Sunday, April 22, 2018

The death of “greencrow”?

Dead Crow

I've been feeling a bit depressed lately, perhaps it's one reason that my blogging has fallen off.  The reason behind my depression is that, as Penny said in one of her posts, "I've got the algorithm blues"  in other words, Blogger has been fooling around with my stats and, according to their own "all time" readership graph...I have been suicidal and jumped off a statistical cliff, again.  You can see for yourself in the graph reprinted below: 

Graph of Blogger page views
Greencrow Jumps off Statistical Cliff Again

According to other bloggers and some links sent to me by my blogging colleague Ed(itor), former blogmaster of "Occurences", "Boy Down The Lane", and "The Sullen Bell", Google is mastering it's "shadow banning" techniques...and has them down to a fine science according to these links:

It's one thing to "shadow ban" alternative and "inconvenient" truth bloggers out of existence but it is another thing to put an end to anonymity on the Internet.  This could be a lethal blow to those bloggers like myself who do not make a living (or, more accurately "try" to make a living) from blogging.  Let's be frank...if you decide to become a professional blogger and to depend on the vagaries of YouTube or Blogger advertisements for a, well, don't quit your day job.

Putting an end to the option of anonymity on the Internet is a nail in the coffin of a certain kind of reckless truth.  Some folks say to us:  'Well, if you really believe in what you have to should not be afraid to put your real name onto your posts."  To that, I reply in two words "John Bolton"...or, as I have started to call him..."John "We Know Where Your Children Are" Bolton".  This entity (I won't call him a human) did all of us truth bloggers a big favour last week when it finally came out about his threatening the former head of OPCW and forcing him out of the organization.  According to an interview with the former head of OPCW, back in the days of Dubya, when John Bolton was in the government in the  run up to the attack on Iraq...Bolton demanded that the OPCW head resign his job because his views didn't coincide with the US views.  At one point Bolton gave him 24 hours to resign.  When the OPCW head refused to resign, Bolton famously told him "Then you have to accept the consequences...We know where your children are."  In other words, we will get you through your family.  THAT IS WHY TRUTH TELLERS WANT TO AND DESERVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS.  THE FACT THAT THE LIARS AND WARMONGERS ARE DE FACTO MURDERERS AND WOULD NOT HESITATE AT 'PUNISHING' THOSE WHO STAND IN THEIR WAY BY ATTACKING THEIR CHILDREN IS WHY THIS IS A RIGHT THAT SHOULD BE ENSHRINED IN ALL "BILLS OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS!  This is for the very same reason the right to a "secret" ballot is similarly enshrined.

I used to post comments on the CBC comments forums under the name greencrow.  Then they demanded that commentators use their own names.  So I quit making comments.  Now I check the CBC forums from time to time and the comments contain nothing but bots and trolls.  The CBC effectively banned truth from the comments...we all know that bots and trolls have access to endless accounts using "real names".

Does this mean the death of “greencrow”?

When Blogger forces us to change the names of our blogs to our real names...or post our real names prominently at the top...that will probably be the end of greencrow.  I don't want John "We Know Where Your Children Are" Bolton or his ilk to be stalking members of my family.

The loss to humanity that would result if Truthtellers were removed from the neverending war between good and evil on this planet is summed up succinctly by Moon of Alabama.

Moon of Alabama says:

“… We no longer have to travel to see the differences of what really happens and what gets reported in the main stream press. We can debunk false government claims with freely available knowledge.

 The governments, media and their stenographers would love to go back to the old times when they were not plagued by reports and tweets from Eva, Vanessa, Ian, Maram and Sarah or by blogposts like this one. The vicious campaign against any dissenting report or opinion is a sorry attempt to go back in time and to again gain the monopoly on 'truth’.

It is on us to not let them succeed.”

Just as an example from today's blogosphere, we have yet another excellent post from Stephen Lendman who does post under his own name:

OPCW to Rubber-Stamp Official Falsified Douma Narrative?

"....The OPCW team “demonstate(d) (an) unwillingness to shed light on yet another staged provocation with the use of chemicals, which served as a reason for the missile strike.”

Washington and supportive Western media falsely accused Syria and Russia of preventing the mission from entering Douma sooner.

Here’s what’s at stake. If OPCW analysis confirms a CW incident, it’ll claim what didn’t happen. 

If its report finds no evidence of CWs used, Washington, its rogue allies, and Western media will accuse Russia and Syria of tampering with the site.

Either way, the official falsified narrative won’t change, Syria declared guilty by accusation, further US-led terror bombing likely coming – notably because most missiles targeting Syrian military sites were destroyed in flight..."


So, in summary the truth blogosphere currently has two types of webmasters--those who are supported by financial benefactors and those who aren't. Those who are supported by benefactors are absolutely as necessary as those who do it gratis.  The PTB can punish them by anonymous hacking of their servers and by threatening their advertising revenues and/or financial backers.  As we know, with YouTube, etc., this is now underway.  Those of us who post under a nom de plume for free are not subject to threats of financial "ruin" so the PTB have to invent other strategies. We can also be hacked (blogger, server issues...which have happened) and...if we are forced to publish under our own names...we can be "Boltonized"...There.  I've invented a new word.


Northerntruthseeker said...

Your stats are mirrored in my own.. My numbers have 'fallen off the cliff" over the last while where I reached highs of well over 150000 hits per month to suddenly over these last few months I rarely reach "60000" per month!

I would say that it is pure manipulation by the fraudsters behind "google"... But honestly, what else is new? They absolutely do NOT want the Gentiles and others out there to see the truth about their evil ways, so they have been resorting to this manipulation to make us look bad....

