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BREAKING NEWS: Head of Ukraine Resistance Aleksandr Zakharchenko Assassinated By Terrorists*

 by Western-Backed Neo Nazi Terrorists

Texas - Fighter for the DPR
Reports on Zakharchenko's Assassination
My personal condolences
to you, Texas
and to all people in the
 Donetsk Peoples Republic
 - greencrow

Well, They've done it. They've murdered all three of the leaders of the successful 2014-16 resistance battle by the Donbass against the Kiev Junta Western-backed Terrorists.  Givi, Motorola and now Zakharchenko.  Please read the report from RT and I will have more comments to follow:


An explosion that rocked a cafe in central Donetsk city, in eastern Ukraine, has killed Aleksandr Zakharchenko, the leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, and injured several other top officials.
Media reports said that Zakharchenko was severely injured as a blast hit a restaurant called ‘Separ’ in Donetsk city center. He died later in a local hospital.
“The head of the DNR, Alenksandr Zakharchenko, has died as a result of a terrorist act,” a spokesperson of the self-p
Moscow condemned 42-year-old Zakharchenko’s murder, adding that it could be detrimental to the whole peace process in Ukraine. The death of the DNR leader could have a particularly negative impact on the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, Konstantin Kosachev, the head of the Russian Senate’s International Affairs Committee, said.
There is “every reason to believe” that Zakharchenko’s murder was orchestrated by Kiev, which “has repeatedly resorted to such methods to get rid of dissidents and undesirables,” Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said.
“Instead of abiding by the Minsk Agreements and seeking ways to resolve the internal [Ukrainian] conflict, the Kiev warmongers opted for a terrorist scenario, thus exacerbating an already tense situation in the region,” she added. The Ukrainian security service, the SBU, has denied involvement in the killing of the DNR head.
Zakharchenko headed the self-proclaimed republic since November 2014 when a crisis broke out in Ukraine following a military coup d’état that ousted a lawfully-elected president. The Eastern Ukrainian provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk engaged in open conflict with Kiev since they refused to accept the new government, following the 2014 coup, and established the self-proclaimed republics. He previously survived several assassination attempts.


Greencrow says:  Readers, my fingers are just shaking as I type this.  I feel sick. The shock of the evilness of the Western globalist Ziofascist perps never ceases to amaze me.  This is an extreme provocation to Russia and Putin.  It shows that the neonazi perps (usual suspects) will never give up killing and destroying this planet.  They have a Satanic mission that they are driven to carry out.  Their bloodlust is relentless.  Their gofers--like Canada's Chrystia Freeland--must be so proud at this moment....Every time I look at her face I am reminded of all the dead heroes of the Donbass.  It says a lot when the only "Red Letter Days" and causes for celebration for these POS...are when people are killed.  These Satanists and their followers should connect the dots.

RIP Aleksandr Zakharchenko. Your couragageous, dignified and intelligent leadership of your people will be remembered by freedom and peace loving people all over the world forever.  You will be an inspiration to ALL OF US in the years to come.  Hopefully, more leaders such as yourself will rise in the Donbass to take your place.  The Resistance Will Go On and Prevail!

*Okay folks, I've had a couple of hours now to absorb this latest horror coming out of the Donbass.  My opinion now is that Russia must use this latest atrocity to absorb the Donbass into its Federation, ASAP.  That is the only way that leaders will be protected with adequate security.  It will also send a crystal clear message to the Kiev Junta and their Western handlers that--just like the Crimea--when you terrorize and murder you lose.

UPDATED: NAFTA goes down to US-imposed "wire" Canada not yet lying down, rolling over and putting four paws in the air...Whaaaaaa?

UPDATED:  Trump quoted as saying "[the US's] position is going to be so insulting that they're [Canada] not going to be able to make a deal".  So far from near to the United States of America [old Canadian saying].

Trump and Trudeau

U.S. says Canada has made no concessions on dairy access issue as NAFTA deadline lingers

I just want to jump in here midst all the media frenzy and hysteria.  What's the worse that can happen if Canada and the US don't reach a deal re NAFTA?  Canada can go its own way and sell to a broader trade base and make better deals, more friends and more allies all over the world.  Perhaps we'll recover just a bit of the respect we've lost through unmitigated vassalage/toadying over the past 30 or more years.

The big sticking point at the last moment is dairy.  Forgive me, I just don't understand.  Canada has rules and regulations prohibiting hormones in dairy and the US doesn't.  Does Canada need to change its banning of noxious substances so we can have our market flooded with harmful and substandard products?  Well....I guesssssss sooooooooo! According to Trump anyway.

