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Logic Strikes - like a bolt from the blue

Lightning over Johannesburg, South Africa - time lapse

Yesterday the West's Main$tream Media geopolitical horizon resembled the time-lapse photo of lightning strikes over the South African city of Johannesburg as shown above.  So much blinding light...sound and fury...and distracting fireworks.  Who knew where to look next?  In their shark-like feeding frenzy, MSNBC even dragged out the old "Demand to Appear" attacks on Putin...accusing him of having a daughter, a "love child" back in 2015.  I remember these accusations...and the implied demand of Putin to leave his yearly holidays in February 2015 and meet with the press publicly to deny the accusation.  This is a standard ploy of the presstitute paparazzi when they want to drag a public figure off a pedestal.  Putin did comment on the controversy in due course to say: "....Life would be so boring if there was no gossip."  That seemed to shut them up for a few years.

But the situation in Helsinki this past week...where Putin made a "silk purse out of a sow's ear" by using his otherwise unproductive meeting with Trump to bring up the Browder fugitive from Russian justice matter [incidentally, the translator apparently made an error regarding the amount of money that was transferred from Browder's ill gotten gains -- it was $400,000.00 NOT $400,000.000.00 as had been reported earlier] caused the MosCIAd-owned and controlled media to pull out all the stops.  The lights even went out as Trump began to retract his pathetically feeble plea for logic made during his joint presser with Putin.  If Trump hadn't amended the "would" to "wouldn't"....if he had gone off on another tangent of's doubtful the lights would have come back on. [sarc].

For the vast majority of Americans...the lights are still out.  They're still in the dark about how the long time occupiers of the United States of Israel are desperately clinging to power and trying to avoid the long arm of justice--that should await them in any functioning democracy.  But, like bolts out of the blue, logic is flashing in the darkness of national ignorance.  The Alternative Press has risen to the occasion.  In spite of the alternative press's quite legitimate arguments with Trump's sometimes highly petty and terminally immature "leadership" and decision-making, the alternative media and bloggers have been able to see the forest of his elected legitimacy through the trees of his maniacal, frothing at the mouth, media and "intelligence community" detractors.

What follows are some of the geopolitical analyses that have appeared in the alternative blogosphere and which came like bolts of lightning, illuminating an otherwise bleak landscape.  Please review and I will have more comments to follow:

Helsinki: What did Trump want from Putin, really?

By Denis Rancourt | Dissident Voice | July 16, 2018
Denis G. Rancourt is a former tenured full professor of physics at the University of Ottawa, Canada. He is a researcher for the Ontario Civil Liberties Association. He has published more than 100 articles in leading scientific journals, on physics and environmental science. He is the author of the book Hierarchy and Free Expression in the Fight Against Racism. Read other articles by Denis.

I just did a live Sputnik International radio interview about the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki. This is the essence of my answers.

Trump is the USA and the USA mainly wants two things from Russia. First, it wants Russia’s credibility. In the words of Trump: “I really think the world wants to see us get along.” USA world credibility has crashed after Iraq-Afghanistan-Libya. The USA is known to abandon its allies and to work for gain even at the price of making long-term enemies.

The USA is habituated to being the most powerful and the most powerful can afford to make enemies. But the world is changing. The new multipolarity is accompanied by greater risks if the USA insists on maintaining the same degree of dominance. In the words of Trump “We have a world to run”. This means the USA can gain much from collaboration with Russia. But, as usual, this does not mean that Russia can draw benefit from any such collaboration, only avoid some otherwise imposed punishment (sanctions, blockades, military pressures).

Second, the USA desperately “needs” to prevent democratization of effective weapons that can defend against its military intimidation and destruction campaigns. The USA needs to prevent the emerging nations that it traditionally exploits by military force and intimidation from acquiring air-defence systems, ballistic missiles capable of retaliation, and weapons that can target large ships such as aircraft carriers. Aircraft carriers are the main hardware of USA military projection.

North Korea, Iran and Russia itself represent possible vectors of the said democratization of military technology. An example is seen in Yemen, where ground-to-air defence missiles are transformed into ground-to-ground retaliatory missiles. If Yemen had secured better such technologies, it would be defending itself more effectively. The same is true for Gaza. Increased military technology would allow proper defence and a balance that could produce negotiation rather than bulldozer displacement policies and genocidal destruction campaigns.

The USA and Israel are terrified at such prospects. Israel’s approach would be all-out USA-backed war against Iran. The USA approach is to threaten war but extract collaboration from Russia to control and prevent military advancement of the nations the USA wants to control, which resist its bribes and threats. In all of this, the USA (the elite faction supporting Trump) has come to understand that it must revitalize the domestic USA and its middle-class, that a strong empire cannot have an empty core. Trump will do anything to achieve this, including ruffle allies and break long-standing agreements.

The USA wants a strong NATO that it controls. It wants more commitment from NATO members. That was Trump’s main message. It needs NATO to legitimize any “needed” military destruction campaigns in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. And it is prepared to use these strong NATO-club ties to extract relative advantages to re-build its domestic economy. NATO is about: securing Europe against trade and co-development with Russia, legitimizing criminal wars of aggression in the service of the empire, and projecting power into Africa, the Middle East and Asia, for the benefit of the NATO-club members but mostly the USA. It also forces Russia to spend enormous resources on defence. This is what Trump is doing with NATO, which has nothing to do with pleasing Putin.

Election interference, whether true or not, is just an ancillary USA domestic matter. Everyone knows it’s bullshit. Putin did not write the Clinton emails. Democracies claim to want “transparency”.

Crimea is also a non-issue. Crimea folks overwhelmingly wanted incorporation into Russia, following the Ukrainian meltdown and military violence. Everybody knows that. Compare Russia’s actions in Crimea to the NATO mass-crime that is Libya. There is no comparison.

Finally, whether our goodiness brains allow us to see it or not, from a geopolitical perspective, Trump is the “progressive” here that wants domestic development rather than solely all-out hawkish globalism irrespective of domestic hollowness. He also wants to negotiate with Russia to limit Iran rather than risk long-term world and USA consequences from a large-scale regional war, which the Clintonite crazies say they want.

Two related prior articles are:1 and2

  1. Denis Rancourt. “Cause of USA Meltdown and Collapse of Civil Rights”, Dissident Voice, September 7, 2017.
  2. Denis Rancourt. “Social Animals have Two Modes of Being”, Dissident Voice, July 2, 2018.
Finian Cunningham - The Coming Coup Against Trump copied from The Saker

Tucker Carlsen, almost the only logical M$M TV journalist in his RANT of last evening:

Tucker Carlson Explains Why Americans
are Supposed to Hate Russia/Putin

Greencrow says:  I read on the Internet where the big Internet Monopolies like Alphabet (Google) Facebook and Twitter [all owned and operated by the CIA, BTW] have caused declines in readership of alternative news/blogs/websites from between 50% to 93% over the past year.  No wonder I have had the persistent feeling that I'm shouting from the middle of an Iowa corn maze over the past year...I've written previously that the statistical chart on my blog looks like the Twin WTC towers, plus WTC building 7---prior to the September 11, 2001 controlled demolition of same.

There's a war going on, folks...and it's a war on logic!

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