Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Trump Wants Putin to Come to Washington [Enter the Matrix] for Meeting. Ahhhhhhhh.... Don't Do it, Vlad.

Putin Invited to Meet Trump in Washington

In a related story, a Fly was recently invited to Meet a Spider in Middle of a Web

Spider Eats Fly

I have returned to my computer after a few days off to celebrate Easter with my family.  Sometimes it's harder than others to get back in the traces.  This time has been particularly difficult due to ongoing problems with my computer. Just yesterday I finally found out exactly what is wrong and so I need to take my laptop back to the shop later on this morning to get Microsoft downloaded again.  It was a difficult and expensive "fix" but at least it can be fixed, unlike the current geopolitical situation...which just gets progressively worse.  THAT is the main reason I feel such ennui when I sit down to write a post.

It's not that there's a lack of topics to write's just the fruitlessness of banging my head against the brick wall of Ziofascism...which has spread like a radioactive cloud across our planet and is killing, deforming and mutilating everything we have identified as humanism.

That seems to be the ultimate goal...kill off humanity and replace it with some sort of robotic humanoids who will accept any kind of lies and oppressive matrix that is foisted upon them.  James who comments regularly from Australia, put an excellent link into one of his comments last night.  Here it is.  I have only listened to the first 20 minutes but it's about something called "fusion" which is what the perps are up to these days.  Fusion of lies with the newz or, in other words, "Fake News" on steroids.  

The Western media is all "Fake News" these days.  I have stopped going to it to learn about what's going on...I only check it to see how the perps have twisted, manipulated and distorted what's going on for "the matrix population"...which is 68% of humanity.

For real news I only go to two websites...PressTV and RT.  I also check out Alethonews regularly for analysis.  If it wasn't for RT, sometimes I think I would go mad.  RT is the greatest export that has ever come out of Russia and the oppressed truthers expelled from main$tream Western society--now exiled outside of the matrix--will be forever grateful to Russia for giving us some semblance of sanity.

Trump Invited Putin for Meeting in Washington, DC

A few days ago RT reported that, during Trump's now infamous phone call to Putin to congratulate him on his recent electoral victory, Trump invited Putin to Washington.  This must have been one of those impetuous, spur-of-the-moment know the kind.  When you're on the phone with someone and there's a long silence and you don't have anything to you just invite the person over to your house "at some point in the future".  In other words, it was a "mean nothing" invitation and Trump probably forgot about it as soon as he hung up the phone with relief.... "THAT's over with!".

But Putin seized on the invitation.  His chess master's brain saw it as a rare, excellent opportunity to pit the Deep State Perps against the Deeply Troubled/divided Trump Presidency.  If the invitation was revealed...the entire Washington "Swamp" could be put in an uproar.  Many of the slimy monsters would be forced to slither out into the sunlight and reveal themselves to the their opposition to such a meeting.  Or, they could be in favour of such a on....

Regardless of all the diplomatic opportunities presented by such an invitation I'm very depressed at the notion that it might take place.  Putin is such a macho type that he'd not hesitate to "show the world" that he's brave enough to enter the "gates of hell" itself for the chance to make a just peace.  OTOH, the perps would see it [the meeting] as the best chance they'd ever get to assassinate the man.  Hey, if they were able and willing to shoot a missile into the Pentagon on 9/11, killing scores of American government bureaucrats [mainly accountants looking for the missing Trillion$ missing from the Defense Budget] what would stop them from firing a missile into whatever Washington government building chosen as a venue for such a meeting?

So, I'm sincerely hoping that the "Putin visits Washington" idea dies a merciful death on the planning table.  The world doesn't need another JFK, MLK, RFK etc., etc. apocryphal that would be surrounded by cover-ups and lies...perhaps the perps would say it was an attack by Russia that killed Putin...that's the brazen quality of their lies these days.  Please read the following analysis by Mark Crispin Miller that appeared on the Paul Craig Roberts' blog this morning for more examples of the lies being put forth, and I will have final comments to follow:


“Last week, following the brazen attempt by Russia to assassinate one of its former spies and his daughter in Britain with a chemical weapon, 27 countries expelled more than 150 Russian diplomats.”

Thus William J. Burns, president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (sic), begins “Putin Has Overplayed His Hand,” an op-ed that the New York Times published, as part of its ferocious retro (one might say “Germanic”) propaganda drive to sharpen the mass appetite for war (of some kind) against Russia.