But the incessant drum beat Canada is supposed to be marching to keeps beating away.  Here is the latest on the negotiations from the BBC:

"Talks between the US and Canada about amending the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) are heading into their final day with no deal in sight.

US President Donald Trump set a Friday deadline for Canada to sign a new agreement with the US and Mexico. He has threatened to leave Canada on the sidelines since announcing a breakthrough with Mexico on Monday.However, he and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have both said they are hopeful a deal is close.
Clock is ticking for Canada in US trade negotiations

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer is holding talks in Washington with Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland aimed at reaching a new deal.

Following four separate meetings on Thursday, which continued late into the night, Ms Freeland told reporters that a deal could not be reached, adding that talks would resume on Friday."

After yesterday's fiasco over the Trans mountain pipeline Appeal Court Decision--sending the Federal government back to the environmental approval drawing board--on the very same day that the "Trans Mountain Shareholders" voted to approve the multi-billion dollar deal to Canada...Trudeau can't be any further down the swirly than he already is...or can he?

Finally, I can't imagine any more chilling subliminal message to Canada than the one that Trump delivered to the WTO yesterday...threatening to pull out of the WTO unless it "shapes up".  The reason?  The WTO regards the US's sanctions on Russia to be the same as Russia's sanctions on the US.  According to Trump...there's no correlation.  Dontchaknow that the US is ALLOWED to sanction Russia...or whatever state it wants to...BUT, any other state is FORBIDDEN to sanction the US?  That's simply the way things are when you're a unipolar Empire.

With that kind of can ANY deal be made and maintained?  Quit while you're ahead, Justin!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Justice/Legal System in Canada not entirely in Corporate Pockets...Yet - as Two Recent Decisions Show

Burrard Inlet - Lower Vancouver Mainland
Kinder Morgan Refinery in Lower Right of Photo

Two recent legal decisions give hope to Canadians that our Justice/Legal System is not yet entirely in the pockets of the big Corporations.  The International Corporations are no doubt shocked to their very they generally take for granted being able to get their way with the "Justice" [sic] system south of the border.

Trans Mountain Pipeline Approval was quashed by the Canadian Federal Court of Appeal in a stunning announcement this morning.  Here is a snippet from the report from the National Post and I will have more comments to follow:

CALGARY — The Federal Court of Appeal dealt the Trans Mountain expansion project a major setback Thursday, ruling the government of Canada had not fulfilled its duty to consult with First Nations on the pipeline from Alberta to British Columbia.

The decision means the National Energy Board will have to redo its review of Kinder Morgan Canada’s project. In a written decision, the court says the energy board’s review was so flawed that the federal government could not rely on it as a basis for its decision to approve the expansion.

The court also concludes that the federal government failed in its duty to engage in meaningful consultations with First Nations before giving the green light to the project. That decision means the government will have to redo part of its consultations with Indigenous groups...."

Greencrow says:  It's very simple.  The Canadian Government wrote up some guidelines they would follow in consulting Indigenous peoples along the pipeline route.  Then they simply ignored their own guidelines and asked the court to rubber stamp approval for the pipeline construction.  Normally, non consultation would not make any difference.  The pipeline project would still have been approved and to hell with the indigenous peoples.

What went wrong was the pipeline winds its way through some very pricy real estate in Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver.  This suburb has already suffered the effects of having the Oil Refinery and the pipeline in its neighbourhood.  There was a very bad spill a decade or so ago, which scared the bejesus out of homeowers perched on their multimillion dollar lots overlooking the Inlet.  Additionally, there is the ongoing problems related to the toxins released by the Refinery...diseases like Parkinsons have been traced back to exposure to these toxins.  Some famous former Burnaby residents like actor Michael J. Fox and native woodcarver Bill Reid have come down with Parkinsons.

Canadian History is rife with incidents where the indigenous people's concerns have been used to block government/corporate moves that the majority of Canadians don't want anyway [see, for eg., the failed "Meech Lake Accord" of the 1980's] but don't seem to have the power/voice that the First Nations people do. The reason for this is The Indian Act, which dates back to Confederation...and gives a lot of hidden power to first nations.  Nobody knows exactly how this works because it has never played out to the full extent in court but it's something about how the "Indians" [as First Nations were known back then], if they are severely oppressed, can go directly to "The Queen"--and don't have to play around with [and get played by] the courts and the government.  Like I say, nobody wants to find out how much power the First Nations really they give First Nations a very wide berth when trying to push through these projects that infringe on their territories and rights.

