Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Putin's Inaugural Address - Cashing In On The Benefits of Building a Better Mousetrap

Putin's Inaugural Address

I watched and listened to the latest inaugural address of Russian President Vladimir Putin and, in spite of his rather rushed delivery, he did a masterful job of laying out his administration's focus and agenda for his fourth term in office.  I liked the way Putin acknowledged that his power "came from the people" and promised to "dedicate his life and work to working for them".  You don't hear much of that kind of talk anymore from western politicians...who  owe their electoral victories NOT to the people but to lobby groups, corporate donations and "identity politics".  He talked about strength in unity as being a keystone for Russia...not multiculturalism...and pandering to different ethic groups.

He talked about the need to support Russian families so that the population would grow and the children would be healthy and have opportunities to develop their potential for Russia.  Finally, he talked about the need to maintain military technological advantages in order to protect Russian sovereignty and independence.  Military security depends on continued world leadership in weaponry...and in order for that to continue...lots of children, lots of food and other essentials and lots of high quality education. He encouraged young Russians to come up with crazy, "audacious" ideas.

As I said in a post over a year ago now...the old saying has reached it's real time fulfillment:  "Build a Better Mousetrap and the World will Beat a Path To Your Door."  That is exactly what Putin has done..create a social environment where the young "geniuses" were given the hard fundamentals of a good scientific/technological education--and then asked to provide solutions to, say for example, flight, and trajectory challenges for military aircraft.  Graft, lobbying and corruption was taken out of the equation and the military budget was kept to a minimum.

This is totally the opposite of what has happened in the United States.  For decades. fat military/industrial corporations have bellied up to the tax payer trough and siphoned off trillion$ of dollar$ for substandard products...F-35 etc., etc., etc.  Nobody wants to buy US junk anymore.  They have to be bullied, sanctioned and forced to buy the junk...and even THAT's not working anymore.  See, for example the video below where an Israeli expert is commenting on Russian supremacy in military hardware:

Israeli commentator says that Russians
have prevailed "not because of their military...
but because of their teachers"

So, March 1, 2018 was a pivotal day in world history.  It was the day when the "arms race" ended...with Russia winning.  Significantly, more than 90% of the Western civilian population is totally ignorant of this fact....The West, unfortunately, still leads the world in the "ignorant sheeple race to the bottom".

Now, for Gawd Knows What Reason...US President Trump is responding to the de facto military defeat in the arms race by pulling out of an agreement with Iran and the other participants in that years long negotiation.  You would think that USrael would want to maintain a little breathing space in order to get its house together, accelerate its weapons programs, put its technology development teams back on the rails and up to speed.  But Noooooooooo.  The US likes to maximize the areas where it still maintains supremacy:  deception, bull$h!t, bullying, threats and ....the age-old "double-cross".  Which is what pulling out of the JPCOA amounts to,

If human nature prevails, however...it won't have any effect on the new status quo since March 1, 2018...the world will continue and increase "beating a path to the door" of Russia--to acquire the state of the art weaponry...particularly the defensive S-300 and S-400 anti-missile systems.  These systems spell "freedom" for countries like Saudi Arabia and Turkey...which currently operate under the heal of the globalist neocon.  I would even like to see Canada get hold of some S-400's.  What a difference that would make for a big, resource rich but militarily puny country like Canada.  Then, at the very least, we would be able to speak with our own voice on the International Stage once again.

This is all preamble to the continuation of the discussion I started in my last post, i.e., What will Putin and Netanyahu be talking about when the Prime Minister of Israel visits Moscow to sit and watch the parade of "excellent" weaponry go by on Victory Day?  Will Netanyahu be asking for some of those S-400's for Israel--as a "defense" against a supposed "Iranian attack"?  Will Putin be asking for some clarity re what nukes Israel does have at the moment?  Both in Israel...and...as rumoured...as blackmail--buried deep in the bunkers of Israeli embassies throughout the world?

It is astounding and shocking...the way the Western press has virtually ignored the upcoming meeting between Putin and Netanyahu in Moscow.  Like I say...the PTB doesn't know whether to sh!t or go blind.  The new common rule of geopolitics is...the more important an event is...the less you will hear about it in the M$M.


tsisageya said...

Men are supposed to protect women, children, and the vulnerable. That is their only purpose.

Why are they doing the very opposite?

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would explain why Putin has invited Nutandyahoo to russian as an honored guest at the Victory Day parade.

Talpiot program maybe?


greencrow said...

Hi Laskarina

The Talpiot program?


I agree that Israel would love to get some of its promising students into Russian technological studies.

But...what would be Russia/Putin's quid pro quo? Russia is not like the US...giving something [endless amounts of taxpayers money and weaponry] to Israel for nothing.

Penny said...

Greencrow: It sure looks as if Trump and Netanyahu planned to attack Syria immediately after Trump announced the end of the P5=1.

So far Syria has struck down two Israeli missiles- it appears some made it through.


It's not if they'll be more.. it's when and how many.
This is what Usrael has been looking for

Anonymous said...

Gee I see in this video a lot of hate for Putin from Russians
It looks like gun control protesting
A lot of young Russians
I see they also have psycho fairies abusing the citizens
It looks like fun wearing a uniform
You get to act out your psychotic fantasies while you blame leaders for that trait
I also heard they shut down twitter and something else
I guess they do have delusional freedom there
That anthem made it sound so sweet
Too bad the anthem is propaganda and the Russian sheeple do not get it
If Putin wants to help the sheeple in Russia
Maybe instead of one news broadcast
Do like Amerika
Have tons that give you the same crap
Then you have job creation and self absorbed local stars
Then the sheeple will think wow more news and it will take a while before they realize it is the same crap as the rest
At least it is job creation
The video of the Russian sheeple protesters being rounded up by psychopaths