, just before giving them as gifts.

But for now...I have a lot of items to discuss on this CawRANT Events.  So here goes:  It's still very hazy and smokey here in Vancouver.  This is due to one of the worst fire seasons in history.  There is no rain in the short term forecast.  People with respiratory diseases are suffering.  I can feel the effects when I walk my dogs.  The air is acrid and heavy, not healthy.  People are largely staying inside.  Ironically, the gardens are going nuts!  My vegetable patch is the best in 30 years.  Beans and tomatoes up the yingyang and of course, those pesky, hard to cook zuchinnis.  There were two mammoth zuchinnis in my vegetable garden when we got back.  Didn't know what to do with them so put them at the end of our driveway in a brown paper bag with "Free Zuchinnis" written on the outside.  They were gone by early next morning.

The people hit hardest by the weather are, of course, the poor and homeless who cannot escape the city...not that it's any better anywhere else in BC.  I notice a small uptick in "rough sleeping" as the Brits say in the local forests but not anything as bad as last year when there were tent cities everywhere.  The city has definitely put a clamp on it.

I wanted to say a few words about the drug situation in the Lower mainland BC and elsewhere in Canada.  According to a recent Globe and Mail article, nearly all street drugs in Vancouver contain fentanyl.  Now, who's behind this diabolical strategy?...which is quite clearly aimed at putting the small "mom and pop" drug dealers out of business...leaving the big market to Big Pharma.  Big Pharma wants to take over the marijuana business and le Dauphin is rolling out the welcome mat here in Canada.  Meanwhile, from what I read recently a city known world-wide for legalized marijuana is going to the dogs:

Amsterdam going to the dogs - legalized marijuana a proximate cause?

Apparently Amsterdam, like San Francisco, is becoming a degenerate, run down city with lots of filthy streets, crime and homelessness.  That's what happens of course when the government condones the "drug lifestyle".  Here in Vancouver just a few weeks ago the local paramedics responded to 130 suspected overdose calls on a Friday, the highest ever in one day.  And, didn't I read somewhere that there were upwards of 40 overdoses on a "synthetic" marijuana [street name:  "Spice"] in a period of 48 hours in one city park in eastern US?

This marijuana legalization is a pandora's box and who's yanking le Dauphin's chain to legalize it here in Canada?  I'd like to know.

Buzz Aldrin - the entire interview where he
seems to equivocate on "going to the mooooooon"

I'm always returning to one of the greatest hoaxes in human history...which is still going on.  That is, the NASA Apollo Voyages to the Mooooooooooooooon beginning in the late 1960's and continuing into the early 1970's.  A YouTube clip appeared on the Internet a few weeks ago of one of the "astronauts" who "went to the moon" kind of admitting to a little girl's question that...maybe he didn't go after all.  Of course, the video clip was airbrushed from the Official History According to Google, FAKEbook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  But you can still watch the whole interview containing the admission in the link above.

If there ever is a "Truth and Reconciliation" Committee assembled in the United States to resolve all the lies and hoaxes, not to mention the 9/11 atrocity, the Lunar Hoax should definitely be included.  After all, several so-called "astronauts" lost their lives during that Hollywood extravaganza.

Ongoing Saga of Sex Abuse in the Catholic Church

Just today, one of the two current popes of the Catholic Church addressed the latest eruption of scandal over pedophilia by priests and the coverups of same.  I say ONE of the two Catholic Popes--because Francis cannot be a pope while Benedict [aka "Benny the Rat"] is still alive.  When I grew up in the Catholic Church and studied "Religious Knowledge" in the Catholic schools I attended in primary and high school, that was one of the strictest laws of the church.  A pope was elected by the Cardinals and, once elected, he was the pope until death.  For over 500 years that was the case. The reason this was such an inviolable principle of Catholicism was that the Pope was supposed to be in a direct and uninterrupted lineage from the first pope, St. Peter. Then Benny suddenly and mysteriously stepped down...allowing a new election and Francis to take over.  Benny went into "retirement".

Now, I ask my can Francis say anything about the ongoing cover-up of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, when he himself is sitting on the biggest cover-up of them all...WHY BENNY THE RAT HAD TO RESIGN!  Isn't that the height of hypocrisy?!  Was Benny a pedo?  We suspect that Benny's brother [also high up in the Catholic clergy] may be a pedo because there's court case going on about it in Italy.

