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Flight MH370 Report Released: 'unlawful interference by third party' not ruled out

MH370 Investigation Report
Copies of the MH370 safety investigations report are seen on the floor during a media briefing in Putrajaya, outside Kuala Lumpur, on July 30, 2018. (AFP

UPDATE:  August 1, 2018 Northern Truthseeker has published a post on this topic on his blog.  I am copying the link HERE.  He goes into further detail on several aspects of the crime.


Yesterday, the long awaited official report on the disappearance of the passenger jetliner now referred to as MH370 was released. Please read the following Main$tream media reports on the substance of the report's findings and I will have my thoughts in comments to follow:


MH370 disappearance remains mystery after release of detailed report

The real cause for the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 cannot be determined, said a detailed report on the incident released by a safety investigation team on Monday. 
During a press conference held by the Malaysian government, the investigator-in-charge said that the report was a result of joint cooperation by eight countries, but said it is not the final report into the mysterious case which has gripped the world.

The 1,100-page report will be submitted to the Malaysian House of Representatives on Tuesday for consideration.

The doomed MH370, carrying 239 on board, went missing enroute from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014.

The report said the team had reached the conclusion that the plane did deviate from its flight path and that its change in direction over the Indian Ocean was made under manual control, but said there was not enough evidence to confirm if there was any unlawful interference by a third party..."


The Guardian also referred to the re-framed concept of an "unlawful interference by a third party":

"Flight MH370 report: 'unlawful interference by third party' not ruled out

Families’ hopes dashed as report fails to provide concrete conclusions for why plane disappeared in March 2014
A safety report into the disappearance of flight MH370 has concluded that the plane was manually turned around in mid-air, rather than being under the control of autopilot, and that “unlawful interference by a third party” could not be ruled out.

However, it dismissed theories that had suggested the pilot and first officer brought the plane down in a suicide mission, and also ruled out mechanical failure as a cause.

The long-awaited report – which was initially described as the “final report”, although investigators then backtracked from that description – left the hopes of the families dashed after it failed to provide any concrete conclusions about the reasons the plane disappeared nor any indication where the wreckage might be."


And, finally, Local News 1130.com  dares use the word "hijacked"

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Malaysia’s civil aviation chief said Tuesday he has resigned to take responsibility after an independent investigative report highlighted shortcomings in the air traffic control centre during Flight 370’s disappearance four years ago.

The report released Monday raised the possibility that the jet may have been hijacked even though there was no conclusive evidence of why the plane went off course and flew for over seven hours after severing communications.

Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said the report didn’t blame the civil aviation department for the plane’s loss but found that the Kuala Lumpur air traffic control centre failed to comply with operating procedures.

“Therefore, it is with regret and after much thought and contemplation that I have decided to resign as Chairman of Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia,” he said in his statement, adding he has served his resignation and will step down in two weeks.

The jet carrying 239 people from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing vanished March 8, 2014, and is presumed to have crashed in the far southern Indian Ocean. The investigative report, prepared by a 19-member international team, said the cause of the disappearance cannot be determined until the wreckage and the plane’s black boxes are found."

Greencrow says: Back in the spring of 2014 I did several posts on this atrocious mass murder. Here is a link to one of my blog posts on the topic. Readers will note that several video links in my post have been "disappeared" by YouTube. This is how the perps re-write history. This is how they airbrush the story, clean up the blood and gore of their activities on this planet.

Why they allowed the video below of Yoichi Shimatsu to survive is a matter of conjecture. You cannot look at the evidence on MH370 without examining what evidence they refuse to consider. For example, I wonder if the Report released yesterday contains any references to the computer technology company Freescale Semiconductor. Please watch the 8 minute video of Shimatsu, where he explains the huge "elephant in the living room" clue about the 20 or so Freescale employees, all high level computer technologists, who were on board MH370 en route to China to make a presentation to the Chinese military about their latest product. This new invention was a computer chip so small it could fit in one of the indentations on a golf ball. This chip could be used to control the activities of huge weapons systems. Apparently, according to other reports I read at the time, the Freescale employees also had samples of the tiny chip with them on the plane.