I for one have never used my blog for "financial gain" and never will... I am like you and only want to get the message out and to show people that what they see and hear over the Jew spew media is nothing but bullshit and lies... Therefore I will trudge on and will continue to write....

greencrow said...


I'm not surprised you've been experiencing the same "statistical suicide". I guess we have to look at the bright side...they're obviously afraid of us. Ergo, we MUST being having some impact!

Greg Bacon said...

On March 14, the number of hits to my blog dropped by 50% overnight. I understand that people will stop reading for one reason or the other, but 50% overnight?

10 days later, it dropped 50% again, overnight.

Guess Google is going to digitally murder those who have been deemed VERBOTEN.

greencrow said...

Yes, Greg. The Internet started out being a free for all of truth...and I can already remember those Halcion days when I could go on the NYT forums and debate in real time the issues of the day with real people from all over the world. Sure the trolls would attack from time to time, but we'd beat them off and carry on.

Now, Internet commentary and analysis is looking more and more like Kabuki Theatre. Same old phony leftist blogs (and we know who they are) making the same old faux posts which are full of crap and dysinfo. We are down to about two dozen real blogs and they're now focussing on them/us.

opit said...

I recall really old days at WordPress when my Technorati numbers went from breaking into Top 10% of blogs. Head scratching ensued as the blog 'disappeared'. Being permanently Archived by WordPress for 'violation of ToS' - who knew ? - could have stopped me. In retrospect, being forced to change was not a bad thing. I made new contacts and found new techniques while learning new platforms. I don't know as things will ever change from being what BlueGirlRedState called the most underappreciated resource online. What I do know is that my motivation haa never depended on popularity. 600 hits my first year of blogging would have put paid to that.
It's remembering the first thing you learn in sales. Don't count refusals. Count sales. IOW
You are the important component. It sucks when distribution breaks down. Why do you think I have persevered in obsolete tagging / collating for so many years ? This day has been coming for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Ed(itor) says that we’ve been here before.

My ancestors (and many of yours) picked up stakes, baggage, wife, children and a few animals and boarded ships casting off from places in Ireland, Scotland, England, the Netherlands and elsewhere for homes on a continent far, far away; they unloaded their animals, what few legumes they hoped to be able to make grow, and a very limited sense of how to plant their roots in a foreign environment. They got some help from those they found there but could not fathom how to communicate, befriend or otherwise collaborate with them. Their argument was with the state (in the form of royalty) whose own beef was with some church or religious belief and who thought they had the power to declare on pain of death just what the rest of the folks were allowed to believe. Not to devolve this into a discussion or argument about relgiious beliefs, but it was a major spasm in the Protestant Reformation, European politics, and the philisophies of state and freedom. These beefs continue today, wearing different cloaks. In many of these cases of pilgrims, puritans and presbyterians, the travelers had packed one of those new-fangled machines called a printing press so they could print what they felt people ought to read, what they wanted to teach their children.

My children, they of the smart phone, streaming video and the heavily-panopticonned social media, hardly ever want to hear what their father has to say. As has been eloquently pointed out by Greencrow, the State (or more precisely those who have seized the functions of State) are declaring what they will allow to be spoken.

In my case, I’ve begun to do some deep research on the roots on my maternal side; they were hidden from me for most of my life. They too were wayfarin' folk. They had some deep-rooted antipathy toward authority and wanted simply to be allowed to be who they wanted to be. These days, that kind of attitude gets you killed by sniper fire, drone or some slow-marching laboratory virus.

It is incumbent upon us to withdraw into small groups to consider options (political, technical, spiritual) through which we might publish our own truths. New technologies and new applications of technologies are always just around the corner. We must focus on dissemination.

But don’t think “advanced”; stay simple. Solzhenitsyn’s era used carbon paper; the people under the thumb of Savak used audio. Political cartooning is an international art form. Music and video are still viable; there’s already an alternative to YouTube. There is an extensive collection of prison literature; read how prisoners communicated with one another in prisons under extreme lock-down.

You are in one now.

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

Thanks for your comment. That's a very good metaphor for what Google is doing to us truth bloggers "Lock-down".


Anonymous said...

One affect of "shadow banning" many different sites/blogs I visit, across many different platforms is that those "alternative voices" have flocked to new media like and and have found a ready audience for those looking to counter the MSM narrative. Original content is rewarded on Steemit, and I have discovered lots of great new voices such as (you can sign up anonymously too!)

Google as owners of this blogging service are not interested in the Truth, only business and profits. To expect a company at the centre of the surveillance state to support "alternative and "inconvenient" truth bloggers" is rather foolish. They dropped their motto 'Don't be evil' in 2015 and are just playing to form. The problem is not you, it's them.

It would be a shame if you stopped blogging, but it would also be surrendering, and that is what they want you to do. This is not the time to stand down, but to step up. Investigate new platforms where your work will be appreciated and shared. Ditch Blogger, and stop trying to play their game, you will not win.

Anonymous said...

rrrrrr rrrrrr
rrrr rrrrr
rrrr rrrrrr
rrrrr rrrrrrr
You there
Look at it this way
Those numbers are just like election poll numbers
Who cares
You already explained your truth
Other people will get it if they are hip
They are like viral videos that they hype and nobody has seen but they have all these hits
How they got all those hits and nobody seen it
Cuz they want you to believe it
And just like comments
Most people will read but do not comment
I have an essay on that thought
But not now
You already partially answered it anyway
Politics is a sick game for psychotic people including the people who enforce that lunacy
Here is a tune to perk you up
I love it
Hope you get it
And agree
rrrrr rrrrrr
that is a crow sound for people who do not know
Hope greencrow gets it
If she does
She should be smiling
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Flying high today
Your happy tune
Love it
Love it