Thursday, July 5, 2018

UK GoodNews/Bad News Situation - Soccer Team winning...BUT that means Brits will want to travel to Russia

Map Showing UK Chemical Lab
Porton Down
in thick of controversy
Map courtesy of Craig Murray blog

First the good newz.  The Brit Soccer team has made it through to the quarter finals in the Russian World Cup Championship.  Now the bad newz.  Young Brits will want to travel to Russia to see the ensuing games in even larger numbers than ever...thus making the games an unqualified success not only in the world at large...but also in little UK...former Empire but now reduced to sad, envious parasite without a new host to feed on.

What to do.  What to doooooooooo.

Well, we could try and grab headlines in an effort to scare Brits off from travelling to Russia in even larger numbers than have already committed to going.  We could resurrect the silly Alice in Wonderland fairytale about the Skripal park bench poisoning.

Even though rehashing the improbabilities of that scenario will very "highly likely" make England look more ridiculous than ever.

UK Soccer Player Harry Kane

Whatever stunt goes won't stop the games going forward.  It won't stop England Sports History being played out in Russia. For the next week or so... Russia owns British sports history. lololol.  It was fun to watch the BBC, writhing and flopping like a salmon on a boat deck, strangely silent on its front pages... as players like Harry Kane [photo above] won the game against the Columbians.  Both teams [England and Columbia] played the dirtiest soccer seen in the championship.  But the Brits' dirty play prevailed.

Now, on Saturday, they will come up against the underdog Swedes.  My better half is a Swedish citizen.  It was I, years ago, who urged him to go through the bureaucratic paperwork necessary to reclaim his Swedish citizenship.  His Swedish passport now rests in a "secure location" a "Plan B" should the NAU ever happen during my lifetime.

So, you can imagine what team this household will be hoping for in Saturday's game.  I hope the Swedish coaching staff has watched the videos of the Columbia/England game to learn all the dirty techniques they will have to face....everything [hopefully] short of "Novichock" on a park [or team] bench.

Canadian and Swedish Flags
Go Sweden Go!

David Icke on the Skripal Affair
and the World Cup in Russia


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Hi gc,

been reading all your stuff but not commenting. A couple of things you touch on re UKplc.

It is kapodelight here in that the imported elite here have never had it so good. They are pimping off the whole world now. After 45 it was USofA, though carefully and flatteringly, then EU, now it is oligarch zentral. We are restoring the social order of Henry VIII where lawgivers could live in great estates free of UKabopeasants, that society was itself a restoration of the Roman villa society lost after the 4th century AD in these isles.

Secondly apart from covering the latest Met police/MSMcomplex corruption scandal that broke 5th July here, this skripal/Novichok thing feels like a synomym grooming project. Something is coming that the UKplc LondonCity/MSMweapon system needs these nonce sense words planted.

Anyway gc TTFN.

greencrow said...

Hi INCOMING!!!!!!!

Thanks for your comment....referencing back to the Roman villa society of pre 4th century....Now that makes my blog very classy indeedy.