Saturday, June 9, 2018

Trump "eggs on" G7 re Putin's G7 isolation....and Canada ends up with "Foolish Freeland" Egg all over its face...

Freeland Causes Canada to get Egg on Its Face
I told you so....gc

It has not been a good week for the political establishment class in Canada.  This is the class made up mostly of the "usual suspects" and their acolytes--who rule Canada no matter what "political party" is in power.  First, we had the drubbing they took in the Ontario provincial election, where the Liberals, under the openly lesbian identity politics Kathleen Wynne, were reduced to just seven seats.  The Progressive Conservative party under Doug Ford easily won a 76 seat majority.  Doug Ford is the brother of deceased renegade Toronto politician Rob Ford....who became infamous for rocking the establishment boat...until he was suddenly cut down by a "fast-acting cancer" (TM)  Observing the Ontario election from a British Columbian perspective, across the breadth of the continent, it appeared obvious that Ontarians were determined to kick out the cabal...and they cared not who they elected in its place...even a "wet behind the ears" redneck would do....JUST NOT "THEM".

Then we had the delicious farce surrounding the G7 meeting that "Le Dauphin" was hosting in Quebec.  This meeting...which was originally designed for the elite of the "industrialized" nations of the West to divvy up their tax payer gotten spoils...has lost its mojo.... due to the Trade War/Sanctions being imposed on Europe and Canada by the dying Empire to the south.  The stalled NAFTA negotiations between Canada, the US and Mexico also hung in the air, smelling like a week old flounder.

Then, Trump delivered a resounding slap to the face of the entire G7 (or a barrage of eggs in their faces) when, as he was getting on the plane to fly to the gathering, he mused that "Russia should not have been kicked out of the G8 and that "Russia should be at the table".  LOL.  This was an act of pure "Trumpiness"....Nevermind that it was the US government, led by the Obomber, who first spearheaded kicking Russia out of the G8.  So, by contradicting the previous administration, Trump is just continuing (after his abrogation of the JCPOA agreement with Iran] his "tactic"(?) of rendering the United States the most untrustworthy nation in the world.  Really, what is the point of any nation entering any agreement [such as NAFTA] with the US?  Or having the US as part of any group of nations?  At this point in history?  The answer to that question is: NONE!

Russia was kicked out of the G8 because of the Ukraine crisis of 2014, which arose from a now standardized "regime change" coup fomented by the US State Dept. and presumably the CIA/Pentagon.  The isolation of Russia was publically predicated on the absorption of Ukraine's Crimea region back into the Russian Federation subsequent to a referendum where the ethnic Russian and Russian-speaking citizens of Crimea voted 98% to return to Russia.  Of course the M$M AKDS ["anti-Knowledge Defense System"] successfully "protected" western citizens from knowing anything about the Crimean referendum. Thus, the neocon globalist cabal could twist and manipulate the event to tarnish and isolate Russia.

A Canadian politician who has literally made her career out of tarnishing and isolating Russia--is the little Soros sock-puppet, Chrystia Freeland.  Trudeau fired a loyal and prominent Liberal cabinet minister Stephane Dion [and former Liberal leader] in order to install Freeland in the prestigious post of Minister of Foreign Affairs.  Freeland is banned from visiting Russia due to a "tit for tat" dispute between Russia and Canada over the Canadian passing of the anti-Russian "Magnitsky Act".  Progressive Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is also banned from travelling to Russia resulting from the same dispute.  Freeland's appointment, under the circumstances, was a direct slap in the face to Russia by Trudeau.  

So you can just imagine how Freeland choked on her morning bagel when she heard that Trump had come out and demanded that Russia be returned to the G7/8.  LOL...just for a delicious moment...imagine Russia returning to the fold...and eventually hosting a G8 gathering...and...wait for it....Freeland would be unable to attend...lolololololol.  The thought literally makes my day!

But I don't think Freeland needs to worry quite yet.  Russia's "isolation" by the West has just motivated it to solidify its network of allies and friendly states elsewhere.  As Putin's spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said yesterday...Russia is now focused on the G20.  The G20 includes Russia's best friend, China.  I can't imagine Russia returning to a group of nations that doesn't include China.  I don't even know WHY China is excluded from the G7...after all, China has a GDP exponentially larger than some of the G7 nations.

