Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Humiliation as a Weapon of War...and "Death by Tweet"

Napoleon and troops - Stranded in the middle of
a Russian Forest during Winter Retreat from Moscow

Napoleon and Troops - The Long Retreat
from Moscow through Russia in a Winter Storm

Napoleon's Hat 
Napoleon's Sleigh - According to the Museum commentary
this is the actual sleigh Napoleon used during his Retreat

Good morning folks. Last night I couldn't sleep due to concerns about the latest deterioration in geopolitical events.  I was on the Internet looking for some good news when I came across this excellent analysis by Ghassan Kadi for the Saker blog.  Kadi tried, and succeeded, in looking on the bright side of impending disaster.  He was particularly hopeful in suggesting that Russia could successfully limit the Western attack by using "humiliation" as a weapon.  Here is some of what he said:

"....Russia is certainly in a damned-if-you-do-and-damned-if-you-don’t situation in that regard, bcause she is dealing with a mindless psychopathic war machine with decades long history of creating mayhem and chaos.

Russia’s response must be measured, because even if Russia is able to achieve local victory over America in Syria, this victory risks further escalations elsewhere. It would be far wiser for Russia therefore to serve America with a milder, yet powerful and humiliating defeat, instead.

The first rational line of action for Russia should be to intercept American missiles; without targeting their launch pads.

If America finds that Russia’s defence systems are turning their Tomahawks merely into fireworks that light up the skies, they may then pull back humiliated. If they don’t pull back and continue to escalate, Russia can respond accordingly in a simultaneous, graduating manner. Russia could even strategically escalate when appropriate with actions such as hitting virtual targets in the Mediterranean, just a few hundred meters away from US Navy ships, signalling a message that their naval vessels are defenceless sitting ducks. If this is still not enough to show America who has the upper hand, Russia may use her highly controversial electronic jamming weapons in order to disable warships, fighter jets and guided missiles.

Under no circumstances should Russia be the first nation to draw blood with America, but should America opt to attack Russian forces in Syria, Russia will have all the right to self-defend and return fire with fire that targets its origins.

The measured response that Russia ought to adopt must be extremely humiliating for America, and one that cannot be hidden or sugar-coated by its recipient and its huge media army. The ultimate humiliation would be in electronically disabling an American naval ship and towing it into the Russian naval base in Tartous in Syria. In saying this, I do not profess to know if this is possible, but I am only using this example to elaborate what can be seen as ultimate humiliation.

The bottom line here is that Western thuggery and bullishness must be stopped. Russia must use what is within her power to juggle a wise and decisive response to Western foolhardiness. To this effect, Russia is not standing alone this time. During his visits to Russia in early April, the Chinese defence chief has said that his visit aims to signal to America that China stands with Russia. He specifically named America. This is an unprecedented endorsement from America’s main economic rival and rising super power...."


"...The irony here is that the West does not have a clear and potentially winning plan if it were to take the military option in Syria. This is why Russia, joined by China, must find a way to serve the West with the right and measured blow that will kick the West with a painful blow in the guts instead of giving it a total knockout."


Greencrow says:  The above suggestion regarding the necessity for Russia to "humiliate" the insane neocon warmongers who are dragging humanity towards nuclear extinction struck a chord with me for two reasons.  First, this sounds just like the strategy the great chess master, Putin would use.  In fact, reading his words spoken this morning to the incoming Ambassadors gathered in Moscow, it mirrors exactly his tone...under-reaction, a plea for "common sense".  To start slow and in measured escalations of response is surely a wise strategy when dealing with the criminally insane who have reached a stage of florid psychosis.

The second reason it struck a chord is because Russia has done exactly this before.  Funny that the West is getting France to take the vanguard role in the latest provocation...funny because it was France who was the last major power to suffer total military humiliation at the hands of Russia.  Refer to the photos above. I took these photos myself in 2014 at the Museum of Military History that is located in downtown Moscow.  I was fascinated to see the story of the famous Napoleonic Retreat told from the Russian perspective and was busily snapping photo after photo when I was buttonholed by a female museum guard who told me emphatically in Russian that filming was prohibited!  I don't speak Russian but there was no mistaking what she meant.  Still, I am glad I got those photos because you will never see anything like this in the West.  You can see these photos and more on my special page "The Spirit of Russia".

The sleigh in the last photo is particularly compelling in terms of illustrating just how humiliating the Napoleonic Retreat was.  Can you imaging Napoleon sitting in that sleigh and being dragged by horses through waist high snow in a blizzard?  Well, suffice it to say, it wasn't until the Nazis attacked in WWII that the "West" tried anything so foolhardy again.

The Generals of the West, if they have two brain cells between them to rub together, should read up on the extensive planning that went on in Moscow by the Russian generals to result in the deliberate humiliation/ruination of the French forces of Napoleon.  Napoleon's retreat, according to the documents in the museum, was not a choice made by was the only option left to him.  Think about that, Guys!  What happened if memory serves...was that the Russian generals delayed, and delayed their response to the French attack.  Then they stripped and abandoned Moscow prior to Napoleon's arrival...there was no opportunity for the French to re-supply.  Stuff like that. appears that Russia is again delaying its response.  Hmmmmmm...perhaps like Kadi suggests, the Russians are going to wait until the entire Western fleet of attack naval vessels is assembled in the Mediterranean...and then enclose it in an enormous "Khibiny" bubble of "dead air"...totally disabling the Western electronics and communications systems...something they've done before in the infamous 2014 USS Donald Cook incident in the Black Sea.  Now THAT would be a humiliation...not to mention a blessed miracle from a compassionate God.

In the meantime, we have this mornings newz that Trump tweeted a deranged threat against Russia that he is going to bomb Syria with 'Smart' missiles.  In a sane world this would be political "hari kari" and Trump would now be political dead meat.  But no.  Put away your IPhone, Donald and take out your history book on the War of 1812 - Napoleonic Retreat.

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Reading between the lines said...

I know how you feel green crow ,having a hard time to sleep due to what is happening in the world today .We live in very crazy times for nuclear powers to threaten other nuclear powers in such as way .Trump is the ultimate clown with absolutely no diplomacy whatsoever.BOJO is in the same class.
In regards to what the US and NATO allies have in their plans , if I were making the decision I would definitely go for the option of incapacitating any and all incoming missiles towards Syria , if indeed Russia has this capacity .This would certainly give any aggressor the red light .Destroying a US warship would be the last resort but rendering them useless could certainly get the message home .Even if Trump would not get the message , the generals would .
Yes indeed .The rhetoric has been ratcheted up with the Skripal incident and now the bogus CW false flag .
Cheers as I have a feeling that it will all turn out well.