Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Fourth of July Terror Plot foiled - by the same corrupt agency that put the would-be patsy up to it

Would-be Fourth of July
Terror Patsy Demetrius Pitts

Happy Fourth of July to my American readers and friends...particularly the intrepid American truth bloggers who blog perilously from Ground Zero of the War Against Truth and Justice.

Speaking of which...I have a photo of yet another victim of that war posted above.  This is a man by the name of Demetrius Pitts who was recently arrested on the spurious charges of planning a terror event to take place in Cleveland, Ohio on July 4th, 2018.  The problem with this arrest is that Mr. Pitts and his crime fit a well worn and traversed pathway of corrupt government agency terror plots.  These plots are hatched, fomented, paid for and supported by evil minds that now control "security" agencies like the FBI, CIA, RCMP and CSIS here in Canada.  In fact, Canadians are still waiting [it has been going on since July 1 of 2013] for the outcome of our very own Canadian terror patsy couple who were subjected to a plot that follows the now standardized fact pattern described in the report concerning Cleveland resident Demetrius Pitts  linked to HERE.  Blogger will not allow me to cut and paste from the actual article.  Here is a snippet from a CBS affiliate website:
Pitts was arrested Monday in connection to plotting an Independence Day attack in Cleveland, Ohio.

“There is nothing to suggest this individual was working in conjunction with anyone else and that seems to be fairly definitive at the moment,” said Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross.

Officials conceded it’s not known if Pitts was even capable of executing his plans, as laid out in detail by federal authorities.

“He apparently had some thoughts or designs on doing something here,” said Ross. “He was not able to do that.”

“I really want to thank the FBI and ATF and all those involved out in Ohio to get this guy off the street and alert us to what was coming,” said Kenney.

Ross says there’s no credible threats aimed at Philadelphia.

Gee.  Wonder if Mr. Pitts is developmentally/socially challenged...the way that our Canadian terror patsies are.  The worst part of knowing that your "security agencies" get their rocks off on targeting, setting up and framing the most vulnerable members of our society--in order to justify their exorbitant budgets--comprised from hard earned tax-payer knowing that the entire "justice system" is in cahoots.  Even if the odd judge has the temerity to find the accused innocent...on grounds that they were "set up" [framed]...the Appeals Court will drag their feet for no less than going on THREE LONG YEARS...all the time the poor accused are unable to get on with their lives.

At least that's what has happened in Canada with our terror patsies.  I will be keeping an eye out for what is going to happen to Mr. Pitts.

But the entire corrupt caper supports what I have been arguing with an American colleague of mine.  The topic was my recent post Rumours of Truth.  The colleague was attacking the veracity of the seminar given by Lisa Pease on the documentary evidence linking the CIA [Angleton] and patsy Lee Harvey Oswald.  Apparently because Lisa has some dubious [according to the colleague] connections, THE EVIDENCE that she was presenting wasn't even worth consideration.  The colleague admitted to not having watched the video.

My argument was that it mattered not who presented the evidence, what their background was and/or what their motivation was.  The evidence, if it is genuine...i.e., if it was gleaned from authentic CIA documents as stated...should be able to stand on its own.  The devil himself could present it and it would still have the POWER to convict or exonerate the accused.

This is what Americans have forgotten or have been brainwashed to ignore.  With them, it's all about the personality.  That way, they can destroy the evidence simply by attacking the person who presents it.  I submit, on the contrary, that evidence is like a living testament from the dead victims of the murdering perpetrators.  It is their voice, crying out for justice from the grave.  In the United States those voices have been silenced.  There is no Justice in the United States.  The terrifying thing is that the evil that killed justice in the United States is like a cancer that has spread to Canada.

So in addition to the living Americans, I would like to wish a Happy July 4th to the hundreds of thousands of dead Americans like JFK, RFK, MLK and the victims of the 9/11 atrocity, all murder victims who are still seeking justice from the the form of evidence being disclosed through their JFK assassination researcher, Lisa Pease.


Anonymous said...

Let's be precise and accurate. Said colleague, known variably as Ed(itor), previously as Magmak1, kickinandtickin, SophiaScholar and most recently as BoyDownTheLane, said he's encountered a time when Lisa, whom he regards as a bona fide researcher, was arguing whether in fact Ray Crump Jr. was guilty or murdering Mary Pinchot Meyer, something that cannot be argued on the basis of information that can easily be found and because he has bene acquitted in a court of law.

Said colleague noted that he was well-read in matters of JFK and didn't need to view Lisa's evidence: that we has convinced as to who had done the deed, why, how they'd gotten away with it, and how they covered it up. Said colleague is also well-read in history and notes that the CIA has been deeply involved in planting evidence (so surely it was capable of seeding its own files with disinformation)(after all, the genesis of the phrase "conspiracy theory" comes from a memo that someone else duff out of the CIA archives.) I can point to a raft of books -- for those who read books -- that document the CIA's deep involvement in what are now labeled as "state crime against democracy" [SCADs}.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

I'm happy to move our dialogue here : ). The question still remains. Was the evidence legit or not? Only a court of law will decide. Of course, that will never happen. The evidence will be discredited to the point where "no trial is necessary".