So, as has happened numerous times in the past...the Indigenous Peoples of Canada came to the rescue regarding the Kinder Morgan Pipeline potential environmental catastrophe.  No matter what the corporate-paid-for public opinion polls say...or lie about...British Columbians don't want that friggin' pipeline.  We want the government to wean the population off carbon fuels and stop fracking and destroying the lands in the Canadian North. We also don't want three big pipelines traversing through high density urban lands in a high earthquake zoneWe also don't want our coastal water ways clogged up with Gawd knows how many leaky oil tankers.  Get it?!!!!!

And, in an even more shocking decision this past week....

British Columbia will sue Opioid Manufacturers for costs of Overdoses in a class action law suit.

It's about time that some authority purporting to represent the people stood up to Big Pharma and laid the responsibility for the epidemic of deaths [mostly of young people] at the door of these big corporations where it belongs.  Please read the details from the Kelowna Daily Courier.

There are about forty big pharmaceutical companies named in the class action lawsuit.  The BC government wants compensation for all the expenses it has had to bear resulting from the epidemic of overdoses during the past three years. They say the Big Parmaceutical companies are liable, due to their negligence in not warning doctors and users of the product about its highly addictive qualities and fatal "side effects" when used in excess or in combination with other substances.  Some expenses borne by the BC Government include the cost of "Naxalone" kits supplied to drug users and the First Responder Paramedics plus the cost of emergency response to hundreds of overdose cases every weekend.  

I'm thoroughly in support of this "first of its kind" class action lawsuit by the BC Government and applaud the New Democratic Party government of Premier John Horgan for initiating it.  I hope that some of the compensation will go to the families all over the province, who are grieving the loss of their loved ones.  Three of the deaths hit home to me because they were young people who belonged to my community and/or were children of friends and neighbours.

And, just a heads up, if this class action law suit is successful, it will spur similar actions, and could break the financial back of the pharmaceutical industry.  Also, it's a warning regarding the indiscriminate corporate pushing of other addictive the soon to be legal "recreational" marijuana.  According to a recent news report....overdoses of high potency marijuana are already being reported in record breaking numbers.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Time for another Lunar Hoax - The Graphics will be Bigger and Better this flubs/outtakes...promise!

US to Establish "Permanent Presence"
on the Moon - Mike Pense

Is Hollywood up for the challenge of more extra-orbital space travel?  Last time, back in 1969, Stanley Kubrick did a bang-up job.  Is there another Graphics genius waiting in the wings?  Are the majority of people [sheeple] just as stupid as they were back in 1969---SURE THEY ARE!!!!

But, first, you'd better lock down the Internet.  Can't have those pesky "truthers" asking annoying, inconvenient questions about Van Allen Belt radiation, rocket power and amount of fuel needed, lack of gravity on the mooooooooooooooooon, no stars in the lunar sky....inadequate space suits, photographic/lighting issues, etc., etc., etc.,

Do You Still Believe We Went to the Moon
Video asks some very "Painful" questions

My blogging colleague Ed(itor) has sent me some wonderful links included in this post. Please dip into this treasure chest of truth and I will have more comments to follow:

Ed(itor)s links

The Two Most Hilarious Things
NASA Has Ever Said

Folks, one way of telling whether your friends and relations are sheeple [dumb@$$s] or to ask them whether they still believe "Man Went To the Moon".  This is now the litmus test for developmental delay/disability.

Sadly, according to the statistics on the numbers of humans who still believe the greatest hoax of the 20th century [and perhaps of all time]--a MAJORITY of Western humanity are stupid beyond repair.  Which does not bode well for the future of the human race but certainly goes a long way in explaining why we're on the precipice of planetary extermination.

As you see from the last video above...NASA has already covered its ass regarding the Apollo's had one of its NASA astronauts ADMIT that the "technology to go to the moon" has been "irretrievably lost" and it's a "very painful process" to recover it.

So the dufus's who still believe the official story are not even aware that NASA has ALREADY admitted that going to the moon is not technically feasible.

And here's the killer...according to the first link...the US governments wants billions MORE of taxpayer's money to perpetrate yet another space hoax on humanity.  Guess the need for a distraction must be urgent...wonder what assassinations, wars, and financial fraud they have up their sleeves...that they need to get everybody looking away...and up into the sky/at their talmudvisions again.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

"Void of any legitimacy, a parallel hierarchy in New York and Washington intends to plunge the world into a generalised conflict." Thierry Meyssan

Russian Federation Triad of Leadership
Shoigu, Lavrov and Putin

Thierry Meyssan is more literate in English translation from French than most of the talking and/or writing heads of the M$M are in their native English.  In the relatively short post copied from the blog ThereAreNoSunglasses, but originally appearing in Meyssan pulls back the smoke and mirrors curtain that shrouds the workings in Western Halls of power--specifically the United Nations and the US federal government.  Please read Meyssan's post and I will have more comments to follow:

Russia denounces the diarchy at the heart of the UNO and the USA

Monday, August 27, 2018

UPDATED: False Flags 'R' US - US planning another attack on Syria...Russia Thinks It Will Happen Within Hours

BREAKING NEWS:  A Iran/China military drill going on since June in Strait of Hormuz just went "live" and, according to Seemorerocks, Iran has just "secured" full control of the Strait of Hormuz.   This development is also being reported by PressTV, the official news service of Iran.  In combination with the recent warnings by Russia contained in my post of this morning below...this should make the fine hairs on the back of necks of ALL truth bloggers stand on end.

