Sunday, April 8, 2018

UPDATED: War Started tonight - due to False Flag. Western citizens, kept ignorant of geopolitical realities by their Ziofascist governments...sleep walk towards WWIII

Coming Soon to a City Near You

UPDATED:  April 8, 2018.  Remember this date.  This is the first day of the "War for Humanity".  As per usual...started by a false flag and a false flag attack on Syria.  Syrian military base near Homs attacked by probable US missiles.  Syrians have intercepted at least 8 of them but according to SANA news agency have suffered casualties.  I will be updating this post as more information comes in.  Of course, it may well be that the Internet goes down entirely at some point in the next few hours. NOTE:  The internet went down for an hour earlier this morning...also, police/emergency sirens have being going off here intermittently all weekend long...for some reason...a "drill"?

8:19 p.m. Eric Zuesse weighs in and says only outstanding question now is "whether the US or Russia will nuclear blitz the other first".

8:24 p.m.  according to RT, Pentagon denies air/missile attack on Syria...suspicion now falling on there any difference?

8:35 p.m.  PressTV says 8 missiles were destroyed, US denies attack.  Hey, would they have denied it if the missiles successfully hit their targets?  Just askin'.

8:47 p.m. RT earlier today posted this...which asks if Israel pushing for an imminent False Flag attack on Syria was an attempt to distract from the mowing down of unarmed Palestinians by Israeli snipers.  My response?  No.  I don't think Israelis worry at all about the PR fallout of killing Palestinians.

9:03 p.m.  Israel strikes "Hamas targets" in Gaza.  Let's move on quickly after the failed 8 missile barrage on Syria.

April 9, 2018 2:35 a.m. RT reporting that two Israeli planes shot 8 missiles.  Three landed on perimeter of Syrian air base killing and wounding several victims.  5 missiles were shot down by Syria in the air and did not reach their targets.

2:58 a.m.  PressTV reporting that both Russia and US have requested UNSC meeting for Monday [today] to discuss Israeli attack on Syria....AND the latest CW false flag engineered by West.  Prepare for joke ambassador Nikki Haley Sh!tstorm of anti-diplomatic rhetoric--in ongoing project to destroy United Nations as a platform for nations NOT vassals of Ziofascist West.

8:47 a.m.  PressTV has "Breaking News" report that the US "assessment does not blame Syria for gas attack".  The cynic in me suspects that "USrael" is merely whipsawing Russia and its allies around...playing "good cop/bad cop" as a destabilizing strategy.  Watch for the Haley harridan to  accuse Syria/Russia of "gassing his own people"(TM) again tonight at the UNSC.  "Chicken with Head Cut Off 'diplomacy'" at its height.

9:04 a.m. Sputnik is reporting that Syria has written a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations condemning the latest Israeli attack on its sovereign territory yesterday.  Syria claims that whenever it is successful in eliminating terrorists from its cities...Israel attacks.  Hopefully, Syria will get an opportunity to address USrael directly at the UNSC tonight.

9:24 a.m. Regularly checking Canadian M$M sources over the past 10 hours or so... it is [NOT] shocking that not one of them has yet reported on the Israeli bombing of Syria.  The only report that even comes close is The National Post...which has a lie-drenched "report" on Assad "gassing his own people"(TM).  The only "witness" in that report is "Mohamed" (doesn't want his sir name used) a medical student in Douma who reports on "infants foaming at the mouth" and  "70 dead".  But nothing at all about the Israeli attack on Syria....noooooooooooo. Canada is being swaddled in metaphorical cotton wrap to prevent the tender ears and eyes of Canadians from the realities of how close we are to WWIII.  All attention has been focused on the Humbolt Hockey Team tragedy.  Which is, in fact, devastating to Canadians. My heart goes out to the families and community of that team.  I am also wondering what corporation owned the semi that went through the stop sign and t-boned the bus carrying the team.  Why do we not know the corporate owner of those blue and white containers strewn all over the intersection?  Will there be a cotton wrap around that too?  This is all preamble before stating the obvious.  Canadians should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.  We should be informed about an international crisis that threatens world peace...even while mourning a national tragedy that the Humbolt accident was.

9:51 a.m. Didn't take long for my "good cop/bad cop" theory to pan out as accurate. RT is now reporting that Trump has "ruled nothing off the table in the US response to Syria." He is going to make the sentient world wait on tenterhooks for a "decision on US military action within 24-48 hours" .  The world is thus trembling..."We are all going to die and it is all based on a lie".