Anonymous said...

It is old newz
People have moved on
That is the way it works
People gravitate towards power for one reason
They get to tell people how to act while they act out there beliefs
Do as I say
Not as we do
Now let us repeat that quote
Do as we say
Not as we do
Now when you enter there sick power tripping game
Things happen
There is a lot at stake
On this special day let us not forget why those people exist
This is the only truth you need to know and why you do not have a chance at change
Men in uniform who protect there values
Men in uniform
Psychotic brainwashed fools who get to act out
A perfect example of how they are
Look at the people they lock up for pushing or doing drugs.None of them have orders to go after legalized drug pushers that are pushing harmful drugs

They do nothing cuz the orders are not there
All drugs are pathetic anyway
I was bullied into buying mine by educated scum that are protected
So who cares
Watching some music on youtube
And you people know that after watching your video your computer stalks and puts up ones they think you may want??
Well today of all days
This video stalked me
I only clicked it for Greg at goon squad influenced me to listen
Never heard it before
Great lyrics
I think all brainwashed people wearing the uniform should listen and learn
For you are nothing but a pawn
And when people like Greencrow try to get out there sooo called truths
It is people in uniform that protects these people and let them continue doing what they are doing
And while Greencrow is still dwelling on the past
The new crimes will be typed by the new younger generation thinking that they are on to something
Suddenly they are old and still nothing
The only truth you neeed to know
Men in uniform help keep this sicknes going
Now the tune that stalked me today
I watched some of Ozzy and his kids reality show
They cruise around Amerika in a camper
He is smart
The only tune I knew was crazytrain and maybe another
I think this is Ozzy singing a smart tuneListen up soldier boy

Anonymous said...

Given your earlier comment, which I thought was brilliant and spot-on (see below), the only court we have left is the court of public opinion and, given the huge assault previously and contitnuously underway on the agora of information exchange, the new court is the one that can be and must be trained, taugfht and nurtured: the minds of the younger people, or our children, or the new incoming residents, whether they be from Venezuela, Djibouti or Alpha Centauri.

You said: “… the justice system imploded in the United States. Evidence has no value. No value and no power to beget justice.”

Michael Rivero posted: “Good company and good discourse are the very sinews of virtue.” ~Izaak Walton

I spent two-plus hours on the phone with a 78-year-old ex-paramedic trained as an Army intel recruit and talked about videos about Sandy Hook, one from Kevin Shipp, several new books I have just ordered, the book I edited and which he gave to his grandkids, and Ted Chiang, whose short story was the genesis of the movie "Arrival" which is about many things, at least one of which was communication. We also talked about the information overload we are all under (I think purposely bloated so was to make it difficult to know and understand truths), I will add Lisa's dollop to the list but, as noted, I am already convinced. Did she add anything that isn't already out there in the infirm,ation stream, or was it just more noise?

greencrow said...

Ed(itor) says:

"... Did she add anything that isn't already out there in the infirm,ation stream, or was it just more noise?"


Why don't you watch the video and then tell me?

greencrow said...

Anonymous said:

"...And when people like Greencrow try to get out there sooo called truths
It is people in uniform that protects these people and let them continue doing what they are doing
And while Greencrow is still dwelling on the past..."


The statute of limitations on murder never runs out...for a reason.

Anonymous said...

“Why don't you watch the video and then tell me?”, proffered Greencrow in response to my question.

Already answered, Greencrow. I will queue up watching the Pease video (right now it would be ranked behind Sofia Smallstorm’s older review of the Sandy Hook question, one or more that are by Kevin Shipp, the Jim Fetzer video on 9/11 just recently posted at, four World Cup quarter-finals, my grandson’s 10th birthday celebration, the wrapping of some Xmas gifts before they get discovered by their intended recipients, and a deep dive into a collection of e-mails that pertain to improving my digital photography skills). We live in a world of shrinking time and burgeoning information overload.

What is the compelling reason that I should put Pease at a higher priority? I will watch Pease when you order and read the study guide edition of the book “JFK and the Unspeakable”. I wrote [“A Parable of Turning”] about the time I went to see James Douglass speak about this — I can dig the full article out of my archives — and I selected four out of the fifteen for my readers to contemplate, as well as listing the questions I never got to ask him. (He did autography my copy of that book.]

“… The first [of the four questions I selected] asks us “How does the government’s doctrine of plausible deniability rely on personal denial of responsibility for the Unspeakable?” I would add “How does it assist the citizens in simply accepting their own denial by enabling this doctrine to be used to create doubt and uncertainty about real events?”

