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Toronto Van Attack staged to distract from Armenian Regime Change Op?

Ryder Truck with no evidence of blood from
the dozen or so humans that it hit

Hi Folks: Just a bit more on the Toronto Van Attack Staged False Flag. Without a doubt this was a staged event and after viewing the scene of the attack in the video linked HERE, I now doubt whether anyone was killed. It was a hoax through and through. The individual arrested was NOT Alek Minassian. The bald guy was probably some IDF hitman type. The Minassian patsy was the one who showed up in court. They wouldn't trust an incompetent nerd like Minassian with an important operation that possibly, as readers can see from the e-mail published below...had international ramifications.

e-mail I recently received re the Van Attack. Please read and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:



New subscriber here.

A friend forwarded me your piece about the discrepancy between Minassian's hair in the news videos vs the courtroom sketch. Very interesting.

I've done a little digging and discovered the rather significant events which took place in Armenia, where Minassian is from, on the same day as his actions.

First, are you aware of the history between Armenia and Turkey?

Armenian's believe Turkey is guilty of genocide towards them in 1918, 1OO years ago this year.

Western nations refuse to accept this accusation, despite the historical evidence of the slaughter of 1.5 million of the 2 million Armenians then living. To do so would compromise NATO's relationship with the geographically critical member state of Turkey, gateway between Europe and Asia.

Armenia elected a new PM 2 weeks ago who campaigned on shedding light on this atrocity, thus an opponent of the west/ally of Russia.

When elected, western backed protests in the street brought Armenia to a standstill until their new PM had no choice BUT to resign. In essence overthrown by a NATO/CIA coup.


I believe he was responding to the western interference into his homelands politics on this, the 1OO anniversary of the genocide which was finally, about to be recognized for what it was.

I believe news agencies are leading a coverup to suppress the knowledge of western meddling in Armenian elections, just as the west is and has been meddling in the Ukraine and overthrew their President. Just as the west has done in South America, Iran, Afghanistan, Africa and Central America and are trying to do in Syria.

The synchronicity of these events, which has not been covered by corporate media whatsoever is a confirmation in itself.

They instead have offered the INCEL theory as an explanation for Minassian's actions, which has been entirely fabricated out of whole cloth and is based entirely on a single tweet, supposedly from Minassian in which he praises Elliot Rodgers, the Long Beach vehicular murderer. The single screen shot of Minassian's tweet is coming under suspicion for it's incorrect time stamp data being very easily faked.

No one I've seen has been reporting on the connections between Armenian politics and Minassian's attack, despite it obviously being a distinct possibility.



Greencrow says:  Thanks for your contribution "M".  I can just visualize Chrystia Freeland rubbing her hands with glee as she is conferring with her CSIS henchmen...ordering up the "Armenian Van Attack".  Hey, how many times do we get to:  1) terrorize the citizens into accepting more State controls; 2) Perpetrate a pre-text for the NEED for a bigger CSIS budget; 3) distract from Trudeau's latest scandal--being photographed in a friendly pose with an alleged serial who travelled the world for decades on the public dime' ...and 3) Wait for it.....thumb our noses at Russia and Putin by celebrating the overthrow of a democratically-elected Pro-Russian government in Armenia?!!!

It was just too delicious to pass up.  It's just too bad [for them] that most sentient beings are now quickly able to see through the charades and fakery.  Every succeeding False Flag falls flatter than the last.

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