I'm still recovering from a state of shock/depression I fell into last evening when exposed to gross stupidity, arrogant ignorance and dangerous gullibility of an acquaintance who insisted that, although there was no evidence, Russia "had" to be behind the Skripal poisoning--simply because the Brit government said it was.

Even back in the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, which I lived through, the world was not as close to all out thermonuclear war as it is this moment as I type.  The Russians have done their best to warn the West. Putin did everything he humanly could to wake up the somnolent his March 1, 2018 "State of the Federation" address...which can be viewed in its entirety on YouTube.

But, as the saying goes: "You can lead a horse to water...but you cannot make it drink."  That is the outcome of all the efforts of the Russians together with their Western supporters, such as myself.  It has all been a failure.  Even the relatively open-minded, such as the gentleman I had a conversation with last evening...was totally unaware of the dangerousness of the situation, what with Russia having supplied itself and its allies with several new game-changing weapons...such as a hypersonic drone submarine and missiles equipped with their own nuclear power supply which are capable of travelling at supersonic speeds anywhere on the planet, then maneuvering on a dime to avoid Western anti-missile defenses.

The western warmongers are absolutely determined to use the Western citizenry's imposed ignorance as a weapon in and of itself...part of their paltry and putrid psychological arsenal of weapons such as  "reputation ruination", "isolation", "provocation" and then "blame"--when the Russians finally respond to long planned and deliberate attacks on their troops in Syria based on MORE chemical weapons lies.

My readers are some of the rare exceptions to the "ignoramus majority" living in the West.  I know I'm preaching to the choir when I warn about the precipice we're on.  But if any readers can share the following post that I found in with any possibly open minded citizens that haven't been able to cut the umbilical cord with the Main$tream Zombification Media yet...I urge you to do so.  Tell them to read the following very carefully....every single paragraph is full of critical information that should, if the press had any ethics/morality left, be in the possession of every single citizen.  To deny citizenry this information is a clear sign that the "usual suspect" perps are not humans and do not regard humanity as having any value at all:

Russian Federation General Valery Gerasimov

"US Planning a Terrorist False Flag Chemical Attack to Justify Bombing Syria: Russia Says It Will Respond

Global Research, March 20, 2018

Events in Syria increasingly resemble a direct confrontation between major powers rather than a proxy war. Lavrov’s words, delivered a few days ago, reveal the critical phase of international relations the world is going through, with a potentially devastating conflict ready to ignite in the Middle East region.

An alarming warning by Sergei Lavrov and Chief of the Russian General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, was announced via the RT broadcaster and several Russian media. The content is explosive and deserving of the widest possible dissemination. Gerasimov claimed that Moscow had “reliable information that fighters are preparing to stage the use by government troops of chemical weapons against the civilian population.” He alleged that the US intends to accuse Assad’s troops of using chemical weapons against civilians, and then “carry out a bombing attack” on Damascus. Gerasimov warned that Russia would “take retaliatory measures” if the US targeted areas where its military are located in the Syrian capital. “Russian military advisers, representatives of the Center for Reconciliation and members of military police” are currently in the Syrian capital, Gerasimov said, adding that in the event that the lives of Russian military personnel are placed in danger, the Russian Armed Forces will respond with certain measure to both “missiles” and their “launchers”. A few hours earlier, Lavrov responded, “criticizing the remarks by the US envoy to the UN, Nikki Haley, about Washington’s readiness to “bomb Damascus and even the presidential palace of Bashar Assad, regardless [of the] presence of the Russian representatives there.” “It is an absolutely irresponsible statement,” the Russian top diplomat added.

The words of Gerasimov are even more dire, since he explains how the United States and its allies are preparing the ground to justify an attack on Syria. According to reports, terrorists stationed in Al-Tanf (an illegal US military base in Syria) received 20 tons of chlorine gas and detonators, disguised as cigarette packs, in order to attack in an area under the control of the terrorists that is densely inhabited by civilians. What would then happen is already obvious, with the White Helmets (AKA Al-Qaeda) and mainstream media ready to broadcast the images of the victims of the attack, tugging at the heartstrings of Western viewers otherwise unaware of the conspiracy being played out. Efforts to frame Russia have already reached the highest alert levels, with the false-flag poisoning of the Russian spy in the United Kingdom. It seems that there is a significant effort by the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany to provoke a military confrontation with Moscow. How else are we able to interpret threats from Macron to strike Damascus, together with his ominous advice to foreign journalists not to go to Damascus in the coming days and, for those already there, to leave the capital immediately? There has even been chatter within diplomatic circles that suggest that UN personnel are leaving Damascus. This could be psychological warfare, or it could be a prelude to war. With the stakes so high, we cannot afford to ignore any detail, even if it may be disinformation. The American attack seems imminent, with mounting signs of movements of American and Russian warships in the Mediterranean in attack formation.