Syrian Territory Recovered from Proxy Terrorists
as of August, 2018 - White Areas are still
under foreign/proxy occupation

The Russian Federation Ministry of Defense (MOD) has taken the unusual step of issuing a formal statement predicting that the US and its allies/proxies in Syria will stage another false flag "chemical attack" on Syrian citizens. As per usual, they will blame the attack on Syrian President Bashar "attacks his own people" al Assad.  This is the ploy used by the Ziofascist perps to attack Syria last April.  Sadly, vassal states like UK and France are also involved in this conspiracy.

Why would the "usual suspects" plot yet another transparent crime of mass murder against Syria, a country which has almost mopped up the proxies USrael sent there seven or eight years ago now in a vain attempt to turn Syria into chaotic rubble...just like Iraq and Libya before it?

Well, just look closely at the above map of Syria and think for a moment about how close Syria came to being wiped off the map and thus wiped off the face of the earth.  The plan to destroy Syria, one of US General Wesley Clark's "Seven Countries in Five Years", was fomented back in the late 1900's by Israel and the US MIC--with its lackeys in the US and Europe.  The plan to destroy Syria, along with its ancient culture, multi-religions society and infrastructure...leaving only chaos in its wake...just like Iraq and Libya before...was thwarted at the very last minute by Russia.  Russia was invited into Syria in the Fall of 2015 and has since managed, in a close military alliance with Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad's loyal forces...the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) push back the forces of evil as shown in the map above.  The forces of evil have now been relegated to pockets in the southwest [the Golan Heights, illegally occupied by Israel ever since the 67 Middle East land theft war started by Israel....the mid east pocket occupied by the US military invaders/squatters, and the north--occupied by Kurdish terrorists PKK...who have been snookered by USrael into believing they will "get their own nation" if they do proxy service in killing/dislocating the indigenous Syrians in the various regions and stealing their ancestral lands.

Since 2015, Syria along with Russia, Iran, and Turkey, have managed to push back the land thieves into their pockets and the war is coming to an end.  Peace conferences have been going on attended by Russia, Syria, Iran and Turkey. Many Syrians have returned to their cities that were reduced to rubble(TM) by the western backed terrorists and have started to rebuild.  Amazingly, many of the proxy terrorists, including even the Kurds, have made Reconciliation agreements with the Syrian government, laid down their arms and returned to civilian life.  If the current status quo a few years the few pockets of invaders/terrorists will be eradicated (their military bases will become unsustainable).  The Invaders will all leave and Syria will return to its former status as a peaceful nation and home for its millions of citizens.

What could possibly go wrong?

To answer the above question, readers will have to practice what the perps do...and that is invert everything and turn every truth on its head.  In other words...Peace is Bad, War is Good.  So, what has happened over the past three years in Syria is very bad in the view of the perps.  Peace breaking out?  Indigenous peoples being able to hang onto their land, society and culture?  VERY BAD!

The Satan worshippers therefore have a "sacred" duty to impose violence, death and destruction on the latest in an unending series of targeted victims, the Syrians.  They want to provoke an act of such sheer violence and carnage that it will force Russia to act in kind.  Here is a report on the most recent developments.  Please read and I will have final thoughts to follow:

The long-running US and Russian proxy war in Syria has been largely forgotten of late, but suddenly snapped back into international headlines with John Bolton's warning Assad and Russia this week that Washington will respond with "greater military force" should claims of a Syrian government chemical attack emerge in Idlib.

In response, Russia subsequently warned of a staged "chemical provocation" coming and it appears a war of words is yet again ratcheting up over Syria, which has the very real potential of turning into an actual war.

It fits a familiar pattern on Syria since Russian intervention at the invitation of President Bashar al-Assad in 2015: just when it appears the jihadists are on the brink of final defeat, and as stability is returning after seven years of grinding war, something happens to bring things right back to the brink of global crisis and escalation. 
And now, a senior Russian lawmaker in the Federal Assembly (Duma) has called on his government to draw its own "red lines" while suggesting the use of tactical nuclear weapons against United States forces in Syria..."