That drive has been especially vigorous (one might say “hysterical”) since Trump called Putin to congratulate him on his re-election, and without ever breaking off the pleasantries to rage at Putin’s brutal thrusts worldwide—most notably his “meddling” in our excellent elections: “American intelligence officials say they are certain that he meddled in the 2016 American election on behalf of Mr. Trump and is trying to meddle again in the 2018 election, as well as in many European elections.”

That well-worn charge recurs in a Times editorial from March 21—”Why Is Trump So Afraid of Russia?”—which, typically, treats that spooky allegation, not merely as established fact, but as a flagrant crime, like Pussy Riot’s infamous “performance” of group buggery at the Moscow Zoological Museum. Whereas Obama also had congratulated Putin post-election, in 2012, the Times forgives that phone call, because “circumstances [now] are very different,” what with Putin’s “brazen meddling” in our last election, as the Times’ Nicholas Fandos (or his editor) put in on Jan. 29th.

This view of Putin’s recent villainy is rather mystifying (one might say “psychotic”), since “brazen” is a word that has no application whatsoever to the crimes at issue here. “Brazen” wrongs are perpetrated right out in the open, in your face, with no attempt to hide the evidence, or to deny them. Thus “brazen” is a fit descriptor for (say) Nero’s sex life, Hitler’s blitzkriegs, Israel’s settlements and Donald Trump’s business practices—and not at all for either one of those alleged crimes by Russia, since Russia has indignantly denied them both, and, if guilty of them, managed to hide every single scrap of evidence in either case, as no “brazen” culprit would.

And so whatever Putin did, assuming he did anything, is nowhere near as brazen as the New York Times’ misuse of “brazen”—a verbal tic as startling as the propaganda overall, this drive having all along been based on what would seem to be (can such things be?) sheer fantasy, as William J. Burns (inadvertently) reminds us in his Times op-ed. Calling for a still more punitive “diplomacy” to counter the “dark arts” that Putin has deployed against us (and his people), Burns recalls the moment when the world’s “open societies” first joined hands to thwart Putin’s “muscular revanchism”: “We have demonstrated our ability to work in concert on painful sanctions after Mr. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.”

Now, this is where I’m asking for your help; for while it’s quite true that the West first started its collective diplomatic punishment of Russia over “Mr. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine,” I’m having trouble finding any evidence that any such “invasion” ever happened. Nor—speaking of Putin’s “muscular revanchism”—can I find any evidence that Russia “seized Crimea” over the objections of its people, or of his “repression” of them since (a term the New York Times et al. apply routinely to Crimea). Since both stories would, of course, be major news, I’m wondering why there seems to be no journalistic trace of that “invasion,”or any news about, and/or domestic protests of, the ongoing “repression” in Crimea.

So I’m now asking in you, in all humility, to help me out. As I’m sure you’ll recall, I’ve looked, and looked, yet finally found no evidence that Putin “meddled” in the last US election (by fiddling with the voting and/or vote-count and/or voter rolls, and/or by hacking the DNC emails, and/or John Podesta’s, and/or by releasing an effective flood of anti-Hillary pre-election propaganda, and/or whatever else). And lately I’ve been just as vigilant in search of any evidence that Putin was behind the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter (who, although at first reportedly near death, is now reported to be making a miraculous recovery). Of course, this does not mean that no such evidence exists, but only that I’ve looked, and haven’t found it.

As covert operations, both election theft and murder are “deniable” by those who’ve ordered them, and so, as in both cases here, we notice them (are are persuaded that they happened) only after they (allegedly) take place. That surely cannot be the case with the invasion, or the seizure, of one country by another, larger country—huge, brutal moves that simply can’t be hidden, even in the dark, especially with US surveillance satellites throughout the skies above.

And so there has to be some coverage of the former, and some protest of the latter, that I’ve somehow overlooked. I mean, I’m only human, and with limited resources; so the failure here is probably my own—and I’d much rather think that I have simply missed all signs of those two “brazen” Russian wrongs than that our government just made the whole thing up, in covert partnership with “our free press.”

So please feel free to see what you can find, and then to share your findings with me.


Greencrow summarizes:  I was so disgusted by the barrage of anti-Russian lies being promulgated by the taxpayer-funded CBC recently that I finally decided to e-mail the CBC Ombudsman to complain.  Here's the exchange I've had with the Ombudsman so far:

CBC Ombudsman

On Sat, Mar 31, 2018 at 10:44 AM, Green Crow <> wrote:

The above is a typical “analysis” from the chock full of lies that it makes me want to vomit.  Is there anything you can do to persuade CBC to at least give some semblance of balanced news?  At the current time, they are just a shill for the neocon, globalist warmongers trying to foment WWIII.  On my dime!!!


