Friday, April 6, 2018

M-15ossad Assassinates Guinea Pigs in Salisbury

Guinea Pig 

The more I read about the Skripal False Flag, the more ridiculous it gets.  Even in the past 12 hours or so it has morphed/escalated/deteriorated... from an "Alice in Wonderland"-type something akin to the Keystone Cops or Monty Python.  

According to RT today, the family Cat and two Guinea pigs--beloved pets of the Skripal family, perished while their home was cordoned off and guarded by numerous British Bobbies.  They died a terrible, languishing death of starvation and thirst...all the while their "would be rescuers" were standing at attention wearing their black pith helmets with truncheons at the ready in their waist holsters...guarding the home from anyone who dared...can we even speak the words?  "Touch the doorknob".

Having read the excellent analyses by Craig Murray and Alex Mercouris and digesting the tidbits of information they have filtered through the lying UK government/media and presented to their readers...I have reached the conclusion that the "source" that has been guiding this debacle since it's headline-grabbing inception and that has boosted the flagging story over several "truth" hurdles in the weeks none other than the M-15ossad.  You know the entity.  It is the doubly evil twin of the MosCIAd of Washington fame.  M-15ossad are the infamous murderers of UK MP Robin Cook, scientist/weapons expert David Kelly...and Diana, Princess of Wales This latest black ops caper might yet outstrip their previous operations in notoriety and chutzpah*.

As I said in my previous post...this has all been a timely distraction from inconvenient events such as the Russian landslide re-election of Vladimir Putin and the military failure of the West's terror proxies in Syria...but more importantly.  It was a valuable drill to weed out any random "ethical entities" from the government of the UK and the vassal states of NATO and the EU. Tyrannies, freed from dependence on valid democratic rely on regular "False Flag drills" to test loyalty and power sources...don'tchaknow.

As Russian Spokesperson Zakharova said yesterday...the UK is now trying to "walk back" from their slanderous false accusations against Russia by deleting self-incriminating "Tweets".  But as the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations wisely threatened during his excellent address to the UNSC yesterday..."If the UK thinks this episode is going to "go away" they are mistaken....It has only begun".  No doubt some cooler heads in Jolly Olde have already begun to regret being forced to carry out the latest harebrained scheme of the psychos at M-15ossad.  My hope is that Russia sues their @$$es off for all the damage done to its reputation throughout the world...and for the deaths of the Russian cat and the guinea pigs--three lives worth more than the entire British cabinet and Royal Family combined!

chutzpah* How about the January, 2018 appointment of a Motorola salesman, Gary Aitkenhead,as the CEO of the Porton Down Chemical Weapons Laboratories,  for starters.


Reading between the lines said...

Another good analysis from James O'Neill on offGuardian to add the many good ones exposing the absurdity of it all.

Reading between the lines said...

Gotta love your acumen .

greencrow said...


Thanks for your comments and for the link to James O'Neill's thorough and excellent analysis:

O'Neill, a lawyer, presents a very thorough case ("dossier") for the Russians to use if they ever want to take this scandal before a judge and jury...where it deserves to be tried in the antiseptic sunlight of an open court proceeding. Of course, the international courts have been pre-emptively prevent just such an eventuality.