Saturday, April 7, 2018

John Bolton to Former Head of OPCW: "Prepare to accept the consequences. We know where your kids are."

John Bolton - Trump Appointee 
as National Security Advisor

"You can judge a man by the company he keeps."...says an old proverb.  Never more appropriate than in the recent Trump appointment of John Bolton to the position of "National Security Advisor".  Everyone who was alive and a sentient being at the time of the run-up to the total destruction of Iraq in the Second American Invasion in the early 2000's knows that Bolton was the capo, the "hitman", the consigliore of that mafia-style execution of a nation...the first of several in the ongoing and neverending "Wars for Israel" in the Middle East.

Just how putrid, stench-ridden and blood-soaked this henchman is becomes even more evident when you read the following report from RT posted this morning.  Please read the following snippet and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

'I give you 24 hours to resign': 1st OPCW chief on how John Bolton bullied him before Iraq War 

...."I got a phone call from John Bolton – it was first time I had contact with him – and he said he had instructions to tell me that I have to resign from the organization, and I asked him why," Bustani told RT. "He said that [my] management style was not agreeable to Washington."

He resolutely refused to resign, only to see Bolton again at OPCW headquarters in The Hague several weeks after the phone conversation. "He came to my office and said: 'You have to resign and I give you 24 hours, this is what we want. You have to leave, you have to resign from your organization, director-general.'"

Bustani said he "owed nothing" to the US, pointing out that he was appointed by all OPCW member states. Striking a more sinister tone, Bolton said: "OK, so there will be retaliation. Prepare to accept the consequences. We know where your kids are."

According to Bustani, two of his children were in New York at the time, and his daughter was in London. He told Bolton: "My family is aware of what's going on, so [they're] prepared to face consequences." The reply shocked Bolton, who then left the office.

On April 21, 2002, a special meeting was finally held in The Hague, and Bustani's removal was carried out by a vote of 48–7, with 43 abstentions. The diplomat said those who abstained were from developing countries, and that his own government in Brazil "left me behind."
Greencrow says:  Flash forward to today's geopolitical situation...Trump has just appointed the Mafioso hitman, Bolton, to his administration...and suddenly we have the "Skripal False Flag" involving the now Bolton-corrupted OPCW.  Starting to make sense?  Then we have the Trump flip-flop on a Syrian pull out.  Please read the following from PressTV and I will tie up the entire mound of steaming bullsh!t in comments to follow:

Trump 'persuaded not to pull out immediately' from Syria: Officials

Some US officials say President Donald Trump has been persuaded not to withdraw troops from Syria immediately, despite his recent announcement that the United States would "be coming out of Syria very soon.”

According to reports, top US Defense and State Department officials have adopted a totally different stance than that of Trump’s regarding the withdrawal of American troops from Syria, arguing that the US shall not leave the Arab country anytime soon as the “mission is not over.” Trump’s advisers now have reportedly convinced him that an abrupt withdrawal from Syria could risk resurgence by the Daesh terrorist group. The White House said on Wednesday the US military mission in Syria would come to a "rapid end,” but refused to provide a timetable for a complete troop withdrawal. The White House statement said Daesh was almost completely decimated, and that Washington would consult its allies about the American withdrawal.

A top Trump administration official told NBC News on Wednesday that the president agreed in a meeting with his national security team Tuesday to keep American military presence in Syria for an undetermined period, but "wasn't thrilled about it, to say the least.” When his advisers told him they needed more time to complete the mission, Trump demanded to know how much longer, the senior administration official said. "If you need more time, how much more time do you need? Six months? A year?" he asked, according to the official. His team said they could not tell how long it will take to defeat Daesh terrorists and train local forces to protect their gains after the United States leaves...."


Greencrow:  I ask readers: "Knowing what you now know about the "management-style" of John Bolton--do you really think the US is going to pull out of Syria?  Of course not.  The only consequence of Trump's "Leaving Syria" announcement was a further deterioration of his almost non-existent credibility.  Was THAT the goal of the announcement?  To subliminally advise Americans that their elected President, only slightly more than a year after his election...has now been totally stripped of any power?  If you had any doubts that this is true...Nikki Haley's recent "shrieking war-cry... like a rabid banshee"--in diametric opposition to Trump's statement--must surely leave no doubt.

America's so-called "Diplomatic" representative
at the United Nations

Humans defending themselves from rabid dog

Folks, everything that happens from now on...all the assassinations, plane crashes, false flags and false flag hoaxes, terror proxy invasions...within the US and throughout the world...must be taken in light of the Bolton Appointment.  When you've picked up a bloodied hammer as your only tool...everything must be seen as a nail.  So, unfortunately, Bolton is now the de facto "President of the United States" and the only response humanity has in its own this:

Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin


Greg Bacon said...

Bolton the Deranged is the perfect book-end to Nutty Nikki the Unhinged.

MAGA? The rubes are still asleep and watching Porn Hub while getting marched off the cliff.

When what's coming hits them, they'll be in daze for weeks, but it won't matter, the blade will have dropped.

greencrow said...

Hi Greg:

Unfortunately, you're right. It's like my husband says..."I'll know things are really bad when the golf channel goes black".