Greencrow says: Yes, the perps are getting set for one last gasp effort to seize war from the jaws of peace--and death from the jaws of life.  The Russians have taken to employing the strategy that we truthers have been using for years.  Pre-emptively blasting out information about the false flag in the hope that, if everyone knows it's will lose its "false" cover and have to be abandoned.

The trouble with this strategy is that the perps have become so emboldened and desperate that they don't really care if everybody knows who's actually behind the false flag.  They don't care if the fig-leaf justification for their coming missile attack on civilians is ripped away.  They need WAR and they need it NOW.  
The longer that peace is on the table and humanity's hopes are raised...the more the evil ones are starved for their necessary blood and gore.  The "bloodlines" are becoming weak and anemic.  They need to drink the blood of suffering infants and children--before they themselves die of thirst. 

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Saudi Arabia is boycotting purchasing Canadian Wheat...even though it OWNS Canada's Wheat Board...say Whaaaaa?!

Canadian Wheat Board - What Happens to That
...Now that Canada has "Unfriended" SA?

Gather around kiddies and I'll tell you a story.  It's kind of a tragedy with an element of horror. Long ago, when the greencrow was very young and very green....Canada owned Canada.  I know, I know, it's hard to believe these days but yes, Canadians used to own agencies like, well, like the Canadian Wheat Board.  We used to sell our wheat...which is the largest commodity we have...all over the world.  Hey, we sometimes even GAVE our wheat nations that had suffered some catastrophes like drought or famine.  It was one of the reasons why most of the other nations respected and even liked Canada.

But those days are long gone.  You see, a very bad man called Stephen Harper became Prime Minister a decade or more ago and he had some very bad friends who lived in other countries.  Harper sold off Canadian Institutions for pennies on the dollar and the Canadian Wheat Board was one of them.  Now Canadians don't even own the Board that manages the largest commodity resource that Canada produces.  Can you imagine that!?

Most Canadians, I wager, don't even know that the Canadian Wheat Board was sold out from under us.  We were probably busy and mesmerized by all the media distractions set up so that the PTB can pull these stunts on a regular basis...until Canada has nothing left and no sovereignty to speak of.

But, folks, it gets even worse.  Do you know WHO Harper sold a controlling interest in the Canadian Wheat Board to?  Take a guess.  I will give you a big clue.  What country is Canada having a big fight with recently?  What country has put sanctions on Canada and is pulling its assets out of Canada at the moment?  Yes, you guessed it.  Saudi Arabia!

Incredible to believe, but Saudi Arabia, our sworn enemy [du jour], now owns 51% of the Canadian Wheat Board.  And worse even than that...the agreement that sold the Canadian Wheat Board to SA stipulated that SA could buy up the remaining shares for cash from the Wheat Farmer's Union Members.

What a SWEET deal!

Who negotiated such a sweet deal--for Saudi Arabia?  Well, someone nicknamed "The Ritz Cracker"  here's a photo of him back in the heyday when he was Harper's Minister of Agriculture.  Below the photo is the laudatory description from the Agricultural Union's induction of Gerry into its "Hall of Fame".

"The Ritzcracker" Sold Canada Down the River

"From his rural Saskatchewan roots, the Honourable Gerry Ritz served as federal agriculture minister during a period when Canada’s agri-food sector became recognized as an economic powerhouse. During his 20-year political career as Member of Parliament for Battlefords-Lloydminster, Ritz served as Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food from 2007–2015 and put Canadian agriculture on the world map. He expanded market access for the industry, forged valuable international trading deals, provided market freedom post-Canadian Wheat Board, pushed for innovation through Growing Forward, and limited the damage from challenges including BSE and Country of Origin Labelling. Gerry Ritz lives in St. Walburg, SK and was nominated by the Alberta Wheat Commission, Alberta Barley Commission and Canadian Cattlemen's Association."


"The Ritzcracker was quite a negotiator"

Here is a different view of Gerry harvested from the comments forum of the Union website

From July 18, 2018 forum comments

samhill Jul 14, 2018 | 15:09 Article in Mb Cooperator re CWB sale and up to $21,7xx to each farmer.

But seems to be no completion/finalization?

grassfarmer Jul 14, 2018 | 16:22 2

Originally Posted by samhill

Article in Mb Cooperator re CWB sale and up to $21,7xx to each farmer.

But seems to be no completion/finalization?Yeah, they are tracking down the farmers that supported the CWB, those that wanted it destroyed won't get a cheque.

farmaholic Jul 14, 2018 | 16:34 3 .....fake news.