From: CBC Ombudsman
Sent: April 3, 2018 5:51 AM
To: Green Crow
Cc: Jennifer McGuire
Subject: Re: Constant lying about Russia

Dear :

I write to acknowledge receipt of your e-mail. I have shared it with Jennifer McGuire, General Manager and Editor in Chief of CBC News, so that she may be aware of your concerns.

I note that your complaint is a broad one. If you have specific drawn from the report, I would be pleased to follow up on it.


Dear Ombudsman:

You asked for specifics regarding the CBC’s constant, non-stop vilification of Russia? Didn’t take me more than a few seconds of browsing to find an excellent example from today’s newz.

In the above “analysis” we have links to at least three blatant lies about Russia:

- That Putin’s recent electoral victory was “full of fraud”
- That the Skripal case where Britain, on no evidence whatsoever, accused Russia of poisoning a British spy’
- That Russia “meddled” in recent US elections.

All the above accusations are blatant anti-Russian lies. No EVIDENCE has ever been presented in the media to support any of them. Regardless, the CBC reports them as if they had been properly investigated. Frankly I am beyond disgusted with the CBC. It appears that it has been taken over by a Ziofascist entity that has it in for Christian Russia. Why doesn’t the CBC bother to report on the “biggest open air concentration camp in human history” (Palestine) where recently more than a dozen unarmed protesters were shot in the back?

Oh, and why doesn’t the CBC at least mention in passing the REAL reason Justin Trudeau has tanked in the polls--because Canadians are furious that he reneged on his electoral promise to “reset” relations with Russia after the deplorable Stephen Harper years? Even an idiot should be able to figure that one out. Canada and Russia could have formed a partnership to work on projects to develop the Arctic and north...and bring prosperity to Canada’s indigenous peoples of the north. BUT NO! Canada must shoot itself in the foot and lie prostrate before the its Ziofascist controllers...we have NO sovereignty left. Thanks in part to the feeble-brained puppets at the CBC who wouldn’t know the truth (much less report it) if it slapped them in the face!


From: CBC Ombudsman
Sent: April 4, 2018 7:07 AM
To: Green Crow
Cc: Jennifer McGuire
Subject: Re: Constant lying about Russia

Dear [gc]

I write to acknowledge receipt of your email. The first step in the process is to share your complaint with the relevant programmers, who have the right and responsibility to respond. I have therefore shared your email with Jennifer McGuire, General Manager and Editor in Chief of CBC News. If you are not satisfied with the response you receive you may ask me to review the matter.

Programmers are asked to try to reply within twenty working days.


Dear CBC Ombudsman:

Thank you for taking my complaint about anti-Russian news seriously. It is a relief to think that we just might be able to get relief from this incessant pro-hate build up against Russia.


The chances that the CBC will stop mimicking its fellow marchers in the Ziofascist lock-step media anti-Russian parade?  Slim and none.  As is explained at "The Fusion Doctrine" link in the third paragraph of this post...all this systemic media lying is part of a much larger project to take humanity down yet another level into the matrix of globalist anti-human oppression.

Here is a very recent quote from a Russian Intelligence Officer that further explains what's going on:

"....Politics never was an honest business. But the amount and nature of lies spurred today in attempt to justify Western hegemony is unprecedented,” he said. According to Naryshkin, the West is using Orwellian ‘doublespeak,’ investing words with the opposite of their true meaning to justify its policies. “The situation is counterintuitive and really dangerous,” he warned.
“So many times big talk about human rights and democracy was accompanied by military interventions into sovereign nations. Those nations were plunged into bloody chaos that had no place for such a fundamental right as a right to live. Over the past two decades, hundreds of thousands of innocent people fell victim to NATO aggression in Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa,” he said.
There is a greater need "to reset the international relations system to make it work." That would require the countries to abandon double standards and "start speaking in a truly common language of humanity, before it is too late.”

.....You'll know we're almost there [where the perps are taking humanity] when they cut RT off the Internet.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff GreenCrow. Should tell them to get some new friends. That what I get told all the time by the tax-paid ones.
Finally, some clarity regarding Information Clearing House.

Northerntruthseeker said...

You have to love the refusal by the Jew spew CBC to actually answer your inquiries, Crow...

But honestly, what did you expect? These liars will continue to vomit out their propaganda to brainwash the gullible Canadians because most Canadians are now too stupid to do anything to stop them!

This is why I have turned off the CBC a long time ago.. .Their 'news' made me sick to my stomach!