Yoichi Shimatsu Unravels the Mystery of MH370

In the above video, Shimatsu talks about how this computer chip invented by Freescale could be used by countries "such as Iran" to improve their high tech weaponry.  Shimatsu also mentions computer expert, American Philip Wood, who was associated with the Freescale company and was en route with the group to China.  Mysteriously, hours after the plane was reported missing, Philip Wood was able to send a very brief signal out from his cell phone.  The signal was traced to Diego Garcia.  Diego Garcia is a USrael military base located on an island in the Pacific Ocean.

Possible Routes of MH370 - Diego Garcia
is located in the Indian Ocean
half way along the direct route North


It is a common principle in murder investigations--and in life.  When looking for those responsible for an action, look where they DON'T want you to look.  Helloooow!  The mere fact that investigators were NOT allowed to search Diego Garcia for clues points DIRECTLY AT THE CULPRITS.  The Reports stacked up in the top photograph above are not worth the paper they're written on.  They're a disgrace to humanity! No wonder the chief of the Malaysian Aviation Department resigned.  The entire process was a sick joke, an expensive taxpayer-funded charade and an insult to the dead victims and their families.

I am going to say here and now that the entity that murdered Philip Wood and his fellow passengers was none other than the State of USrael.  They are the murderers and the individuals who planned and carried out this mass murder of innocent people...and should be brought to justice...if there were any such concept as justice in the rogue entity of USrael.  Where else have we seen the use of remote control of jet airplanes used in the commission of a crimeWell, the 9/11 mosCIAd atrocity, of course!!!!  Coinkydynkally, Malaysian leader Mathahir Mohamed was the ONLY world leader to tell the truth about 9/11 after the event and even to this day.  Malaysia even held a government-sponsored "9/11 truth" convention a few years after the atrocity.

Some suggest, and I would tend to agree, that there is a direct connection between MH370 and the crash of the other Malaysian passenger jet MH17 a few months later.  Some say that they could be one and the same.  The disappeared jet MH370 was flown to a third location and repurposed in the other False Flag atrocity in eastern Ukraine a few months later.  I believe the dead bodies of the MH370 victims were in the stowage compartment of MH17.  Eye witnesses to the crash of MH17 in Ukraine reported that there was a distinct smell of long dead bodies emitting from the crash site immediately after the plane disintegrated on the ground.  This, of course was never explored in the report on that crash which was equally full of lies and gross omissions of evidence.

Yes, the old saying most certainly applies to MH370:  "To find out who rules you, look to see who you are forbidden to talk about".  We are forbidden to talk about Diego Garcia.  We were forbidden to go there to examine the huge aviation facilities for clues to the missing plane.  Res Ipsa Loquitur.  The thing speaks for itself and a stack of dime store quality investigative reports reaching to the Moooooooon won't change that fact.  Philip Wood and his fellow passengers will simply join the ever growing pantheon of victims of the Ziofascist, neocon global warmongers...along with JFK, RFK, MLK, JFK Jr...etc., etc., etc.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Going Full Gomorrah on the Frontiers of Depravity - Deadpool 2 - A Movie Review

Deadpool 2 Trailer

There's a record-breaking heatwave going on in Vancouver at the moment.  We don't have air conditioning yet...never needed it for decades that we've lived in this house.  Now we need it.  Bad.  I got a tip yesterday that if you buy one of those window air conditioners and put it in your fireplace and put the hose up the chimney flue instead of hanging it out of the window, you can be quite comfortable in your living room.  Gonna get me one of those air conditioners today.

Yesterday I took my handicapped 60 year old brother [he has Down Syndrome] to the movies to get out of the heat.  As regular readers know, I hate movies and avoid them like the plague.  My brother likes "Batman-type" movies.  Anything with a hero who wears a costume.  So I asked friends to recommend a movie he would enjoy and that I would be able to tolerate.  A friend recommended "Deadpool 2".  She said that while it's a terrible movie, it was shot in Vancouver and I would enjoy seeing and recognizing the local scenery.  She also said I would enjoy the "cultural references and humour".  Deadpool 2 is "restricted". There is non-stop violence, coarse language and sexual crudity.