Russian military representatives have reiterated that in the event of an attack, they will respond by hitting both the missiles launched as well as the ships from which the missiles were launched. Things are getting pretty dicey, and the risk of a direct confrontation between the United States and the Russian Federation are rising with every passing hour. The transfer of numerous US aircraft from Incirlik, Turkey, to Al-Azrak, Jordan, is another indication of preparations for an attack, since the forces moved to Jordan are close to the Al-Tanf base. The proposed strategy could involve an assault on the city of Daraa, for the purposes of securing the borders between Syria and Jordan and Syria and Israel.

The warnings raised by Lavrov and Gerasimov appear unprecedented, given that they detail a plan already set in course, evidently approved at the highest levels and aimed at provoking and justifying an attack on Syria; and attack that would encompass the Russian forces in Syria. Tensions continue to grow, following Russia’s shooting down of a drone by two surface-to-air missiles launched from its Hmeimim Air Base. Moscow has even deployed to the Mediterranean the Admiral Grigorovich-class frigate Admiral Essen and the Krivak II-class anti-submarine frigate Pytivyy. Both are prepared for anti-ship and anti-submarine operations. Sources claim that this deployment was planned some time ago and is part of a routine deployment of the Russian navy. But during such a delicate moment, it pays to focus on every detail. Without resorting to excessive alarmism, if Lavrov said that “the movements of the warships of the United States and its allies in the Mediterranean seem compatible with the strategy of using this chemical attack to justify an attack on the Syrian Arab army and government installations”, then it is reasonable to speculate on whether the Russian ships are moving in to the area to counter any provocations.

There are two fundamental flaws in the reasoning of US policy-makers and the US military establishment. They are convinced that an American demonstration of strength (involving a large number of cruise missile launched against Syria through a significant involvement of aircraft carriers as well as bombers) would stun Russia into passivity. Furthermore, US military generals are convinced that Syria and Russia do not have the ability to defend themselves for an extended period of time. They seem to be fooling themselves with their own propaganda. As their Israeli colleagues have already learned, such an assumption is mistaken. While the idea that a high level of firepower would meet with some kind of success, the possibility of a response from Syrian and Russian forces remains. And this possibility seems not to have been given sufficient weight by the US and her allies.

How would the American military and the Trump presidency react to a US warship being sunk by anti-ship missiles? It would only serve to demonstrate how vulnerable American naval forces are when confronted with such advanced weapons. It would represent a tremendous shock for the US military, possibly the biggest shock since the end of WWII. What would Trump and the generals in charge do? They would respond with further bombardment of Russian forces, leaving themselves open to a devastating Russian response. The conflict could escalate within the space of a few minutes, leading to a situation where there could be no possible winners.

The normal reasoning I employ when considering total annihilation is placed to one side when US special forces deliver 20 tons of chlorine gas to Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria order to execute a false flag for the purposes of blaming Damascus and Moscow. If we connect this event to what is currently happening in the United Kingdom, and the hysteria in the United States surrounding alleged Russian hacking during the American elections, we can understand just how much international relations have deteriorated. This situation is reminiscent of Ukraine in 2015. Ukrainian forces suffered repeated defeats at the hands of the Donbass resistance, being contained in the thousands in different “cauldrons“. Within NATO headquarters in Brussels during that time, there were open discussion over sending a contingent to support Ukrainian troops. The plan, however, was never realized, given the possibility of direct confrontation in Ukraine between the Russian Federation and NATO.

In recent months, the possibility of a war on the Korean Peninsula has also been evoked and perhaps simultaneously averted by the unpredictable consequences for both Seoul and the American forces in the region.

In Syria, the approach of Washington and its diplomatic and military emissaries seems more reckless and less tied to a chain of command where the buck stops at the American president. It seems that the US deep state in Syria has a greater and more hidden control over American forces, sabotaging every agreement made between Moscow and Washington. We saw this during the Obama presidency, where the US Air Force bombed government troops in Deir ez-Zor only a few hours after a ceasefire had been reached between Lavrov and Secretary of State Kerry.