The Catholic Church is, no doubt, in deep, deep doo doo.  Be that as it may, it always makes me smile at the convenient timing of these pedophile disclosures.  They always seem to happen just when Israel and the Jews are on the ropes over their treatment of Palestinians.  It's almost as if the Jews, through their absolute control of the M$M trot out some scandal vis a vie the Catholic Church on cue, as a...wait for it...distraction from the government-sanctioned oppression and immorality that has been going on against Palestine with no relief in if there were a moral equivalency to be found there somewhere.  Lately, it has been revealed that the Israeli government withheld tons of mail addressed to Palestinians over a period of 8 years!  In my books that's the worst kind of theft ever. A government denying citizens their own personal property--a government that doesn't see fit to provide one of every government's most fundamental services--mail delivery.

Speaking of governments failing to provide the most basic services, this time vis a vis the Internet, Mark Dice gives information in the video below about how Twitter, YouTube, etc. are "shadow banning" certain voices from being heard on the Internet.  This discussion begins about half way through the following video.

Mark Dice on Shadow Banning and other
nasty anti "Net Neutrality" ploys

Net Neutrality Explained

Here the Saker has published a post regarding the "war for net neutrality".  Western governments have completely lost sight of the fact that their only purpose of existence is to provide services to the citizens that the citizens want and are willing to provide money for through their taxes.  That's it!  Now it appears that the poohbahs that control the Internet are going to micro-manage it down to the fine points like Mark Dice explains in the video below:  Twitter is thinking of hiding "likes" and "followers" because the alt media is "killing" M$M in these categories.  I like Dice's explanations for these shenanigans as he is simple, direct, to the point and he even has a wry sense of black humour about the manipulations.

Mark Dice on Twitter Changes to 
hide popularity of alternative views

Assange persecution by US - "dark days" of Journalism

While it's okay to have a few guffaws over the petty, control-freak behaviour of the PTB there really is a darker side to this paranoia. Witness the plight of one of the last investigative journalists in the bidness, Julian Assange.  Assange has been persecuted and "jailed" for most of the last decade.   That's where all this petty social media manipulation joked about by Dice is actually headed.  That and total ownership/control of the Internet by the CIA...or, as I like to call it, the MosCIAd.  According to Paul Craig Roberts...this is already the case.  The CIA owns/controls all the mainstream Internet news media in North America and Europe.

Political Prisoners in the "lands of the free"

But in some rare good news, Ahed Tamimi was recently freed from Israeli prison.  Unfortunately, she was immediately replaced by a young Russian woman, Maria Butina, who was picked up by the FBI on some obscure and unproven allegations of "spying" and then thrown in one of those quintessential US torture prisons--where she has been placed in solitary confinement...without a trial, no less.  And people still don't get it when I keep saying THERE IS NO LAW IN USRAEL.

No Law, No Justice 

No law and no justice, whether it be local, state, federal or international.  The "law" only applies to the lower classes.  The upper crust and the government itself [including the military] are "above the law".  Lately we have the instance where the US has applied more sanctions to Turkey, ostensibly because Turkey is holding an American, Pastor Andrew Brunson, in jail, resulting from the US backed "Gulen" attempted coup of 2016.  In a slap to the face to all thinking Americans, the US Government is pretending that Turkey is holding this Brunson in a political vacuum.  They never mention the well known fact that the US is protecting a Turk named Fethullah Gulen, the "mastermind" of the failed coup and a CIA asset who is living near CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. After a formal request for Gulen's extradition to Turkey, Turkey submitted boxloads of evidence of Gulen's involvement in the failed coup...all ignored by the "above the [international] law" US.  How much longer will Americans tolerate these insults to their intelligence?

Cesspool, USA

And, finally, just more proof that Hollywood/the "Entertainment Industry"  is just a disgusting cesspool. Let me see if I can keep this straight.  This female director, one of the originators of the #Me too" movement outing powerful male sexual predators" amongst entertainment, news and sports celebrities, has herself been outed.  A young male actor says he was paid over $350,000.00 to stay quiet about her sexually attacking him.  I'm really trying to imagine how that "attack" went down.  It defies my poor understanding of human biology.  However, you never know what the Hollywood pedos/Satanists will do for a thrill.  Perhaps she drugged him with Viagra--and then later with a knock out drug.  Who knows.

Well, back to earth and back to my blueberry jam. Need to find me some pectin.  That's enough for this CawRANT Events.  Bye until next time.

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glad you are back gc. as for coincidences. it is not without significance that just as "ordinary" persons had or were about to get one of themselves into position to make the paint do as it says on the tin that it all got torpedoed. I cite POTUS and Pope. both dead burned out hulks awaiting the destroyers dispatch.

funny that.