And my friend wasn't lying.  The movie is terrible.  It was an ordeal to sit through.  The plot was thin to non existent.  Same scenes shot over and over and over in slightly different settings and costumes.  My expectations were low... but the movie sunk even lower.

The only scene I enjoyed was the helicopter scene that was shot over Burrard Inlet.  All the "X Force" team jumped out of the helicopter and parachuted to earth to the music of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck".

AC/DC "Thunder Struck" Official Video
Listening to this music was best part of
"Deadpool 2"

This all too brief scene showed the Vancouver panorama in all its beauty.  We sail the Burrard Inlet shown in the scene.  We'll be heading out there on vacation this week.  It's an indication of how bad the movie was that looking at the scene of the mountains and listening to Classic Rock was the only somewhat palatable scene.

Another recognizable Vancouver location were the scenes shot on the Riverview Psychiatric Hospital grounds in the suburb of New Westminster.  This old brick building in an urban park setting was used to house the mentally ill back in the 1900's.  It's now being gradually torn down and the land re-developed for residential use but even up till the early 2000's parts of the Riverview hospital complex were still being used.  As a social worker, I frequently walked up those cement stairs when visiting my clients who were unable to parent due to severe mental illness.

As I mentioned earlier, Deadpool 2 is "Restricted" due to violence, coarse language and "mature subject matter" is I suppose how they say it.  I worried about my brother being exposed to such non-stop blood and gore and constant foul language.  I hoped that the constant references to pedophilia and LGTB lifestyle went over his head.  To me it seemed that the movie was like a "grooming tool" for pedophiles.  I could imagine a pedophile taking a youngster to the movie and sitting in the dark haw-hawing at the scenes of nude male child's genitals.

Pedophilia must be the "New Frontier" of depravity in movies.  Hollywood is always pushing the shock/disgust envelope and exploring newer, darker reaches of negative human behaviour. Titillation. This is the way to draw an audience into the theatres.  Try to "normalize" it by joking about it.  Trying to make it look glamorous with elaborate costumes and exotic settings.  Trying to make it emotionally satisfying by association with "family" and "Love".  Regularly during Deadpool 2, the actors gave the audience lectures on how our "new family" were those peers and acquaintances who shared our transitory thrills, excitement and risk-taking adventures.  Gone were real parents, extended family, brothers and sisters.  In their place were representatives of all the new "identity politics groups".  There were racial representatives, sexual representatives [a lesbian couple and a "Village People"-type mustachioed gay man]...there were nerds, geeks and bikers.  All were superficial cut outs of cultural and racial stereotypes.  This is what we're supposed to cling to in the coming revolutionary storm.

Where is all this going?  I asked myself during the movie.  Where is this Sodom and Gomorrah headed and when will it "bottom out", if ever?  As we left the theater and walked out into the light and 35 degree heat...my brother whispered to himself "I loved that movie!".  I could only hope that he loved the escapism of the costumes--the elaborate and exotic sets--the frenzied action of the graphics and stunts BUT was oblivious to everything else.  Long ago, I realized why my brother likes Batman, Superman--and, now, Deadpool.  Those costumes provide an escape from the "prison" of the body.  I believe my brother wishes he could be like Batman and achieve great "powers" just by putting on a disguise...especially one that hides the eyes.  My brother prefers to wear sunglasses when we go out due to being self-conscious about his eyes.  Deadpool's eyes are just white ovals.

But back to where this is all going...this commercialized depravity that is being sold like a commodity...this relentless stripping of tradition, humanity, spirituality and family from our popular culture.  When I returned home and checked my e-mails,I found this list of reading links sent to me by my blogging colleague Ed(itor) .  This list of links points the direction humanity is being forced towards...Artificial Intelligence:

"...a Chinese sex doll manufacturing company based in the province of Guangdong, is implementing artificial intelligence technology and creating increasingly sophisticated sex bots, South China Morning Post reports.

The dolls’ AI features appear rudimentary; while they can answer questions, drawing their vocabulary from a database supported by Baidu, the dolls cannot maintain lengthy conversations…..”

