Thursday, May 17, 2018

Norman Finkelstein - the Intellectual scalpel that deftly slices through Ziofascist Psychopathy

Norman Finkelstein is interviewed 
about the genocidal State Oppression going 
on in Palestine [three part video interview]

Paul Craig Roberts alerted me to the three part video interview with US university professor Norman Finkelstein that is located at the previous link.  This is a "must watch" video.  Many geopolitical observers think that Jews are single-mindedly [without exception] psychopathic.  Norman Finkelstein is that marvelous exception that allows those of us who are so inclined to avoid tarring every single Jew with the black brush of tribal psychopathy.

The exceptions, like Finkelstein, Gilad Atzmon and a few others, unfortunately, shine out like diamonds in a pile of excrement. Finkelstein zeros in with his lazer-like analysis on the contention that Israel has the right to "reasonable" or "discriminate" force in order to control the Palestinians.  The Palestinian demonstrators, as he explains, are merely trying to escape from their open air prison/concentration camp... which has been formally condemned by UN health agencies to be "unsafe for humans" due to water contamination.

Finkelstein carefully examines the rights of the Palestinians versus the "rights" of the Israelis...before concluding that the Israelis only possess ONE right.  That is "The Right to Leave".

In order to understand the tribal psychopathy driving Ziofascist American and Israelis Jews to eternally and relentlessly drag humanity towards WWIII, I recommend reading today's post by Northerntruthseeker.  It puts Finkelstein's legalistic analysis into a psychological framework.  But it is important to remember heroes like Finkelstein do exist...when reading the analysis linked to in NTS's post.

My contention is that when humanity comes down to the final strokes in this world wide will be the heroes in the Jewish community....and the few lucid leaders left in the occupied American nation [NOT Putin or Russia] who will, at long last, rise up and force the psychopathic evildoers in USrael and in Israel to activate the only right that they are entitled to:  The Right to Leave.

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