Wednesday, May 23, 2018

BBC "Voice of Satan" Winning Propaganda War to Soften Up Public for Next Middle East Killing Field in Syria

Reporter mentions MI6 involvement
in Rendition and Torture

From Aletho News

The above video is one of those rare glimpses into seeing how the dark or deep state works in action.  Here was a reporter talking about the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain having a security agency [M16] program that involves rendition and torture.  The reporter is cut off the air just as he mentions the connection between rendition, torture and the government.

The other evening my husband and sister were watching a "Fifth Estate" show on TV that was about Syria's president, Bashar al Assad having a long history in torturing opponents of his government.  They wanted me to watch it: "Come and Watch it!  It's got photos and everything!" they said.

Fifth Estate - Smuggling evidence of Assad's
torture out of Syria

Of course, I refused to watch it. I stood at the doorway of the TV Room and said:  "Call me when they get to the part where US General Gina Haspel is "enjoying" watching torture and then gets confirmed as head of the CIA by the US Government!"

The Sheeple always see everything in isolation.  They never connect the dots.  Later, I said to my husband and my sister:  'You know you are being set up?  Don't you?  You are being set up by the government to condone the upcoming attack on Syria and the public killing of its duly elected leader...Bashar al Assad.  Just like Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Moummar Gadhafi of Libya before him.  There are huge US aircraft carriers at anchor in the Mediterranean just off the coast of Syria...just waiting for an order or some kind...or a "false flag" to start the war.  This war will destroy Syria just like Iraq was destroyed, just like Libya was destroyed.  But you will never see the similarities between the demonization of Hussein and Gadhafi that saturated the TV channels prior to those attacks and this TV show demonizing Assad."

They both looked at me deer caught in the headlights...or sheep being led up a ramp to the slaughter.  No clue.  No clue...just like those viewers of the BBC show above...who accepted at face value the reporter being abruptly cut off the air and the censorship ascribed to "technical difficulties".

But if you want a glimmer of hope in this sad the comments below the Fifth Estate video above.  The people who made most of the comments are sentient beings who base their opinions on evidence...not simply what they are told by "official" authorities.  They are capable of connecting dots.  They understand what is going on.  That is the only hope we have...that there is a solid [if minority] foundation of sentient beings keeping an eye on geopolitical events...understanding the big picture, connecting the dots and able to speak out.  It is this small but relentless tide of humanity that's holding back the aircraft carriers from attack.  It is these Fifth Estate TV shows and all the other M$M propaganda deluge that are meant to soften up the force and effect of the small oppositional tide....

It is sad but true...the vast majority of North Americans and Westerners (Atlanticists) are totally under the thrall of Deep State Agents/Official Story the "Voice of Satan" BBC above.

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