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CawRANT Events #66

CawRANT  Events #66

Good morning everyone!  I didn't post much last week because I was off doing family time activities and of course, yesterday was Father's Day.  As the weeks of summer come upon us, I will likely be taking longer breaks between posts as I enjoy summer activities such as gardening and sailing.  I am also working on three fairly complex wood carving projects that will be taking up time.  The lower mainland Vancouver has just begun our first heat wave of the summer and it is over 20 degrees Celsius at the moment.  Yesterday, it was close to 30 and getting uncomfortable in the evening and during the nights.  Looking forward to walking my dogs in the warm summer air later this morning...but right now, it's time for my bi-weekly [gawd willing] CawRANT.

In looking over the newz headlines on the Internet over the past few days I'm struck by how comparatively "quiet" it is in geopolitics at the moment.  Could this be the lull before the storm?  Normally the M$M is working on one or two false flags or false flag hoaxes at any given point in time.  At the moment there are absolutely NO false flag headlines in the Western press...which is unusual.  Given that the World Cup of Soccer has begun in is almost a certainty that there will be some major distractions and anti-Russian provocations in the very near future.  Most likely they will have to do with Ukraine and/or Syria where Russia has some national security/military involvement.  In the coming paragraphs I will mention a few other hot spots that could siphon away some of the positive energy that Russia is building globally.  That is what the Satanists are all about.  They feed on negative energy and hate it when things are going well, people are working together, having fun at sporting events and the like.  For them, to take a good time and turn it into a horrific like feasting on a banquet of delicacies.  The more blood the better.

Here's an interesting headline:  A prince in Cambodia was hurt in a car crash where his wife was killed.  Apparently a taxi crossed over the median and hit the car they were driving in head-on.  The coincidence is that there is an election going on in Cambodia...and the prince was a member of the opposition party.  Hmmmmm.  The prince, while injured, survived.  Wonder if he will withdraw from the election given that he is likely in grief over his wife.  The entire incident sounds very suspicious...given that Cambodia is one of those countries that the West considers strategic...but, hey, don't they consider the entire world strategic to their over-arching hegemony?

Israeli writer Gilad Atzmon recently came out with an analysis in PressTV [the Iranian national news source] that the US is dropping out of yet another UN body, the United Nation's Human Rights Council (UNHRC):

US not superpower, operates as colony of Israel: Author

The Trump administration’s plan to quit the United Nation's Human Rights Council (UNHRC) over the body’s “anti-Israel bias” comes despite the regime’s well-documented and widespread human rights abuses, a Jewish author in London says.

“What is fascinating is that America is doing it [quitting from the UNHRC] for Israel, the number 1 abuser of human rights in the contemporary world,” Gilad Atzmon, an Israeli-born British novelist, political activist and writer.

“This suggests that America is not a superpower; it basically operates as an Israeli colony,
” Atzmon said Saturday in a phone interview with Press TV.

“This is quite embarrassing for [the] American people, but I assume most of them are probably used to the idea by now,” he added."

Gilad Atzmon is one of those Jewish writers that I point to when some geopolitical pundits say that Every Single Jew is part of the cabal.  I say that these individuals such as Norman Finklestein, shine out like diamonds in a pile of feces....and should be acknowledged and supported.  Regarding what he said about the US withdrawing from the UNHRC, this is a steady and formulated strategy to close down the United Nations and leave the world without a governing body and ready for the chaos that will lead to the "Order" of the One World Government led by the neocons.

It will probably take a few more years, but they're making slow but steady progress.  The United States of Israel has already dropped out of the cultural body of the UN and are working on nullifying the Security Council [kicking out Russia].  I have been saying for years that the United Nations should be moved out of New York a remote island in an ocean somewhere.  Come to think of it, Diego Garcia is a perfect location for the United Nations!  The deep sea port and underground facilities are already there!  And, hey if they can land and "disappear" an entire jet load of passengers [from MH370] the infrastructure/capacity of Diego Garcia is very much underreported.  Having the UN located on a remote Island will help to focus the representatives on solving the world's problems.  And the US doesn't even own the was a colony of Great Britain...but like all of the regions and lands of the earth, was originally an independent nation associated with India.

Speaking of Israel and False Flags...and it's pretty hard NOT to speak about Israel and False Flags in the same breath--because they are the past masters of the "by way of deception" strategy...we are again hearing about threats to Iran's nuclear capabilities coming from Israel.  It seem plausible that if and when the next False Flag occurs it could be a cyber attack aimed at Iran's energy infrastructure.  Those who have been "awake" for a while are well aware of the Stuxnet virus that was perpetrated against the Iranian nuclear infrastructure a decade or more ago.  The Stuxnet virus was developed by Israel and the US [this is what their scientists were doing....while the Russian scientists were developing all the paradigm-shifting weaponry that Putin unveiled back on March 1, 2018] to mess with the fail safe controls within the nuclear facility, particularly the water required to cool the radioactive "rods" within the reactors.  Well, Iran discovered the virus prior to it inflicting any mass fatality-causing damage.  This was an amazing feat, considering that Israel was assassinating Iran's nuclear scientists at an alarming rate...shooting them as they responded to a knock on their door...that kind of cowardly attack.  But, as I say, Iran was spared the horrific earth-threatening repurcussions of the Stuxnet attack.  Not so the Japanese who had the same Siemens computer software controlling their nuclear fail safe mechanisms at Fukushima.  First, there was some kind of huge explosion in the deep trench off the coast of Japan [probably a nuclear detonation] then earthquakes, then a tsunami hit the reactors, which were stupidly located right on the Japanese coast!