Perhaps condoned pedophilia is the last rung down the ladder to having sex with robots.  Perhaps, in another fifty years you will have to have sex with robots. Sexual relationships between a man and a woman will be forbidden on "health and social" grounds.  Procreation will be separated from humanity and totally commercialized.  A Department of the State. Or you will need a very expensive license like a commercial pilot's license...or a plastic surgeon's license to practice.

It got me thinking about an article I had read recently in The New Yorker.  Mia Farrow's son Ronan Farrow has written an excellent take down of yet another Hollywood Mogul...Someone by the name of Les Moonves.  I had never heard of him before but apparently he WAS a very powerful CEO at CBS who used his position of power over the years to conduct his own private misogynistic war on the women he came into contact with in the workplace.  I don't think his employment at CBS will survive Farrow's expose.  But what the article got me to examine is my own views on this "#Me Too" movement.  Previously, I thought the women were, in some cases, too vitriolic in the face of what was to me "typical bad boy behaviour"--that they should have been able to fend off.  After all, I had also run into this kind of man during my life and had successfully body swerved to avoid contact.

But Ronan Farrow's careful reconstruction of Moonves' decades long career as a serial destroyer of woman's careers--as punishment for not submitting to physical/sexual abuse--has made me change my mind.  These men [business moguls] are gatekeepers to power.  They deny the power of working in the entertainment business to women who refused to submit and become sex toys--or robots.

The "#Me Too" Movement in that sense is a counter-revolution to the cultural trend toward objectification, robotification or the "AI" era.  Or, will the situation evolve where the harder women fight back against objectification and misogynistic abuse...the more rapid will traditional women be replaced by sex robots and artificial reproduction?  IMO, Pedophilia, is only a step away from having sex with robots.  They are both at the very depth of human behaviour. The depraved, boring, intellectually numbing and very unfunny movie "Deadpool 2"--with its pervasive, glamourized aura of pedophilic grooming--indicates we're skidding very close to going full Gomorrah on the frontiers of depravity.

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'Right' Conditions for Work -- Putin decides to delay trip to Washington

Russiagate Witch Hunt
delays Putin's Washington Trip

Well, its a relief to me and no doubt to others in the alternative geopolitical awareness camp to hear that Putin will NOT be travelling to Washington in the coming fall.  American National Security advisor John Bolton made the announcement yesterday.  He said that Putin will likely visit Washington after the "Russiagate Witch Hunt" is over.  Can you imagine?!  What kind of diplomatic language is that?  Just to give readers a flavour of what the "Russiagate Witch Hunt" is all about, please read the comments of Democratic Party Congressional Spokesperson Nancy Pelosi about a possible invitation from Trump to Putin:

“The notion that President Trump would invite a tyrant to Washington is beyond belief. Putin’s ongoing attacks on our elections and on Western democracies and his illegal actions in Crimea and the rest of Ukraine deserve the fierce, unanimous condemnation of the international community, not a VIP ticket to our nation’s capital. President Trump’s frightened fawning over Putin is an embarrassment and a grave threat to our democracy. An invitation to address a Joint Meeting of Congress should be bipartisan and Speaker Ryan must immediately make clear that there is not – and never will be – an invitation for a thug like Putin to address the United States Congress.”

Talk about ripping the "Welcome Mat" [put out by Trump]  away from the door of the United States.  While the press is saying that it was Bolton/the Americans who made the determination that the fall was not a good time for a Putin/Trump summit in the United States...my feeling is that the Russians made the decision...but diplomatically allowed the Americans to claim it as their own.  After all, why would the Russians allow their leader to travel to a place where there can be no assurance of security and is notorious for Deep State assassinations of leaders...assassinations that never get solved or acknowledged.

It's got so bad that Putin regularly makes public reference to the "inner turmoil" going on within the American government...de facto accusing the US of being in a "state of insurrection".  In normal circumstances, such an accusation by a leader of a world power would be cause for deep reflection and public discussion..."What?  US?!  But after at least three such public references by Putin...Americans still have not even acknowledged Putin's comments about "the internal political situation" in the American government.  This is tantamount to a top oncologist telling a patient he has a huge tumour in his abdomen....and the patient just getting up, leaving the doctor's office and going about his daily business...or "bidness" in this case.

