Tuesday, July 10, 2018

What's Up with Putin Meeting Netanyahu So Frequently During the Past Few Months?

Daniel in the Lion's Den

History repeats itself as an old saying goes.  In the geopolitical event I will be discussing this morning it looks like the Biblical tale of Daniel going into the Lion's Den is repeating itself as Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to be inserting himself into the more than half century conflict going on in the Middle East.  This is the conflict that began when the Then Empire, Great Britain, ceded the little nation of Palestine over to the Khazarian Jews who are originally from an area in Asia now known as Bulgaria.

Since these Khazarian Jews had no cultural affinity to the indigenous Palestinians, they've treated them like foreigners, interlopers in their own country.  They've rounded the Palestinians up and put them into walled-in reserves.  These reserves have since been constantly denied essentials, such as potable water and ability to trade with other nations for essential goods and services.  The United Nations has decreed that the open air concentration camp called Gaza is already unfit for human habitation and the hundreds of thousands of prisoners [Palestinians] imprisoned therein are being slowly genocided.

The world, particularly the United Kingdom and America, two nations who brought the situation about and allowed it to deteriorate by not exerting any pressure on Israel to negotiate a humane settlement to the issues, have stood by, wringing their hands and saying "Tut, tut" occasionally, like when Israeli planes fly over the prison grounds, dropping incendiary bombs on the unarmed civilian population...shooting fish in a barrel.

Enter Vladimir Putin.  President Putin is fresh from gaining respect and credibility in the Middle East region by stopping the latest Western effort to destroy a country...Syria...dead in its tracks.  He has built up trust in Iran, Syria and even Iraq....one of the US-destroyed countries. Now, it appears that he is about to take on the biggest challenge of his career.  He is about to try and untie the Gordian Knot that is the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  In the past few months Putin has personally met with Netanyahu at least three times. Please read the following report from Tass regarding yet another meeting between the two leaders and I will have more comments to follow:

Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin

From Tass.com

Putin, Netanyahu to discuss Israel-Palestine issue, Syrian conflict on July 11

MOSCOW, July 10. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will hold a meeting on July 11 to discuss bilateral cooperation and global affairs, including the Israel-Palestine issue and the Syrian conflict, the Kremlin press service said in a statement.

"On July 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold a meeting with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu," the statement reads. "The parties are expected to discuss pressing cooperation issues and problems on the global agenda, including ways to resolve the Israel-Palestine issue and the Syrian conflict," the Kremlin press service added.

The Israeli prime minister is also expected to attend the 2018 FIFA World Cup semi-final match between England and Croatia set to be held on July 11.

Greencrow says:  The biggest question to be asked about these meetings is...what "bait" is Putin using to build up trust between himself and Netanyahu?  And what is the quid pro quo for that bait?  First, it's important to acknowledge that there's likely a lot we don't know about the state of affairs between Israel and Russia.  After all, we are dependent on the Mainstream Media, known to be chronic and relentless liars...for details about the dynamics between the two.

Given the dearth of factual, reliable information, I believe my hunches about what's going on are at least as valid as anyone else's. After all, both these men have more to do than meet about nothing.  So I'm going to speculate that the "bait" that Russia is offering is twofold.  He's offering some of Russia's state of the art defense systems...the S400 as an example...for Israel to set up to protect itself from its "enemies du jour" Iran and the like.  It has made so many enemies in the region that Israel has become pathologically paranoid.  Putin is playing to this pathology.  But I believe Putin is also offering a carrot in the form of huge tracts of land in Russia's vast Asian territories.  I read just yesterday where Russia has offered land to about 15,000 South African white farmers who are now feeling "uncomfortable" since the apartheid regime fell.  He may also be offering a share in the "silk road" oil/gas pipelines that are planned to be routed through Syria.  In return, it's obvious what needs to happen vis a vis the Palestinians.  They need to be freed from their concentration camp prisons and allowed equal status throughout their ancestral homeland.  A new state needs to be formed that is neither Israel nor Palestine.  For the sake of discussion, let's call it Judea.