Some researchers, examining photos and videos of the Fukushima Nuclear plant taken during the nuclear crisis, suspect there were also explosives placed in or near some of the towers.  In any case, the fail-safe mechanisms controlling the cooling water needed to protect the radioactive rods failed to operate as intended and there was a "melt down" which is ongoing to this date...with radioactive water pouring out into the Pacific.   It is absolutely amazing and a total condemnation of humanity that this planet-destroying environmental catastrophe is allowed to fester...without the nations of the world banding together to solve it.  Putin offered assistance to Abe of Japan a few years ago during a meeting.  Nothing firm has been announced since.

All the above about the Stuxnet virus is prologue to what kind of cyber attack Israel is coming up with next for Iran.  When Israel plans a cyber-attack on a nuclear facility, they prove ipso facto that they are not humans at all...but some other form of life...a form of life that hates this planet and humanity.

I wrote a post last week about the "Pie in the Sky" promises made by Trump to Kim and vice versa at the Singapore meeting.  Significantly, all the four "points of agreement" in the communique were dross.  The only real breaking newz arising from the meeting was the kind-of promise that Trump made to suspend the provocative drills the US Navy and South Korea take part in regularly off the coast of North Korea.  I have a different perspective of that "promise".  IMO, what really happened is that South Korea pre-emptively decided NEVER to take part in another "drill" and has already told that to North Korea.

So, in order to "save face"...from the humiliation of having to go "solo" on a drill in the coastal waters off North Korea...which would be a defacto admission that the US has lost it's raison d'etre puppet South Korea...the US pretended that STOPPING THE DRILLS WAS ITS IDEA.  And the other stakeholders in the region...China, Russia and South Korea are going along with the face-saving charade as the "cost of doing bidness" with the US.  The results are the whatever.

So much of the US's foreign policy and history is made up of charades, smoke, mirrors and outright lies that it's hard to identify any major historical event regarding the United States that happened as written in the history books our children are forced to read in school.  That's why I virtually quit reading books a decade or more ago.  All the bookstores, such as Chapters/Indigo here in Canada are owned by Zionists and they also have the franchise to publish all the textbooks the kids use in the schools.  Open any book.  Look at the name of the it Jewish?  Is it a Zionist company?  Of course it is.  Doesn't matter who actually WROTE the book.  In the days when the Vatican ran the West you weren't allowed to read a book that didn't have the Latin words "Imprimatur" and "Nihil Obstat" on the first page.  It's the same now...the same illuminati but now a textbook can't be used in a classroom if it isn't pre-approved by the Ziofascists who have the publishing industry as tightly controlled as the "Jew Spew" mainstream media.  It makes me physically ill to think about the lies that are being shoved down our children's throats on a daily basis at school.

That preamble was in support of this link about "Why the United States will never Apologize about the Iraq War" started by the Bush Administration under false pre-texts...that is still going on in a more muted form. Angelina Jolie went to Mosul the other day and walked through the streets of absolute devastation caused by US bombing.  She noted that there was still a heavy stench of rotting bodies in the air. This bombing was ostensibly to get rid of ISIS.  In fact,  the bombing was done to deliberately destroy the infrastructure of this oil-rich region so that the Iraqis could not readily return to the area of their country and recover their industry and...presumably, make oil contracts with countries like China and Russia to extract the oil.  Not many people remember that at the time of the Iraq invasion in 2003, Iraq under Saddam Hussein had signed several significant oil contracts with China and addition to announcing that Iraq was going to divest itself of the petrodollar. THAT was the real reason for the Invasion.

As to Why the US will never apologize for "mistakenly" attacking and destroying Iraq?  That's simple and can be summed up in two words:  "legal liability".  They don't want to have to pay retribution to Iraq for the destruction of the country...never mind the millions of casualties.  Just like what happened in Viet Nam.  Viet Nam is still trying to get compensation for the destruction caused by the use of Agent Orange and other chemicals poured all over their country in the 1960's and 1970's.  The idea of being a hegemonic power is that you get to "rape and pillage"...the land and its people.  It's no fun being a hegemonic power if you have to pay the piper afterwards...and after a while the "rapist and pillager" tends to go broke.  So the United States doesn't apologize and it doesn't clean up its messes...including leaving stinking bodies under the rubble to rot in perpetuity.

Cleaning up messes is left to others...other than the Satanic cabal.  Cleaning up the messes caused by war to humanity and infrastructure is left to the victims.  Cleaning up the stinking rot of lies, False Flags and False Flag hoaxes is left to truth-telling historians...such as little moi ; )...but vastly more importantly... infamous truthtellers like the imprisoned Julian Assange.  Assange was left with the job of cleaning up the stinking military/political/legal messes in the United States so-called "democracy"....with all its international tentacles.  Without people like Julian Assange...the stench of ethical and moral rot left behind by the perps of 9/11...who are very much alive, well and busily throwing steaks off the getaway truck to distract the hound dogs of justice....would easily make their get-away.  Only to come back and pull over even bigger and more destructive heists than 9/11.

So, in closing I am going to urge all readers to do what they can to support Julian Assange.  As it says in the report linked would appear that we are getting down to the last chapters of his story.  Remember, you would never have seen that video of the US military helicopter gunners playing video war games with the citizens of Iraq...picking them off from the air as they walked the streets...and then picking off the ambulance first responders when they came to the assistance of the victims.  This is the kind of truth Assange has given the world [by way of heroes like Chelsea Manning].  If we value this kind of truth...we must speak out on behalf of Assange and on behalf of his [and our]  inalienable right to tell the truth!

Gotta get out into that sunshine! Until my next CawRANT, bye for now. 

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