Saturday, April 28, 2018

Putin Syrian Strategy: FIRST Electronic Warfare.... THEN, if neccessary, Conventional Warfare

Russian Signals Jamming Equipment

I always know when I'm onto a good post when the formatting on my blog goes Kablui. The gremlins that observe and destroy are at work...pre-empting a good post, IMO. But, that only spurs me on to publish. I'm kind of funny that way. I like a challenge. So, here I go, attempting once again to publish this post which is about how Putin, the grand chess master, has developed an incremental strategy in Syria, in response to the build-up of USrael forces there. USrael, as readers are aware, has illegally built a permanent base in eastern Syria. It has also sent their aircraft carrier, USS Harry S Truman and all manner of support vessels, planes and helicopters to the region in the Mediterranean, just off the Syrian/Russian naval base at Tartous, Syria. On April 14, 2018, USrael launched an illegal missile attack on Syria under the cover of one of their ever more pitiful False Flags. This missile attack was an abject failure. Russia has threatened to build up Syria anti-missile defenses in response to the ongoing threat of more USrael attacks. Currently, Moscow is considering the option of providing Syria with S-300 anti-missile defence systems. Putin has been delaying a decision in this regard. Observers have been wondering why Putin would delay such a common sense "Slam Dunk" decision.

I found out the answer to that mystery this morning when I read John Helmer's excellent post on his blog "Dances with Bears"

Helmer contends that Putin has decided to respond to the USrael threat incrementally...In Russia's case...with their wide array of weaponry...they need not come out with "guns blazing".  First, they can attempt to dissuade a USrael Attack using "Electronic Warfare" or EW.  Helmer explains that after the first gulf war, USrael stopped its emphasis on developing EW.  Meanwhile Russia stepped up its emphasis on this non-lethal weaponry.  Now Russia vastly supersedes USrael technology.  This, we first learned about in the "USS Donald Cook -Khibiny" episode in the Black Sea a few years back.

Please read the following snipped copied from Helmer's Post and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

[Russian Expert] Lenkov said that all the electronic warfare systems work on one principle: perform the tasks of intelligence, that is, determine the frequency and modes of communication and navigation, and their whereabouts. After that, the signal begins to jam. “The power of the signal is more than the transceiver, and therefore it makes for reliable jamming of communications, intelligence and navigation,” the expert said.

As pointed out by US General Thomas, the AC-130 aircraft is particularly vulnerable to our EW attack. The Lockheed AC-130 is a flying gunship for direct support of land force divisions on the battlefield, based on the transport plane C-130 and equipped with several artillery pieces. This aircraft is very dependent on backup from supporting units, and if you block its communication channels, at night it will not be able to identify its objective, or in the afternoon to distinguish other [hostile] forces from its own. This means that if [the AC-130] can attack, there will be a high risk of hitting the allied forces.

Moreover, according to the general, there is a danger of impact by Russian electronic warfare even on the EC-130H Compass Call. One of the tasks of the EC-130H is to detect the EW suppressors of the enemy and transfer data about them to the allies for counter-strikes. However, the electronic warfare equipment of the enemy [Russia] is able to crack it in order to lure the American forces to attack their own.

Blocking with the help of EW signal transmitters and GPS receivers can not only make it impossible for aircraft and warships to attack targets, but also create problems with their navigation, said the American. In addition, radio-electronic weapons may interrupt the communication of operators with drones, which can lead to their loss.
In addition, General Thomas stressed that for the time being Russia is not operating EW in Syria at full capacity. If Russia starts [to do that], the United States will lose all its communication in the region. The former head of electronic warfare for the US Army Laurie Buckhout adds that the US does not have such extensive capabilities for electronic warfare as Russia has.


Greencrow says:  Hey, so WHY respond to USrael's missiles with conventional warfare...when you have a "magic bullet"  i.e., an invisible, non-violent weapon that can simply shut down and silence the opponent?  It would be STUPID to respond to USrael's, outmoded weaponry in kind.  Kind of like the "Charge of the Light Brigade" the British Soldiers in the Crimea...or the wearing of Bright Red uniforms of the British colonial soldiers in the dark forests of North America...fighting the guerilla war against the indigenous natives. Or, Napoleon...taking his forces to Moscow in winter to do open combat with the Russians...only to find the Russians had deserted the city, taking or destroying all food and relevant equipment beforehand.

In a way...the current stand off in Syria is history repeating itself....stupidity versus common sense/planning.  Call Russia/Putin what you will...and the main$tream media is going into a frenzy doing that.  But don't call Russia/Putin stupid.  Leave that moniker to the dumbos.... who stopped developing EW after the first Gulf War.


Reading between the lines said...

Good to read that the Russian military is more advanced in a technology that really matters .Makes so much sense .Why spend missiles and bombs against an enemy that uses this to fight when you can just disable their fighting mechanism with EW without firing a shot.There is a God and He/She certainly is speaking softly in someone's in Putin's ear.
Thank you green crow for this post ,makes my day .

greencrow said...


It's kinda like a teacher taking a rock away from a bully kid in a school yard.