Again, with Putin...negotiation is all about setting up a "win win" situation for all parties...making them offers they cannot logically refuse.  Unlike the United States leaders of the past...he does not plead with or cajole the parties...he offers firm upgrades to their present situation.  That's it.  Whatever Putin is offering Netanyahu, he certainly has his attention.

I will continue to watch this situation closely.  Should Netanyahu become more deeply engaged in negotiations for Middle East Peace...with Putin as the broker...watch for the reaction of the West.  Can we all spell apoplexy?


Northerntruthseeker said...

I was listening to Michael Herzog's The American Awakening (www.theamericanawakening.org) show the other day, and he had Brendan O'Connell on with his take on this Israeli/Russian discussions, and he stated that this has been a long running collusion between Russia and Israel that has serious implications for the world as a whole..

I have long trusted Michael Herzog, for I have been on his show many times up until about 6 years back when he had to quit Oracle Broadcasting, and I found his judgment to be spot on in so many cases... And He also has long said to me to be careful of this illusion of Russia versus Israel, for there is indeed a lot of collusion...

I have always therefore had my own doubts about Putin, Crow... And we should be very careful here, for it may be that there is a game of deception here....

Anonymous said...

They are all in the game

greencrow said...

Hi Northerntruthseeker:

Thanks for your comment. What would be the upside for Putin of collusion with Israel? He has spent a fortune...plus the lives of many Russians...to build trust with Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey in the Middle East. Why would he throw away that hard-earned trust by betraying them with their arch enemy? Why, instead, would he not build upon it to bring peace and prosperity to the Middle East?

Say what you will about Putin...he has always been logical. It is simply NOT logical for Putin to throw away his precious and hard earned trust with his Middle East allies.

greencrow said...

And NTS...why don't you go into your Google profile and update it so that your "Lynx" avatar shows up when you post? That would be nice.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Saying they're all in the NWO "game" doesn't suffice. We're dealing with logic here. As I asked earlier...WHAT is in it for Russia to betray ME allies forged in blood and treasure?

Anonymous said...

I read your comments and thought
It sounds concrete
But then I am thinking that some of you people said Hillary would start the next world war with Russia yet she sold plutonium to them???
None of it makes sense
Why would he be speaking to him while they genocide a tribe???
Why talk??
Why not take action
To me
It goes back to a line in this movie
It is the train scene where he speaks about the fractions fighting
In this clip it is at the 8 minute mark
This video is narrated by a truther showing you the relevant scenes regarding conspiracy
A good watch

They war with each other and sit back and watch the freak show
Or maybe it has something to do with human sacrifice??
You made a great case
But I have to challenge you with anything
After all
Politics never make sense anyway
Who knows
In a few months after all these meetings
You will still ask or say
This makes no sense
It was desighned that away
Now the movie clip from the movie conspiracy theory


Penny said...

I think this is about Golan, mostly
Offering up the status quo to Israel- a thought I hate to think,but,have to entertain as a possibility
Possibly, the silk road plans?

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Thanks for challenging me. This is why I enjoy the comments I get so much.

You say:

"...Why would he be speaking to him while they genocide a tribe???
Why talk??
Why not take action..."

I thought as much at the beginning as well...Why would Putin invite Netanyahu...a known mafia thug...to the Kremlin and sit down with him over tea. The idea of being at the same table as one of the facilitators of 9/11 disgusted me. That is why I used the analogy of Daniel in the Lions Den. To understand you need to read more about Putin and the atmosphere he grew up in. He grew up in St. Petersburg, formerly Leningrad, just after the war which almost killed both his parents and did kill his older brother. He lived in a tenement building and he and his parents had one room to themselves. They shared a small kitchen with Jewish neighbours. There was a lot of fighting going on amongst the adults.

One time Putin tried to join in the argument(s) on the side of his parents but his parents warned him not to do it again. So he just watched and listened to the arguments. Meanwhile, he chased rats through the hallways as a diversion. He used a stick to corner and kill them. Later on he said he learned never to corner a rat.

Putin grew up to become an expert negotiator. He has a masters in law with the emphasis on studies in international legal negotiation. People don't know this about him. Legal negotiation is his forte. He is determined to work out a deal to solve the Palestinian crisis. And it is a crisis...Palestinians are living on condemned property [by the UN] and drinking foul water.