"...Pointing to the backlash inside Washington after Trump's performance at the Helsinki summit, Putin said: "Despite the difficulties, in this particular case difficulties linked to the internal political situation in the United States, life goes on and our contacts continue."

White House national security adviser John Bolton said on Wednesday that the US president and his Russian counterpart would not hold a meeting in the near future as it had been announced previously, at least not until next year..."

So, then a trial balloon was floated about Trump going to Moscow instead...to continue talks with Putin.  It's a sad state of affairs when the Russian capital has become a "safe haven" from the insanity of the West. A refuge for dialogue and free speech.  Some pundits have only half jokingly suggested that Trump should and may well travel to Moscow...to request asylum.

Moscow's Red Square

The "Right" Conditions for Work

The Saker, reflecting on the Helsinki summit--which was the proximate cause of the latest psychotic frenzy within the Neocon Deep State, has made some astute observations and has drawn the following conclusions.  Please read and I will have final thoughts to follow:

"...Conclusion one: a useful summit for Russia
As a direct consequence of the Helsinki summit, the infighting of the US ruling classes has dramatically intensified.  Furthermore, faced with a barrage of hateful attacks Trump did what he always does: he tried to simultaneously appease his critics by caving in to their rhetoric while at the same time trying to appear “tough” – hence his latest “I am a tough guy with a big red button” antics against Iran (he did exactly the same thing towards the DPRK).  We will probably never find out what exactly Trump and Putin discussed during their private meeting, but one thing is sure: the fact that Trump sat one-on-one with Putin without any “supervision” from his deep-state mentors was good enough to create a total panic in the US ruling class resulting in even more wailing about collusion, impeachment, high crimes & misdemeanors and even treason.  Again, the goal is clear: Trump must be removed.
From the Russian point of view, it matters very little whether Trump is removed from office or not – the problem is not one of personalities, but one of the nature of the AngloZionist Empire.  The Russians simply don’t have the means to bring down the Empire, but the infighting of the US elites does and, if not, then at the very least the current crisis will further weaken the USA, hence the Russian willingness to participate in this summit even if by itself this summit brought absolutely no tangible results: the action was in the reaction.
Conclusion two: the Clinton gang’s actions can result in a real catastrophe for the USA
Trump’s main goal in meeting with Putin was probably to find out whether there was a way to split up the Russian-Chinese strategic partnership and to back the Israeli demands for Syria.  On the issue of China, Trump never had a chance since the USA has really nothing to offer to Russia (whereas China and Russia are now locked into a vital symbiotic relationship).  On Syria, the Russians and the Israelis are now negotiating the details of a deal which would give the Syrian government the control of the demarcation line with Israel (it is not a border in the legal sense) and Trump’s backing for Israel will make no difference.  As for Iran, the Russians will not back the US agenda either for many reasons ranging from basic self-interest to respect for international law.  So while Trump did the right thing in meeting with Putin, it was predictable at least under the current set of circumstances, that he would not walk away with tangible results.
For all his very real failings, Trump cannot be blamed for the current situation.  The real culprits are the Clinton gang and the Democratic Party which, by their completely irresponsible behavior, are creating a very dangerous crisis for the United States: the Neocons and the Clinton gang are willing to say anything, no matter how destabilizing, to hurt Trump even if the US political system by itself is also put at risk. Furthermore, the Neocons have now completely flipped around the presumption of innocence – both externally (Russian “attack” on the US elections) and internally (Trump’s “collusion” with Putin). As for Trump, whatever his good intentions might have been, he is weak and cannot fight the entire US deep state by himself. The Neocons and the US deep state are now on a collision course with Russia and the people of the United States and while Russia does have the means to protect herself from the Empire, it is unclear to me who, or what could stop the Neocons from further damaging the USA. Deep and systemic crises often result in new personalities entering the stage, but in the case of the US, it is now undeniable that the system cannot reform itself and that when a personality tries to reform it, the system strikes back with vicious power.
Depending on its context the word “catastrophe” can have any of the following meanings: any large and disastrous event of great significance, a disaster beyond expectations, a dramatic event that initiates the resolution of the plot or a type of bifurcation, where a system shifts between two stable states. In the context of the political situation in the United States, all these definitions apply. Whether for better or for worse, the most likely outcome of the current crisis will be some type of political regime change. "
Greencrow says: It is an indication of what a good a job the fathers of the American nation did in establishing the US constitution and government that it has withstood almost 50 years of foreign occupation by the Ziofascist Deep State without a violent revolution. Either that, or it is an indication of how powerful the propaganda mechanism is in the Jewish controlled Hollywood, mass media and book publishing companies... in lulling the people to sleep and/or hoodwinking them. I wager about 75% of Americans don't even know how close their government is to complete collapse.

