Friday, June 22, 2018

Janette McKinlay Full Interview – 9/11 Survivor at Ground Zero - A Journey into the Light

Loose Change interview with Janette McKinlay
2016 - Finally gets to tell her story
to the world - Sourced from

Janette McKinlay Full Interview – 9/11 Survivor at Ground Zero

In a functioning democracy, Janette would have been allowed to tell her story to the investigators into the mass murder atrocity we now refer to simply as "9/11".  Unfortunately, there was/are no real investigations into that tragedy...just like there were no genuine investigations into the murder of JFK, the president who was shot down in the streets of Dallas like a dog.  Or, the murder of his brother RFK and JFK's son, JFK Jr.  Or any of the other atrocious series of criminal terror events perpetrated on the American people by the Satanic Ziofascist occupation.  All the American people were fed was the slop of deliberately crude lies and intellectually insulting fairytales/dimestore novel/pulp fiction.

But back to Janette.  Her story is a "must watch' for truthers and for anyone who wants to understand how the "common man" responds to a slow awakening and emergence from the dark and dusty bondage of official lies into the horrific light of truth--and to acceptance of the burden of carrying that reality alone...without the support of the majority of sheeple, who prefer to wallow contentedly in a child-like "State" of ignorance.  In her summing up, Janette says she "prays for unity".  This is a National Unity where all citizens of America finally share the adult awareness and responsibility--and freedom--of bringing the murderous well-known and identified perpetrators who stole their justice.

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