I personally believe Putin was moved to act by the young girl Ahed Tamimi. It was right after the story about her broke that he started meeting with Netanyahu. I believe he identifies with her...because of the similarities of their childhood experiences. I believe he wants to free her and her people.

Of course, it is a win/win and everyone [including the Jews] will win if the Palestinian question is solved.

As for the movie clip. Thanks for the link. Mel Gibson is one of my great heros. His "The Passion of the Christ" is one of the greatest movies ever made.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

You're right. It likely is about the Golan. That's why I called the whole issue a "Gordian Knot". While the Golan legally belongs to Syria...Israel falsely believes it is essential to their security "holding the high ground". It's Putin's challenge to convince them that holding the "high ground" is meaningless with today's advanced weaponry.

But I believe that Putin will offer Netanyahu a huge tract of land right in the Khazarian ancestral homeland. The land will probably be 10 times the size of current Israel. And...it will be on the route of the Silk Road.

This is just a sheer hunch of mine...but it's the kind of thing that would get Netanyahu's attention...which Putin obviously has.


Anonymous said...

Great history lesson if you are correct
I did not think you cared about faith???
I think I mentioned it once as a comment and you sort of ridiculed or challenged me????
So to see you type this biblical stuff is much deeper than my knowledge
I only know some passages and never read the story
For I found hypocritical theories in it
So I was never sure
When you use the word law and If Putin uses that word in Russia a lot I always look at the word law as oppression
I heard the only law you should listen to is the one in the scriptures and man made law contradicts and oppresses people
So in theory he is no different than the Clinton's???
I believe there history is made up of law????
In the movie clip that line where he says they just start instability to sit back and watch the show
Those were not exact words for I have not scene or listened to it but I know it was at the eight minute mark,soon as it started I paused and sent
I still have a feeling they are all in the same club and all the other stuff is entertainment for the sheeple
Remains to be seen
I did not challenge you hard though
Just throwing new world order out is an easy one
I think South Africa is showing us the door??

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

"I did not think you cared about faith???
I think I mentioned it once as a comment and you sort of ridiculed or challenged me????"

Modern, organized religion in the West is a farce. The moment governments discovered that by giving Churches tax-free status they could "own" them...was the end of religion as we knew it.

Any religion that tolerates/sanctions war for any reason other than utter self defense is abominable.

But I do believe in Jesus. Just the way he acted and what he said....the people he riled and how he died... It just has a ring of truth to it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments! I can't help but see the "Gordian Knot" as the terrible stronghold that Israel/Jews have over the US Government/finance/military and all [corrupt] facets of the downward spiral of so-called Democracy. Democracy defines an illusion of fairness but hides the blatant capitalistic power as of a Pyramid. If President Putin is able to untie the Gordian Knot, that I see as lies, corruption and perversion of a sustainable true republic, which would indicate a straight line without knots...the untying and dissolution of that Knot would make Israel completely fall apart, unravel and disappear. Which in itself was negated and illegal from the beginning. It will cause the US corruption to unravel and the fiat dollar to disappear along with the lovers of that mammon. Putin was able to accomplish it for a stable Russia...then why not the ME and beyond? After all trade is a road without knots if it is to be successful and since he has the partnership of major ME nations...Illegal Israel will have to abide by the rules of the partnership as not a state but a province of Russia. Palestine can return to legitimacy or as part of the governance of Syria. (After all Palestinians have been part of Syria/Lebanon/Jordan as refugees and as in the case of Syria, fighting in and along with the SAA to liberate her. So in this "deal" as you say...Putin must make a deal that will stabilize the ME...which will in turn cut off the power of Jews/Israel and their nightmarish dreams...whilst cutting off the arrogant aid of the fake/fiat dollar by allowing it to disappear in the imaginations just as it came to be in the imaginations. All lies can be dissolved by truth...because truth has a solid foundation whereas lies have not one. I remember the NETUREI KARTA [ http://www.nkusa.org/] when they were invited to Iran and welcomed [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-r04SQ97_Q] by President Ahmadinejad in 2007...and I feel that they could be crucial to this Gordian Knot. I could be wrong...but it has led me to do some inward thinking. Thank you Greencrow.