How it has existed thus far is indeed a mystery. The only way to avoid a violent revolution is, what my blogging colleague Ed(itor) recently said some contacts of his were proposing, "A program of Truth and Reconciliation". Not surprisingly, the greencrow made this "Truth and Reconciliation" suggestion as a solution to the American occupation several years ago, back on September 21, 2016. Proof of this is that I have a label for the topic "Truth and Reconciliation". Readers can click on it at the bottom of this post to go back in time to see when I first made the proposition. In the meantime, it's a relief to me that Putin is not travelling to ground zero of Ziofascist criminal insanity.

For the insane, Satanic, neocon, globalist, warmongering perpetrators--exposure to Putin is like exposing a vampire to garlic or sunshine--simply intolerable. The main reason for this is that Putin's a true, effective and populist leader. The perps will not tolerate their captives, the zombified, somnolent pod people [notorious American sheeple] being jarred awake by such a 'dangerous' entity.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Magnitsky Act Docudrama is back up on Youtube

Watch it while it's Still Up

This is a "must watch" docudrama that explains why Bill Browder is one of the most evil and dangerous men in the world.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

UPDATED: Danforth Shooter Plot Thickens....with many unanswered questions

Faisal Hussain high school yearbook photo

UPDATED:  July 26, 2018 7:59 I received some interesting comments on this post.  My blogging colleague Penny for your thoughts also provided some links to what she calls "perception management" going on in the mainstream media.  Here is a photo she provided:

Perception Management

Then I found this pic on the cover page of the MSN newsfeed

Perception Management #2

The website printed on the signs in the first photo is 


Both Penny and I are interested in this organization.  Who runs it and who funds it?  They appear to have the deep-pocketed capacity to come up with big professional signs at a moment's notice.  Whenever I see something like this I suspect a "slant drill" into the "oil well" of public tax dollars.


Please refer to the CBC Link here to see the latest update on the "Danforth" shooting incident. Apparently, according to the CBC report, the shooter, 29 year old Faisal Hussain took his own life 200 meters from the scene of the shooting.

Did anyone witness the shooter taking his own life?  As we know from watching TV crime shows, it is pretty easy to "plant" a gun near a body.  But, by far the most suspicious element to the CBC report is the information that:

"...A second police source told CBC News that investigators located a high-capacity magazine and a large quantity of ammunition for an assault-style rifle while searching Hussain's apartment in the Thorncliffe Park neighbourhood. Both sources spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the investigation.

The first source said Hussain was not known to be a gang member, but alleged that his 31-year-old brother, who has been in hospital in a coma for upwards of a year, has ties to a Thorncliffe Park gang, which might explain how Hussain obtained a firearm...

Reports have been saying that Faisal had no previous contact with the police. Read the linked report from the Toronto Star here. It would appear that Faisal's family, unfortunately, has had plenty of contact with law enforcement. Last year, his older brother, Fahad, out on bail on drug charges, even lived with a 33 year old 'surety" in Pickering last year. This older brother has been in a coma since January, 2018, resulting from a drug overdose...which theoretically occurred while he was living in the Pickering house of his "surety". The "surety" was later charged with having stockpiled a huge stash of high powered guns and ammunition in the home, as well as a significant amount of the deadly drug, carfentenil. This begs the question...Who owned the weaponry found during the police search of the Hussain household? Did it belong to Faisal, his father, mother or brother(s)?

