Friday, July 20, 2018

Boycott From Within: Middle East Peace Negotiations - Where's Ahed Tamimi?

Former Israeli Military Pilot
talks about his activism for Palestinian Rights

As mentioned in an earlier post, I've been time travelling down a very deep rabbit hole lately, plowing my way through the very dense material in the late Michael Collins Piper's Final Judgment.  It is amazing how relevant the material about the relationship between JFK's Presidential administration and Israel remains even today.  The seeds that were sown around the time that Israel had JFK killed have come into full bloom today.  How different history would have been had Kennedy, like his contemporary French President Charles de Gaulle, managed to survive the MosCIAd assassination attempt(s) on his life.

One thing I've learned is that David Ben Gurion, the Israeli Prime Minister who likely signed off the MosCIAd hit on Kennedy, was just as afraid of his own people, the citizens of the new Israeli State, as he was of Kennedy.  You see, there was a significant population who were against wars with their ME neighbours and, particularly, opposed to Israel acquiring nuclear weapons.  The Israeli State was hiding the Dimona nuclear project as much from their own citizens as they were hiding it from and lying about it to JFK.

Even today, there are some Israelis who bravely speak out against the raging psychopathic paranoid fascism that now controls the Israeli regime.  An example of this is the former Israeli pilot being interviewed in the video above.  The pilot says he's an Ashkenazi man living in Israel.  Says Israel is an "apartheid" regime.  He reveals that dissident Israelis are fighting the apartheid policy by a strategy of activism he calls "Boycott from Within".  The Western media rarely covers opposition activities in Israel and thus does a grave disservice to the brave souls like the man interviewed above.  Their voices are being drowned out in the extreme rants of the M$M.

The rabidly apartheid nature of Israel was just formally affirmed by a vote in the Knesset this past week.  This, IMO, is a fatal, self-inflicted wound.  It will drive all conscientious Israelis, like the pilot interviewed above, out of the entity of Israel.  I always hesitate to call Israel a nation or a state because it does not have official, declared of the pre-requisites of state or nationhood.  So, once the decent, anti-apartheid people have all left...Israel will be populated entirely with psychotics--and will ultimately implode.  It's only a matter of time. That's my assessment.

The above all leads me to ask the question:  Where is Ahed Tamimi?  This young girl was imprisoned half a year ago now.  She was imprisoned for opposition to the apartheid regime which was closing in on her family's ancestral lands in Palestine.  These are lands which have since been condemned by the United Nations for being "unfit for human habitation" due to water pollution.  In a genocidal strategy, Israel has been slowly poisoning Palestinians with toxic water.

Ahed Tamimi in Israeli Custody

Ahed Tamimi was supposed to be released this month, in July, 2018.  July is more than half over,  Where is she?  If and when she is released...where will she go?  Back to her apartheid lands?  I have written in previous posts about my belief that Putin is trying to find a negotiated solution to the "Palestine situation".  As I discovered [or re-discovered] while reading Piper's "Final Judgment"...Lyndon Johnson forfeited the US's mandate to negotiate solutions in the Middle East when he immediately [and secretly] gave over control of America's Middle East Policy to Israel following the JFK assassination.  We've wasted several decades in the false belief that the United States had any legitimacy to negotiate a settlement with the Arab States.  It's becoming increasingly clear, particularly following the Syrian war, that  the responsibility for finding a solution to the Palestine question rests with Russia, Turkey, Iran and the leaders of other Middle Eastern States who have some credibility/legitimacy vis a vis negotiation with Israel on behalf of Palestine.  Here is the latest update on Russia's involvement:

From a July 14, 2018 news update in RT
It’s “not the best period” in Palestine’s relations with the US as Washington is trying to “impose its solutions of the most sensitive issues” towards a peaceful settlement with Israel, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said, during a meeting with Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Palestine disagrees with the relocation of the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and other steps taken by the Americans in preparation of what Donald Trump describes as “the deal of the century,” Abbas said. He also singled out the expansion of Israeli settlements to Palestinian territories “a major problem,” TASS reported. Putin agreed that “the situation in the region was difficult,” adding that he was glad to inform Abbas on his talks with other Middle East leaders regarding the Israeli-Palestinian issue."

and here is a commentary on the latest propaganda to be found in the CIA-mouthpiece, Washington Post which is from Aletho News:

Senior US officials, including President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner, have once again attacked Hamas in a new op-ed published in the Washington Post today.

The comment piece is published as jointly authored by Kushner, Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt, and US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman.

“The nightmare of Hamas’ leadership is continuing and needlessly prolonging the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza,” states the op-ed, which does not once refer to Israel’s military occupation or internationally-condemned blockade of the territory.

“Until governance changes or Hamas recognises the state of Israel, abides by previous diplomatic agreements and renounces violence, there is no good option,” the officials add.

In a reference to plans widely rumoured to being prepared by the Trump administration, the officials write: “Life could significantly improve in short order for the Palestinian people if Hamas allowed it…If Hamas demonstrates clear, peaceful intentions — not just by word but, more importantly, by deed — then all manner of new opportunities becomes possible.”

The op-ed also claims that the US can help Palestinians “integrate into a thriving regional economy” but makes no reference to the Palestinians’ political rights or right to self-determination.

Responding to the op-ed, Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri said the latest salvo from the Trump administration shows American officials are “mere spokesmen for the Israeli occupation”.

“Kushner and Greenblatt are adopting the Israeli narrative, and their aggression against Hamas points to the contempt of the American government,” he added.

Gaza Killings - Head to Head - Who's to blame?

My understanding is, and someone can please correct me if I'm wrong, but Israel set up Hamas as a contrived replace the PLO under Yasser Arafat [who they also assassinated]. Now that other nations are recognizing Hamas as a legitimate spokesgroup for Palestinians...the Israelis disavow it.  They are pathologically unable to tolerate Palestinians having any voice at all,

Moreover, it really doesn't matter about the fine details of Israel's apartheid and genocidal treatment of the indigenous Palestinians.  How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?....might well be the sub-title of the interview with the leader of Israel shown in the above video.  It doesn't the great Jewish activist, Norman Finklestein has said:  "Israel has only one right.  That is, the right to leave."  There are no legal grounds to justify and/or legitimize treating indigenous people in this way...stealing their lands, forcing them onto tiny, resource-deprived reservations--open air concentration camps--then shooting at them like fish in a barrel.

No wonder John F. Kennedy was so deeply disturbed in the final months and weeks in his life by the knowledge that Israel was secretly building nuclear weapons with which to dominate its Middle East neighbours.  I keep wondering what JFK would be thinking if he saw how it has all gone down since they killed him.

Which brings me back to the central question of this post.  Where is Ahed Tamimi?


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Thought you might like this crow pic with her friend on a subway.

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Ahed Tamimi is wherever all the fake people are. Who can know where that is?

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Hi Greg:

That bird is a RAven I believe. Related to the crow family but larger. Interestingly, the Raven has the ability to "dive" or "glide" in the air...i.e., keep its wings still and float on the air current. The Crow, OTOH, must constantly flap its wings.

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