The grave circumstance about which we write seem to be without precedent, seeming as they do to lead towards a direct confrontation between nuclear-armed powers. Alas, in such circumstances, we can only hope for the best but prepare for the worst; we can only wait to read on the mainstream media notifications of the latest chemical attack in Syria. We can only hope that there is someone in Washington retaining enough sense to factor in the devastating consequences of an attack on Damascus and the Russian forces in the region.

Never before has the region been on the verge of such an explosion as in the next few hours — as a result of the typically reckless actions of the United States."


Anonymous said...

BoyDownTheLane says that it is exceedingly difficult to break through the barriers of stupidity and ignorance when the mainstream media and their kissing cousins the social media are now moving at high speed using several approaches to close off and intimidate those who can comprehend what you have written and who are willing to pass that information on. Satan is laughing with delight...

Scorp Six Four said...

I'm hoping that when the incoming Russian nukes hit Tinker AFB (USAF's largest Air Force Material Command center) on the east side of Oklahoma City (I was stationed there '83-'87 as a Security Specialist babysitting the 552nd AWACS HQ and aircraft)... that it's a windy day since I live about 20 miles to the west. The prevailing winds typically are from the northwest (winter) or south (summer) which would help with the blast and radiation fall out. I might survive but then will I want to be around for the coming nuclear winter? One of the reasons I don't return to my native Canada is the cold... brrr.

Cognitive dissonance is the norm in this day and age down here. Americans are a good hearted people but they live in a bubble of exceptionalism. They are inbred that way and paradigm shifts are not something they can deal with... until it's too late. Sadly the vast bulk of Americans are simply tax livestock which are kept in the dark and have shovel loads of shit fed to them on a daily basis. They have no inclination to seek out Truth (that which is self evident and comes from the Creator which is exemplified in cues presented in Nature).

Of course, aside from my oldest brother who lives in south-central British Columbia... the balance of my family in Canada is clueless as well. I have another brother living in western Florida but he has evolved into a neoZionist and is completely smitten by the AshkeNAZI myth perpetrated in a book of fiction written by the Victims® who worship Moloch (the planet Saturn).

As my father often would say... "such is life."

Anonymous said...

SUNDAY, APRIL 08, 2018

First day of work
Tweet (Joyce Karam):
"BREAKING: #Syria regime outlets saying T-4 regime military airport in Homs under attack by Missiles , suspected to be American"
Tweet (Max Abrahms):
"Can’t believe Bolton’s first day as National Security Advisor will be to objectively assess whether Assad used chemical weapons in Douma as alleged and to recommend an appropriate response 🤦‍♂️"
The entire internet is alive on what an obvious false-flag, or even completely phony, attack this is.
AT 4/08/2018 09:35:00 PM

Anonymous said...

Excellent website. Lots of helpful info here.
I'm sending it to several pals ans additionally sharing in delicious.
And certainly, thanks on your effort!

greencrow said...

Hi "Boy Down The Lane", Dwayne and Anonymous:

Thanks for your comments. So, it's started. Last time I felt like this was just before the invasion of Baghdad when everyone at my then place of work was giving fistpumps excitedly and insisting it would be a "cakewalk"--that would be over in a weekend. I couldn't believe their stupidity then...and I can't believe the stupidity surrounding me now.

Looking at Homs on the map of Syria, I see that it is smack in the middle of the country. This, IMO, is the beginning of an "Iraq-style" invasion. Give Bolton a hammer and he'll turn Syria into an Iraq-style nail. Of course, all bets are dubious due to the involvement of Putin's Russia. Suffice it to say...humanity is teetering on the brink. The chess master is staring into the chasm of Hell. Will he blink?

Anonymous said...

Boy @ Lane says, as you know, Penny has good wrap-up of early reports. Also, the Saker : and Barb Starr at CNN says the US will get its nukes off the ground in any event:

Penny said...

Can't say I'm not worried- I'm on edge!
It's looking ominous

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

You, me and NTS and any other bloggers should to "the Saker" if Blogger turfs us off the Internet. Also, are there any comments forums on the M$M we could gather at? During the Iraq war I met kindred spirits at the "Afghanistan" forum on the NYT. But NYT is out for such activities now. Can you think of any "Plan B" options to keep in touch?

Scorp Six Four said...

GC and others... I dislike "selling" this to ya'll, but my oldest brother (who lives in Greenwood, BC) operates a forum called FreedomPortal. The ISP is in Iceland if I'm not mistaken.

greencrow said...

Thanks for the info, Dwayne. I will copy the URL in handwriting and keep it by my computer. I suggest others do as well..."just in case".