Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mahathir Mohamad - Malaysia's 9/11 Truther Leader Returns to Power

as the new prime minister of Malaysia,
resuming the post after a 15-year interval.

First of all, I want to say that my connectivity to the Internet is being constantly interrupted.  I don't know exactly why, but some "Microsoft" glitch is rendering me cut off from the Internet on a daily basis and more.  Even though I recently installed Norton anti-virus, it appears that some entity has "tinkered" with the software on this computer. Should a real crisis break out...I believe I will absolutely be kicked off the internet.  So, it is kind of appropriate that my post today is about one of the first ever who led the way for the rest of us. 

I remember Mahathir Mohamed well from his earlier stint as leader of Malaysia.  I remember him because he stood out in stark contrast to other leaders of his time...he told the truth.  During those dark years immediately following the 9/11 atrocity...when truthers were just finding their legs...when we were being gas-lighted all over the world...accused of being "tin foil hats" and ridiculed for believing in the laws of physics--when we all thought we were going crazy....there was MahathirMohamed...standing in our ranks among us.  Saying out loud the things we became afraid to say. 

At one point in time, I recall, he was the ONLY leader in the world who dared say that 9/11 was an inside job...and a pretext for massive wars in theMiddle East.  And then, when MH17 went down...[and MH370 went "missing"] he immediately pointed the finger at the Western Neocon cabal...said they were responsible.  The western media tried to minimize and stifle his words--but we in the truth community heard and took courage from them. 

Folks, THAT's why, at the ripe old age of 92...this man is being dragged out of retirement by his people.  Humanity craves the truth...and venerates those brave enough to speak it to power.  Welcome back, Mahathir!  Now more than ever this world needs to hear what you have to say!!!

Now, on the topic of what is going on in the past 72 hours between Iran, Syria and Israel...I don't know the actual truth any more than others here in the West.  But it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if the "grand chess master" told Iran they could have a small military missile "go" at the Israeli military installations illegally set up on the Syrian Golan Heights...while Netanyahu was enjoying the parade...just the kind of thing that the West is always doing to Putin...remember the Sochi Olympics????  Tit for they say.

Gnarls Barkley - "Crazy"

I remember when
I almost lost my mind
There was something so pleasant about that place
Even your emotions have an echo in so much space
And when you're out there, you're out there without care
I was out of touch
But it wasn't because I didn't know enough
I just knew too much
Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?
And I hope that you are
Having the time of your life
But you better think twice
That's my only advice
Come on here, come on here now
Who do you think you are?
Bless your little soul
Do you really think you're the one in control?
Well, I think you're crazy
I think you're crazy
I think you're crazy
Exactly like me
All my heroes have always had the heart
To lose their lives out on a limb
And all I remember is thinking, when I grow up
I want, I want to be just like them
Ever since I was a little girl
It all looked like so much fun
There ain't no coincidence that I've come
And when I die, when I die I'll be done
Maybe I'm crazy
Maybe you're crazy
Maybe we're both crazy


Anonymous said...

Hi Greencrow,
why use Microsoft products? A truther should be using open source software. Choose a Linux distribution to your liking and install it. Have a look at DistroWatch, or Softpedia. Linux Lite 3.8 would be my recommendation.

wallflower said...

Hi GreenCrow
I rarely comment anymore...but I read my go to blogs every so many days now. I just want to say that when trying to view the Victory Day Parade video from yesterday I was shut down 3 times. Finally as I moved on to other blogs my computer miraculously didn't shut down. I even tried to view the VDP video on youtube and was still knocked off. I'm not technically smart at all but maybe someone can put the dots together? Over all even without being able to watch the doesn't stop my common sense from veering off the curb. Thank you and Penny, and NTS for all your good work...(even without my comments) :)

Reading between the lines said...

I always respected Mahathir for his truth in world politics .At his age ,I hope that he can set things right for his country .I read at least one of his books.He is one of the good guys.
Love the song "Crazy" by the way.

bondo said...

A great man.

Anonymous said...

Awesome article.

Anonymous said...

Using "blogger" which is owned and controlled by the tribe is asking for trouble, as is using any Microsoft product whatsoever. How have you not figured this out? Use linux and for email use the only encrypted email on earth:

Malaysia is controlled in large part by Chinese. That is where Brendon O'Connell has fled.
Forget YouTube and post videos, etc. on