Re: G3 Farmer's Equity allocations

It will be interesting to see how the $5/tonne patronage equity will be handled once the Companie's mandated total allocation allotment has been reached. No one knows if the $5 will be $2.50 or $10.00 once a true value is assigned....right now all they are is "units". "SWP/Viterra" revisited?

Apparently not all "units" have yet been allocated.

We don't have a G3 on our doorstep so haven't done much business with them. Anyone who deals with them regularly know what's happening with the "equity/units"...from the "statements" I receive...not much...yet.

Last edited by farmaholic; Jul 14, 2018 at 16:36.

mustardman Jul 14, 2018 | 16:53 4 Sale of CWB ?? You mean give away . Government told the Saudis if they promised to build some infrastructure in the future ,they could have CWB and all assets!!

Kind of like going to buy a house and the owner says "you can have it for Free, as long as you promise to build a deck !

The ritzcracker was quite a negotiater

Rareearth Jul 14, 2018 | 17:49 5 More or less $500 year.


Oliver88 Jul 14, 2018 | 18:21 6

Originally Posted by farmaholic

.....fake news.

Re: G3 Farmer's Equity allocations

It will be interesting to see how the $5/tonne patronage equity will be handled once the Companie's mandated total allocation allotment has been reached. No one knows if the $5 will be $2.50 or $10.00 once a true value is assigned....right now all they are is "units". "SWP/Viterra" revisited?

Apparently not all "units" have yet been allocated.

We don't have a G3 on our doorstep so haven't done much business with them. Anyone who deals with them regularly know what's happening with the "equity/units"...from the "statements" I receive...not much...yet.If you phone the G3 office in Calgary they will inform you that your equity can be cashed in but you must be 75 years old or older.

farmaholic Jul 14, 2018 | 18:26 7 O88....some days I feel like I'm 75 years old but I'm no where close yet.

Stoopid equity programs....who needs it at 75 after inflation eroded its value."


Greencrow says: Fast forward to August, 2018 and Canadians, particularly Canadian Wheat Farmers, are getting very worried about Saudi Arabia's controlling interest in the Canadian Wheat Board. After all, couldn't SA just up and SELL the interests to another "nation"? Now, lemmeeseeeeeee….just WHO are the bestest friends of SA? the little borderless entity, for one. Here is a recent article that reports the Canadian Farmers are suggesting/recommending that Canada buy back the CWB. No kidding!!!! Please read and I will have final thoughts to follow:


August 23, 2018 3:34 pm

Updated: August 24, 2018 8:43 am

"Union calls on Trudeau government to buy back Canadian Wheat Board from Saudi interests

Editor’s Note: (August 24, 2018) This story was updated to clarify the influence that Saudi interests have in the Canadian Wheat Board.

A union representing port and transportation workers in Churchill, Man. is calling on the Canadian government to buy back its majority interest in the Canadian Wheat Board, which was sold to G3 Global Grain Group – a partnership between Bunge Canada and a Saudi investment company – in 2015.

The Union of Canadian Transportation Employees said in a press release Thursday that the Saudi government’s decision to stop buying Canadian grain proves that it can’t be trusted to uphold the interests of Canadian farmers. Saudi Arabia’s state wheat-buying agency said Aug. 7 that it would no longer buy Canadian wheat and barley amid an escalating diplomatic spat between the two countries.

READ MORE: ‘Business as usual’ says Saudi-backed Canadian Wheat Board owners

“Their actions to stop buying Canadian wheat and barley should be the final nail in the coffin,” said UCTE national president Dave Clark.

Established in 1935, the Canadian Wheat Board was sold by the previous Conservative government to Global Grain Group (G3), a joint venture of the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Co. and American grain company Bunge, in 2015.

G3 purchased 50.1 per cent of the board for $250 million, and renamed it to G3 Canada Ltd. The government said the remaining 49.9 per cent was to be kept in trust for grain farmers, although G3 has the option to buy back the units from farmers at market value in 2022. 

The Conservative government at the time said the sale would help modernize Canada’s grain sector to stimulate investment and create jobs.

WATCH: John Baird attacks Trudeau government during interview on Saudi TV

But the union says the Harper government erred in selling the Canadian Wheat Board to the firm.

The union says it plans to write to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “to ask for his immediate action to protect Canadian producers by restoring the Canadian Wheat Board to Canadian farmers.”

READ MORE: How Saudi Arabia selling Canadian assets could affect our economy

For its part, the Saudi government hasn’t said whether it plans to sell its stake in G3.

Analysts said the Middle East had been importing less wheat from Canada and the United States in recent years due to higher shipping costs, while China has become a bigger barley buyer.