So I believe that Russia returning to the G7 is a non starter.  Why did Trump even make the suggestion?  Well, probably as a "heads up" indication of his deep disrespect for all the nations he's was going to have to sit down with around the G7 table.  Trump wanted to knock them off their stride prior to what was sure to be a testy meeting as a result of the "sanctions" that Trump had recently levied on Canada and Europe.  Trump has the memory of a gnat...or he would have recalled all the sanctions that he's also levied on Russia...not to mention his backing of the UK Skripal lies and the banishment of all the Russian Diplomats based on the Skripal lies.  Also, the closing of the San Francisco Russian Consulate and the break-in of said Russian property by American "authorities".

As I say, Trump is all over the map on all his policies with the result that the world is starting to "tune him out"...and is just waiting for that longed-for vaudeville hook to come out and drag him off the world stage.

Vaudville Hook

Trump is desperately trying to do a jig to distract from the fact that the US has been caught with its armament pants down around its ankles and.....has been totally superseded by Russia's March 1, 2018 announcement that it has developed, built and put into action several new weapons that far exceed anything in the US arsenal.  Trump is just buying time for the MIC to try and catch up and is pretending to cozy up to the Russian leader.  But hopefully Putin is too smart to be taken in.  If he were to rejoin the the very least it would put him at grave risk of being assassinated at one of the meetings...that, IMO, would be the ONLY result.  For that reason alone, I am opposed to Russia re-joining G7.

But, in closing and to return to the topic of Canada having "egg on its face" due to the Trump ploy of pretending to support Russia's reinclusion in the G7.  I hope that Le Dauphin/Trudeau now at least realizes how vulnerable he has rendered Canada on the international stage by foisting Freeland on Canada's international reputation.  Freeland DOES NOT REPRESENT AT ALL HOW CANADIANS FEEL ABOUT RUSSIA.  Freeland is also a main reason Trudeau has tanked in the public opinion polls. With the recent developments vis a vis the power/arms cold war going on between Russia and the West...Freeland is a distinct liability to Canada.  Trudeau should eliminate her from his cabinet tout de suite!


Anonymous said...

Opinion about Putin

Anonymous said...

This Russian guy died not long after this interview

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

I watched both the videos you linked and noted that both of them were made by CNN. Even Trump has called CNN "Fake News". These particular videos presented a very fake image of Putin. Saying that the average Russian is oppressed and does not freely support Putin. How then can you explain his landslide re-election recently?

What is new about the videos, at least so far as I am the involvement of recently deceased [by suicide] Anthony Bourdain in them....and his opinions of Putin and Russia as expressed in the first video. As a result of watching the videos I suddenly arrived at the very surprising opinion that Bourdain was probably a CIA asset. That would explain his worldwide travels. I will now look for slurs against Russia...blaming it/Putin for Bourdain's they (includinhg CNN and BBC) initially blamed Russia/Putin for the fake murder of Arkady Babchenko.

Anonymous said...

I always thought the same thing
He was very intuitive when asking questions of the locals where kaos just left
I watched all his shows
That is how a poor simpleton travels
He did have a Russian friend who was ex kgb???I think he said once
I do not think he commited suicide
His current girl toy is the one who nailed Weinstein
Think there was revenge there???
I hated the cursing and boozing on his show
I watched for his insight to what went down and who controlled what
Whether or not it is propaganda
I forwarded that to see your opinion
You always praise Putin
I watched the protests
If Russia elections are like Amerikan???
Then I do not believe the landslide victory
I have more to say
But enough for now
I saw episode where he could shoot a gun
I had wonder after seeing
Maybe he knew the dangers of traveling??
I will send video on what he said about Palestine
I think what he said about that would justify hate speech

I will find and forward
Thanks for your opinion
That is why I forwarded it to you

Anonymous said...

Here is Bourdains thoughts on Palestine
Actually accepted an award for the episode???
I watched that episode but forgot the context of it
I need to watch again
I am not sure if this means anything
Your thoughts are appreciated

Reading between the lines said...

I think I could watch Freeland getting hit with eggs all day long .If I had the time that is.Love it!

greencrow said...

Hi RBTL: Yes the woman in that gif DOES look bear an uncanny likeness to Freeland.

But I like the Donald Duck photo clip even BETTER. Did you watch it? Now That's what I think Trump looks/acts like!

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

I did watch the clip and of course agree with what Bourdain say about Palestine. Is it what they call a "limited hangout?" He did NOT mention Israel by name...I don't know. And I don't know why he committed suicide. IMO, suicide can be the ultimate show of anger against family and friends. Or, perhaps he discovered he had some terminal medical condition...that is often a reason. We just don't know. Sad.