Monday, July 9, 2018

Newest Wood Carvings: A Gift and an Owl

Block Nativity Scene
A "going away" gift for friends

This "Block Nativity Scene" was carved out of basswood.  It is 8" at its tallest point and 6" x 6" square at the base.  After carving each block, I painted the faces with acrylic paint and then varnished it all, including the base [which was constructed from bass wood by my husband] with a clear satin finish.  This nativity scene will shortly become a "going away" gift for a friend, one of a couple that we have travelled with over the years.  They're moving to the BC Interior.  She collects nativity scenes and has dozens from all over the world.  It is hoped that this will make a unique and personal addition to her collection.

"Barred Owl" Bark Wood Carving
Cottonwood Bark and Acrylic paint
22" in height and 6" wide

Here is a carving of a Barred Owl that I did out of Cottonwood bark.  I was inspired to carve a Barred Owl after one landed in the middle of the night with a loud "thump!" on the garage roof just outside my bedroom window last winter.  I awoke with a start and looked out--to see a huge white and brown feathered bird staring back at me.  The owl was about two feet high and about a 3/4 of a foot in width.  It had dark eyes, ringed with circles of white and brown feathers.  We stared at each other for a moment.  I turned to try and wake my husband.  When I looked back, seconds later, it had already flown off into the darkness.  In 30 years of living in this neighbourhood I had never seen an owl, even from a distance...and this one was about four feet away!  It was an almost supernatural experience.

So, when I was given a big piece of cottonwood bark by a carving friend...I saw the outlines of an owl, particularly the curved beak.  I also saw a knot hole--just where the eye would go.  The carving took on a life of its own and almost willed itself into being.  Now it's proudly displayed on our entranceway hallway...facing towards the door.  A friend recently told me--that her mother told her-- that you should always have a carved owl facing your doorway--to ward off danger.  Whooooo knew???!!!


Penny said...

I love the owl carving GC!
Truly do!

greencrow said...

Thanks Penny. The owl on your web page is a Great Horned Owl. The Barred Owl is originally from Eastern North America and is considered an invasive species out here. It is nice that our neighbourhood is finally getting the kind of mature trees and vegetation where owls and other larger birds can nest. I had an entire family of Northern Flickers at the feeder in my yard yesterday. Bird watching has become a wonderful pastime.