“There will be plenty of opportunities for Canada to sell barley and wheat elsewhere,” said Chuck Penner, analyst with LeftField Commodity Research, based in Winnipeg.

WATCH: Saudi TV falsely accuses Canada of ‘freedom of opinion’ arrests

According to Statistics Canada, the Canadian government’s statistics agency, total Canadian wheat sales to Saudi Arabia excluding durum were 66,000 tonnes in 2017 and 68,250 tonnes in 2016. Canadian barley sales totaled 132,000 tonnes in 2017.

But given tightening global EALITgrain supplies due to weather problems in Russia, Europe and Australia, Canada might have been poised to win more Saudi barley business.

“This year could have been a year where we could have seen some (Canadian) barley trade there in October-November,” said Jerry Klassen, manager at trading house GAP SA Grains and Products in Winnipeg.

— With files from Reuters and the Canadian Press."


Greencrow concludes:  So, folks, that's the sad story of how Canada was snookered out of one of its most precious possessions...control of its largest commodity--wheat. The problem is that these people are so evil, so relentless, so devious....that it's impossible for Canadians to keep track of all the nefarious stuff they're up to 24/7. Who knows who got the bribes and kickbacks from the sale of the CWB.

Who knows if Saudi Arabia will even agree to sell the CWB back to Canada...why doesn't it just GIVE the Board to its bestest buddy, Israel? Oh yes, and another part of the CWB was sold to the US...the "Democracy" to the south that we're also tangled up with in an unfriendly NAFTA negotiation.

No wonder Maxime Bernier called the Conservatives irredeemably corrupt the other day when he quit abruptly....and announced he wants to start his own party. He said he wants to tackle the issue of "supply management". It's all starting to make sense to me now. How about YOU?

Friday, August 24, 2018

Monty Python Star Tells It Like It Is...then Kisses off Jolly Olde

John Cleese is leaving the UK because
of disillusionment with Media and Brexit

John Cleese, formerly a creator and star of the British Comedy Hit Show "Monty Python", is leaving the UK for good.  He says he's immigrating to a small island in the Caribbean where he's been living for most of the time during the past few years anyway.

Watch the video above and you will see in clear terms why Cleese is disillusioned.  First, look at the background graphics and note how they're used in an insidious way to belittle and minimize what Cleese has to say about what's wrong with the British media and politics.  Res Ipsa Loquitur - the thing speaks for itself.

Then listen to the BBC woman interviewer.  When Cleese confronts her with a bar graph showing statistical evidence of massive British public disillusionment with the media...she laughs it off and dismisses it by saying words to the effect: "Just because people don't believe [what the media is telling them] doesn't mean it isn't true."  Such unbounded arrogance!  This talking head would have her audience believe that the entire European continent is wrong about what's true...and the BBC is right!

You know a society is in its terminal stages when one of its cultural icons is so frustrated with the status quo that he has to announce he's an effort to wake up the elite as to what they're doing and how it's destroying the nation.  I wish she'd asked him to explain a bit more about why he's a supporter of proportional representation.  If John Cleese thinks it's a good idea, perhaps I'd better have another look at the concept.

In another 25 years from now, when the dust has settled around the rubble of the once great and glorious "British Empire", hopefully YouTube will have squirreled away important interviews like the one above somewhere [and not airbrushed them from history which is what they've currently been doing with these kinds of videos].  If so, historians will have an insight into the kinds of warnings that were sounded by elders and those with a few brains in their heads--who are NOT sheeple.  Many people of wisdom and experience have spoken up but there are none so deaf as those who WILL NOT hear.

"Five Eyes" Leadership is Becoming Star Crossed

Trying to sort out the Leadership Crises
in three of the Five Eyes Vassal States
(Canada, Australia and New Zealand)
is making Observers Cross-Eyed

It's a very interesting coinkydynk that there are leadership Crises going on in three of the Western "Five Eyes" Vassal States--Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  First, as I reported on in my previous post, there is the shocking defection of MP Maxime Bernier from the Conservative Party of Canada.  He's gone off to start his own party---within a year of a coming federal Election.