The second of my inclusions asks ‘If JFK had been assassinated on 11/2/63 in Chicago on November 2nd rather than Dallas on 11/22/63, LHO would be an unknown and Thomas Arthur Vallee would be notorious. What were the similarities between the two?’

Douglass wrote “Understanding that the CIA coordinated the assassination does not mean that we can limit the responsibility to the CIA. To tell the truth at the heart of darkness in this story, one must see and accept a responsibility that goes deeper and far beyond the CIA.” How much deeper and far beyond? What is the truth at the heart of darkness in this story?

Finally, what are the implications of state murders that target not just visionaries, but the fulfillment of their visions as well?”

“He [was] asked if there is anything left uncovered and says he included only that which could be backed up with solid sources (footnoted) that the reader could check out. Yet he says “There is far more than this beneath the surface. Yet we know enough, and have known enough for a long time, to see the truth. I believe that what is written here about the assassination is only a tiny, visible piece of a systemic evil that continues to reach into the depths of our world.”

“n the question-and-answer period, for which there was only limited time, the conversation turned. Many there were also interested in the questions of 9/11 and when my question about David Ray Griffin elicited comment and more questions, Douglass has this to say (and I will do my best to paraphrase with integrity):

‘If they can get away with killing JFK in broad daylight, and get away with it for over forty years, what is not possible for them to do? If they can get away with bringing down the Towers on national TV for a decade, what is next? Is there anything that will not do?’

greencrow said...

BDTL says:

"... I will watch Pease when you order and read the study guide edition of the book “JFK and the Unspeakable”."

Ahhhhhh. You Americans are so much fun to argue with. The difference between your not watching the Pease video and me not reading the above highly touted book "JFK and the Unspeakable" is that I did not make a criticism of the above book...while you attacked Pease's video on the grounds of some predetermined bias against her.

Match, Set and Game.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you consider it fun, and to be a game. Some of us Americans still hold onto the outmoded idea that we are free to own our own minds. The Pease viewing is now higher up on the priority list, since I just finished watching Kirsty Allen's testimony at the INTJ. You see, some things (issues, topics, events) fall closer to my own life's experience. What you call a bias is something that was based on actual interaction with a wide group of commentators including Lisa. The human mind/body/spirit retains the abilities to be biased and judgmental for good reason; often, they save one's life. [See the books by Laurance Gonzalez on deep survival -- been there, done that.] You are focused on winning (or having the last word on) some remote subject like the CIA's possession of archived files. See Robert Steele's comments on intelligence agencies at the very end of this video:

There is one thing we can agree on; I too will be rooting for Sweden on Saturday.

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

I don't think it's fun or a game. What you call "some remote subject like the CIA's possession of archived files" could well be evidence to an unsolved murder. Not just any murder...the assassination, in broad daylight, of a man who was most likely the most intelligent President that has served in my lifetime. I was old enough to be deeply traumatized by the event for my entire life.

You call it a remote subject...but I regard it as the United States' last opportunity to have a great leader...on a level with Putin, in terms of vision and morality. And your taxpayer-funded traitors shot him down like a dog in the street.

Now, since it was your can have the last word.

Anonymous said...

I thnk we can agree to agree. I was 15; I was traumatized too, but young enough not to understand how such traumatization was conceived, brought about, and continued. By remoteness, I mean only that the US has not (and likely will not) bring JFK's murderous cabal to justice but that, in the decades that have passed, have -- by its inaction -- also allowed RFK, MLK, Wellstone, JFK Jr., the deaths of dozens of foreign leaders, countless wars, Waco, Ruby Ridge, the bulldozing of Iraqi soldiers in open graves, the Twin Towers travesty, and innumerable Operation Gladio-style events, false flags, and numerous hoaxes.

I have started a file on the topic of Lisa Pease and her points and debates and I will go back and find the video you referenced. (You could save me time and e-mail me the link.) I have also just ordered a copy of "The Devil's Chessboaerd" by David Talbot. Meanwhile, Iran threatens to close the Straits, the possibility of a Russian World Cup victory -- slim though it may be -- looms, your Candian expert on Russia (Armstrong) has just written an oustanding "sitrep" [ ], and it has been alleged that the Gladio code -- the cyber "Enigma" machine that sets these things in motion among its many actors -- has been broken: .

By remote, I mean that the event took place almost 55 years ago and there is no value in us debating its minutiae, as Salandria predicted the CIA would want us to do.

greencrow said...

Link as requested.

Anonymous said...

Well, I meant this one ( ) but here's what:

I have put this link into my biurgeoning Lisa Pease file and I will watch it, recview again that which I have archived, read the soon-to-arrive Devil's Chessboard, cover all the Angleton stuff I've tucked away (I think there are a lot of people who agree that he is a major key to the entire years-long period -- and its aftermath even after his death) and we'll table this discussion until I come back to you -- likely long after the World Cup is over, with hopefully the world still intact.