The above information is highly suspicious in terms of what this family was all about. There are some other significant questions to be answered in addition to the obvious questions I've already asked in a previous post.

New questions are:

1. Where did this family immigrate from? When? and what were the circumstances of their immigration...were they, for instance, refugees from a war-torn terrorist-infested country such as Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan?

2. Why are there no recent photos of Faisal? Surely his employers, Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart, both places where he worked part time, took employee photos of him as part of his employment.

3. What do his father and mother do for a living? Have either of them had any previous interaction with law enforcement or security agencies?

4. What does his other older brother, mentioned in the Star report, do for a living and has he had any interaction with law enforcement or security agencies? Did this other brother also live in the Hussain household?

5. Who wrote the e-mail sent by "the family" to the media and subsequently published?  This family "apology" appeared to be written by a professional of some sort.

These are just a few obvious questions, the answers to which should already be in the public domain. Now that Canada is "legally" (whatever that entails) responsible for allowing White Helmet "volunteers" who for the past five years have been located throughout Syria in ISIS-held territories, supporting the so-called "rebels"...into Canada as refugees we are entering a period of uncertainty. Canadians will have to be more demanding of police forces, security agencies and the Trudeau government to get answers to obvious questions such as those posed above...for the safety of all.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

It's heating Up in Japan...and Geopolitically Speaking also

Scene from RT of Sakhalin Island

Just yesterday, in my bi-weekly CawRANT Events, I mused about weather manipulation generally and the current "scorching" heat wave in Japan in particular.  As is my want, I cynically connected the dots between Japan's Heat wave and it perhaps running behind on its extortion payments to the global climate manipulators....or, perhaps voicing too strong an opposition to the ongoing American military occupation of Japan that has been going on since the end of WWII, way back in the mid 1940's.

Well, even the greencrow was surprised to find out so soon after publishing my post...the likely reason that Japan has been "targeted" with nasty weather. Please read the following report, which I found on the blog SOTT.net but which originally appeared in RT.  It's titled "Putin orders government to build world's longest bridge".  And, at the very end of the report, it adds the following very intriguing quote:

"...In an even more ambitious project, Russia earlier proposed building a bridge connecting Japan's Hokkaido to the south of Sakhalin Island. The two bridges would make Japan a continental state."

So, what this is all about is that Russia/Putin has been talking with Japan for some time about a long simmering territorial dispute between the two nations over some islands off their mutual coast. Putin, as is HIS want, wants to turn the dispute into a case of "win/win" for both nations. In the past, he's brought up the idea of turning one of the disputed islands into a "Free Trade" zone, like Hong Kong.

But the above notion of building a 580 km bridge [which will be the longest bridge in the world] joining the Russian island of Sakhalin to the Russian mainland, is a concept that I never heard of before.  The additional concept of joining Japanese territory to Russian territory via another bridge is astonishing and geopolitically earthshaking.  Ya gotta hand it to Putin...the grand chessmaster sure keeps them hopping.  He does love his "win/win".  I'm also wondering what became of Putin's offer to help Japan clean up Fukushima.  I read yesterday that the water off the Fukushima coast is safe enough to swim in.  Could Russia have already started helping Japan?  Now, you don't expect to read about THAT in the M$M, do you?

You can just imagine [and I know my readers have developed great imaginations] what the ZioAtlantacist perps think about an idea like a land bridge between Russia, Japan and the Russian mainland.  Russia and Japan working on a huge project to join them geographically, AND connect Japan to the "Silk Road" concept that China and Russia have joined forces on....which, dontchaknow, includes oil and gas pipelines????  Japan entered WWII because it was going to be cut off from oil supplies by the West.  It's totally dependent on foreign oil.  Having a steady supply from Russia would end that dependency on the West....  We're talking a LOT of soiled nappies here.

No Wonder It's suddenly scorching hot in Japan!

Note:  Interesting how Putin is focused on bridges while Trump is focused on Walls.