Then we have the sudden resignation of the Prime Minister of Australia, who was replaced by another member of his caucus.  Here is that story according to the "Mother of all Lying Media" the BBC:

Here's what's going on in Australia according to the BBC

And finally, and most contentious of all...we have the expense account scandal going on in one of the federal parties in New reported by fellow blogger Robin Westenra in his blog "Seemoreocks"

Political crisis on both sides of the Tasman 

I find it strangely entertaining that all three vassal states would be going through the leadership wash, rinse and spin dry cycle at the very same time.  It's like the perps want to get all this petty and annoying "leadership thingy" out of the way before the next big international crisis. aka war.  According to the reports, all the leaders in power were suffering from poor polls.  While these poor poll numbers are officially blamed in the M$M all sorts of factors...the true reasons for the disgust by the most likely anathema to the ongoing vassalage to international, globalist perps.  So the strategy in all three vassal states is just to "change shirts".  Put on a fresh shirt [new leader] and get on with it.  But all the musical chairs is making for a very cross--and cross-eyed electorate.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

What/Who's Behind Bernier's Decision to form a New Federal Party? Canada in the Crosshairs

Maxime Bernier - Former Federal
 Conservative Leadership Candidate 
- Now Quit to form his own Splinter Party

Folks, this is what happens in Canada when you have three unelectable political leaders.  One of the parties becomes like those single cell paramecia you learned about in High School. It simply divides and becomes two paramecium.

Paramecium Single Cells Dividing 

Please read this Breaking News from the CBC and I will have more comments to follow:

From the CBC

MP Maxime Bernier quits 'morally corrupt' Conservatives, plans to start new party

Divisive Quebec MP Maxime Bernier made a scorched earth exit from the Conservatives today, while announcing plans to start his own federal party.

Bernier, who represents the riding of Beauce, made the announcement Thursday morning in Ottawa as the party's policy convention kicks off in Halifax.

"I have come to realize over the past year that this party is too intellectually and morally corrupt to be reformed," he said, on the heels of controversial tweets he posted regarding diversity.

"I know for a fact that many in the caucus privately oppose supply management, but buying votes in a few key ridings is more important than defending the interests of Canadians."


The first thing I want to know about Maxime Bernier is whether or not he's allowed to travel to Russia...and is not banned from doing Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.  If he's allowed, then he might just fit my criteria as a candidate to vote for.  That is how sad the current situation is in Canadian politics.

Bernier says he's quitting the Conservative Party because:  a) it's corrupt; and b) he wants to tackle a problem that he feels is all important..."Supply Management".  Let's look closer at these two reasons.


Yes, Canadian Federal Politics is Corrupt to the Core.  But Supply Management has never been mentioned before as a major issue vis a vis corruption.  The major issues surrounding corruption are the Federal agencies, particularly the security agencies (The RCMP and CSIS) which have become just as corrupt as their opposite numbers the FBI and the CIA south of the border.  Will Bernier say "boo" about this terminal stage corruption?  I doubt it.  Then we have The Magnitsky Act.  This Act was passed in Canada as a monkey see/monkey do re the similar sanctions acts against Russia that were passed in the EU and the US.  It's based on the prevarications of one psychopathic fraudster, Bill Browder, who was convicted of Tax theft and tax evasion in Russia.  He has also stolen money from the IRA in the US, but that doesn't seem to have bothered the US agencies mentioned.  He also contributed a significant amount of that stolen money to Hillary's 2016 election campaign.  Again, that does not bother the FBI or the CIA.  Other evidence of deep corruption in Canadian Institutions are the renditioning of Canadians to other states for torture...and the institutionalized strategy of mentoring "Vulnerable Patsies" to break the order for the Agencies to come to the "rescue" and demand a larger budget and more draconian laws--again laws that will mimic the ones imposed south of the border.

Supply Management

This sounds like a convenient political buzzword.  Nobody knows what Bernier really means.  Citizens can read into it what they want to hear...something like "Hope and Change".  Does it mean that Bernier will begin to oppose the crippling economic sanctions that Canada is levying on nations like Russia and Venezuela, that don't toe the line in the view of our neighbour to the south?  I doubt it.

Who's Bankrolling Bernier?

Let's be frank.  Bernier would not have jumped the Conservative Party ship if he didn't have a sturdy lifeboat waiting for him just off the stern of the leaky conservative derelict.  Someone(s) have encouraged him and "banked" this ambitious project--of starting up a whole new party just before an election.  These "someones" have obviously tested the political winds and discovered that Canadians in the millions (just like little moi) are desperate for another choice...or let's say a decent choice.  But I will not commit to voting for Bernier's new party until I learn more about its platform and who's bankrolling its creation.

This is a perilous time in history for the nation state.  Paul Craig Roberts just wrote a sobering post about the "genocide of the greek nation"...where the big international banksters have carved up that little nation and are now feeding off its carcass like vultures.  This appears to be the coming fate of all non nuclear states.  Canada does not have many more chances to "get it right".  By getting it right I mean by building [economic, etc.] alliances with nuclear states that can and will protect us when the vultures start circling.  Hey, I can see them up there swirling around right now!

Oh, and look for le Dauphin to find some kind of excuse to call a "snap election" take place before Bernier gets his party off the ground.  That's the only possible way to save his sorry @$$.