Wednesday, April 11, 2018

UPDATED: Latest Victim of Western War on Syria - World Health Organization

UPDATED:  The Russian Military has issued a sitrep on Syria...[hat tip to Seemorerocks for the link]--video at bottom of post.  Please note that about 1/2 way through the video, the Russian General discusses the lie told by the WHO today (500 victims) about Assad "Gassing his own people."(TM).  According to this report, the WHO has been systematically lying like this for some time now...and has even covered up a situation where the terrorists were hiding major supplies of food and medications away in warehouses...denying access of them to their intended Syrian recipients.  So, Folks, let us all now bow our heads in a moment of silence for WHO...which has died in the eyes of humanity.

World Health Organization

Let's be frank.  The World Health Organization was already on its reputational deathbed before it was finally finished off today... by being forced to lie about the so-called Chemical Weapons Attack in Douma, Syria.  The WHO has been dying a slow death for years with it's support of toxic vaccination programs in Africa (HIV/AIDS) and its close association with the Ebola "Fear Porn" Terror campaign.  Now it's being exploited to support the Western lie campaign against Syria.

Here's a snippet from Stephen Lendman's post of today and I will have further comments to follow:

"...Syrian Red Crescent doctors, along with Russian medical personnel and toxic weapons experts visited Douma, finding no one hospitalized or otherwise ill from toxic exposure, no deaths reported, according to Russian Defense Ministry’s Radiation, Chemical and Bacteriological Protection Force head Aleksandr Rodionov.

“The inspection found out that not a single person having symptoms of sarin or chlorine poisoning has been brought to the hospital. The patients who were examined at the hospital had no traces of effects caused by nerve gases, such as sarin or chlorine,” he stressed.

Claims otherwise were fabricated, including by the WHO, the organization loosing credibility by spreading Big Lies, siding with Washington’s imperial agenda instead of opposing it...."


Greencrow says:  WHO decided it was better to "go big" than "go home".  It upped the number of "victims" of the "chemical attack" [of which there is no independent evidence] to 500 from the measly 70 persons earlier reported by the Ziofascist Newz outlets.

The World Health Organization is an offshoot of the United Nations.  The West decided a long time ago to destroy the United Nations and all its UNESCO, the cultural protection organization and the World Health Organization.  Humanity is not entitled to have organizations to defend itself from the Ziofascists perps that prey on it without cease and who are now mobilizing their terror proxy nations [like the US and its vassals] to move in for the "kill"...Slaughterhouse WWIII".

Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
Syria Situation Report: April 11, 2018

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