UPDATED: Latest Toronto Mass Shooting Starting to Smell

  1. Danforth Memorial in Toronto
  2. UPDATED:  July 24, 2018 at 4:38 p.m. Yup.  Faisal had previous contact with the Police.  So far they're only admitting to incidents when he was a youth, prior to age 18.  But they say that the "investigation is continuing".   
    UPDATED:  July 25, 2018 at 8:40 a.m. Penny for your thoughts has published another post on this topic.  A lot of questions still unanswered.  And, of course, the usual "anomaly" that the government is currently trying to push through gun control legislation.  All we need now is confirmation that there was "a police drill going on at the very same time."
    UPDATED:  July 25, 2018 at 9:34 a.m. Toronto newspaper columnist Christie Blatchford says a whole lotta nothing in this puff piece.  All the stereotypes of Muslims and terrorists are dragged out but unsubstantiated.  I link to Blatchford's writing because she studiously avoids all the REAL questions regarding this incident.  Do the bullets in Faisal's gun match the bullets in the victims?  WHO was the third party who wrote Faisal's family's "apology" that prominently appeared in the M$M just after the shootings?  It reads as if written by a "professional" in the art of obfuscation.  WAS there a police drill going on?  WHO were Faisal's last known contacts?????

    The Toronto public has been terrorized recently by the latest in a series of apparently random shootings.  Here is the latest report from the CBC.
    Sorry in advance to all those who "can't stand the heat" of genuine forensic investigation and prefer, instead, to lounge in the comfortable pew of the "Official Story". The latest "Danforth" Toronto mass shooting, however, is starting to smell like a dead fish that has been lying on a counter in the sunlight for three days. Please read the following series of Comments on Penny For Your Thoughts' excellent post on this topic of yesterday and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

  1. Perpetrator still not identified? Call Central Casting!

    Hi Penny, I linked your post above to a bit I did on this topic in my post today:
  2. https://www.rt.com/news/434059-canada-danforth-shooter-identified-/

    Faisal Hussein from Toronto. A couple of obvious [but never to be asked questions] are:

    1. Did Faisal have any interractions with security agencies of any kind?

    2. Did his family have any connections with military or police?

    3. Where did he acquire the firearm(s) and training re same?



    1. my biggest question is was Faisal the shooter?
      because you have this missing time and place where the shooter is unaccounted for

  3. Almost hate to bring this up, Penny, but the numbers thing ... it happened on the 22nd = Kabbalah prime number 11. The shooter was 29 years old = 11.


    1. I should have said - the man they SAY was the shooter.
    2. I noticed the shooting took place on the 22-
      and yes the man who police are claiming as the shooter
      no pictures of him- nothing.
      I've looked this morning and looked and looked
      statement from the family and friends presenting narratives- but no image of the alleged shooter
    3. CBC: "His parents made daily hospital visits to see [Faisal's] brother, who has been in a coma for nearly a year and a half following an accident. It was the latest in a series of tragedies for the family, who, several years ago, also lost their daughter in an accident."

      Good grief! Without wishing to appear unsympathetic, what do you suppose the odds are that this family has a collective death wish or is somehow jinxed - or targeted? Too bad the CBC didn't elaborate on these "accidents". It leaves far too much to the imagination.
Why are there no photos of the shooter?  Just a big photo in the CBC of a Middle Eastern looking man who was a friend of the shooter.  Most people glancing at the CBC report would think that the photo at the top of the story was of the shooter.  Please read again my series of questions that occurred to me right off the top, within moments of hearing about the incident.

1. Did Faisal have any interactions with security agencies of any kind?

2. Did his family have any connections with military or police?

3. Where did he acquire the firearm(s) and training re same?

Today, these simple, elementary questions are STILL unanswered. The above questions and two more:

Why was Faisal's brother in a coma?

How did Faisal's sister die in an accident?

relate back to the first three questions I've asked.   After dozens and dozens of these mass shooting incidents, all over the Western world in the past several decades...this perverse lack of simple, elementary answers tells me that there is likely some kind of a psy-op going on.  Please stay tuned as I will write about this again pending further information/answers.