Monday, July 16, 2018

World Cup Wrap-Up

...and then, just as Putin was awarding the World Cup,
the Skies opened up with a drenching rain.

As did a lot of my readers, no doubt, I spent much of the past weekend watching the final games in the World Championship of Soccer.  As well as being the premier sports even on this was also a significant geopolitical event.  Who can ever forget France's Macron celebrating the moment of victory of his team:

France's Macron Celebrating the Moment 
France won the World Cup

When the skies opened up and the torrent of rain fell on Putin and the rest of the dignitaries during the presentation ceremonies, I was reminded of an incident that occurred to me years ago during a visit to Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  It was a brilliantly sunny day and my partner and I were walking through the heart of downtown Amsterdam, with the scenic canals and all.  We happened to be sightseeing at the very same time as the annual Pride Parade.  Suddenly the streets were filled with parade goers and watchers all dressed in flamboyant extreme costumes.  In the canal, a float with a huge penis was making its way towards city centre.  Parents put their children on their shoulders so they could see the float.  It was all very bacchanalian and kind of sickening, to be truthful.

Just as suddenly, I looked into the sky and saw a huge black cloud come scudding across the azure blue sky towards the city centre.  I wondered how such a huge and totally black thunder cloud could appear in such an otherwise clear blue sky.  It was quite an anomaly.  Then a flash of lightning followed by a crack of thunder and a torrent of rain fell out of that cloud like an enormous balloon that had been pricked.

The rain was so heavy and nobody in the crowd had brought umbrellas.  We all scurried for shelter.  My partner and I ended up under an overpass with hundreds of others...drenched to the bone.  The bacchanalian parade had come to a sudden and very soggy end.  This was the first time it ever occurred to me that there might be something in the theories of "Weather Manipulation" and "cloud seeding" that I had read about on the internet.  It was as if that crowd had been deliberately disbursed by a raincloud.  We went back to our hotel and by the time we got there...the rain cloud had passed and it was brilliantly sunny again.  

The memory came back as I watched the skies open up over the stadium at the very moment that Putin came out onto the field to present the trophies and medals.  I watched as the presentation ceremonies were virtually ruined by the rain.  The thought then occurred to me that Putin might have an entire array of unbeatable war weaponry...but unless he can get "climate control" figured out...all his weaponry might come to naught.  I wondered if the skies cleared up the moment the stadium was emptied of sports fans.

The security at the games was the heaviest I have ever seen at a public event.  Security guards, in yellow neon jackets, stood just four feet apart, facing the crowd.  Still, some Pussy Riot protesters stormed the field.  I smiled as I remembered watching a recent video of an interview with Vladimir Putin, where he was asked in English about the group "Pussy Riot".  He responded by asking the interviewer to say the name of the group in Russian.  It turns out there's no way of translating the phrase.  Which tells you all you need to know about the likely source/funding of these protestors.  I think they must be the kissing cousins of the "White Helmets"....anyhoooooooooo.

Most significantly, Putin announced that during the World Cup the Russians successfully fended off 25 million  cyber attacks --which focused on the Russian infrastructure supporting the games.  Can you imagine the stress that put on the individuals involved in cyber security in Russia?  But as we saw by today's media coverage of the meeting between Trump and Putin in Helsinki, the Western press is still pathologically obsessed with the Russian "hacking of the US Presidential election of 2016".  They simply cannot get off the pot!  Here is a short video of the first face to face meeting between Trump and Putin.

Trump and Putin in Helsinki, Finland

I tried to watch the live broadcast of the press conference Trump and Putin gave after their meetings on RT.  The broadcast was interrupted over and over again. Probably being hacked.  So I went to NBC news.  They did not cover it live but did have a propaganda filled written report about it.  This "report" repeated each and every hackneyed chant and mantra about Trump and his over-friendly approach to Putin.  Pity the poor journalist who ever steps out of line and deviates from the script in the West.  But, then that never happens anymore does it.  Where's Matt Lee?  Did he get to ask any questions?

In summary, all I can say is what I said to my husband after I turned off the broadcasts.  I hope Trump makes it back to the US alive.  The side in the undeclared internal civil war going on in the US that hates Trump...let's call them the Clintonistas...will have become absolutely infuriated, watching the love fest going on between Trump and Putin.  Putin has worked his magic.  It appears he's made a friend out of the President of the US.  But.  Let's just see if Trump's bon ami lasts throughout his transatlantic flight home.  As he recently reminded Canada's le dauphin, Trump has at least 20 TV sets on Air force One and so can keep tabs on what's happening on planet Earth...even from 32,000 feet.  Whoopie sh!t!

Perhaps as I type, he's already dissing Putin.... in tweet... after tweet ...after tweet.


Anonymous said...

Russia 2018 - An Unforgettable World Cup

[Ed(itor): Four years ago, I made a commitment to pay attention to this event when it came back around. I did. I watched 10-12 pool games or more, at least 6 of the knockout phase, lots of the succeeding phases including all four of the last four.

It is over. I enjoyed every minute of it. I enjoyed the opportunity to finally embrace and begin to focus on the beautiful game played worldwide and to embrace the people of the world in so doing. FIFA and Russia did a magnificent job as hosts.]

greencrow said...

I agree Ed(itor). It was a magnificent experience to see the world gathering together to focus on youth and sport...instead of old rich banksters and war. Bravo Russia and Bravo Putin!

Anonymous said...

My favorite rain song
I hope it did not drown out the moment
I only watched part of the big game
I missed the end with the rain
I watched some games
I also watch some local American games with the New England revolution
The hosts always call out the drama fairies looking for a free kick
The only part of the game that is disgusting
Cheating for a whistle
My rain song for that moment
I hope they had this feeling
I always do
Where is the soap?
Mother nature is giving me free water to bathe

Love it